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FreeSync monitors still doesn’t work with AMD Crossfire

AMD is lagging behind Nvidia when it comes to adaptive sync. Nvidia’s G-Sync technology works on both multi-GPU and multi-display systems, whereas AMD has not even released a driver yet that supports Crossfire builds.


AMD’s FreeSync is therefore currently exclusive to single GPU-builds. AMD said that they would release a driver at the end of April that would allow support for Crossfire builds, but the company has delayed the release. Both triple-display and multi-GPU systems are gaining more and more popularity, so hopefully AMD will release a driver pretty soon that allows FreeSync to work with Crossfire builds.

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  • Ryan Snaca AniloHectycle

    Im to the boiling point of frustration. R9 390X CF, and freesync only works in the AMD demo. Ive done everything right and multiple drivers. I already put my cards on criagslist. Im done. Even if pascal is using inferior preemption, at least g sync WORKS.