OLED Monitors 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

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Dell UP3017Q

OLED monitors are still something yet to bee seen in mass production as they are currently very cost-extensive. They produce crystal clear images and are much more superior to any of the other panel technologies widely available today (as of 2018) and will only get better in 2017 and 2018. The main reason that OLED monitors and OLED TVs are more expensive than LCD monitors and LCD TVs is that the manufacturers of these product types use small substrate factories to build these larger displays.

For smaller screen sizes, OLED displays are actually very competitively priced today.

An OLED (or Organic Light Emitting Diode) offers many advantages over LCD screens found in our TVs and monitors (including gaming monitors) and LED screens found in digital clocks and other devices. Some of the main benefits of OLED monitors are that they are lighter, thinner and much more flexible than LCD and LED monitors. This means that they can be flexible and be folded, unlike the rigid LCD and LED displays.

Active matrix OLEDs also offer a crystal clear image quality. The color range is on par with NTSC standards or even better, meaning that you will get some amazing pictures with an OLED monitor. The viewing angles are good from every single direction because OLED displays produce their own light so this also a clear advantage over TN gaming monitors, which are widely used today. It’s actually a myth that OLEDs are difficult to see in bright sunlight. Some people think this is the┬ácase because OLED displays produce their own light, but OLED displays are in fact very durable in bright sunlight.

The displays use specially designed polarizers to attain readability in the sunlight and according to the OLED Association, color and contrast performance are retained, unlike anti-glare LCD screens.
Furthermore, OLED monitors consume much less power than LCD displays because an OLED screen does not have a backlight that needs to be powered. This is a very important feature to battery-powered devices, such as mobile phones. laptops and tablets.

Moving on to more of the advantages that Organic Light Emitting Diode monitors have over regular LED and LCD screens is that they are brighter due to the thinness of the organic layers in an OLED display, compared to the inorganic crystal layers in LED. Furthermore, OLED displays do not require a glass, which absorbs some of the light, unlike LED and LCD displays, where a glass is required.

Popular belief states that the main disadvantage of an OLED display is that when you leave it on for a longer period of time, the pixels will gradually degrade.

This is isn’t actually the case today. OLED displays are essentially emissive,┬ásimilar to plasma displays and CRT monitors, and unlike LCD screens, which are transmissive, meaning that they work by filtering a backlight. Both these types of displays have lifetimes and OLED started out by having a much lower lifetime than LCD monitors, but thanks to tremendous development in the OLED field, the new OLED displays currently offered today offer similar lifetime to LCD displays or even better.

Many OLED monitors are stated to have a lifetime of over 50.000 hours and it is still rising. This is two times the lifetime of typical LCD displays produced today, so there has definitely been some progression in this field and in the upcoming years since more and more devices will feature an OLED display.

If you haven’t already heard about it, there’s already an OLED monitor that has been released, the Dell UP3017Q. This amazing OLED display features a 30-inch screen, a 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), a 120Hz refresh rate and an incredible 0.1ms response time. Things are only getting better from this point on and we will soon see some dedicated OLED gaming monitors be released to the public. This is current the best OLED monitor offered today.

As more and more OLED monitors and OLED gaming monitors enter the market, we will be updating this buyer’s guide to reflect these changes, so be sure to tune in and share this page if you are interested in the future of gaming monitors and want the best gaming monitor of all time.

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  • Luke

    Eddy, could you kindly point to one place where the Dell UP3017Q is actually being sold? I have been looking around regularly over the past few months, but have yet to come up with proof that it can be purchased anywhere.

  • Dell has unlisted the item. It remains to see when they will release it again

  • I need a new monitor for work, I use two 32 inch monitors and I want 4k, hdr10, low response time… any options besides lg 32ud99?

  • SomeSayHi

    There aren’t any OLED monitors for sale. How is this a buyers guide?

  • jt3z

    Not at this time… You’re gonna have to wait til middle of this year(2018)

  • Looking forward for OLED to replace LCD/LED completely.