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AMD FreeSync Might Soon Be Supported On TVs

By September 16, 2016 3 Comments

AMD FreeSync TV

If 4K and HDR weren’t enough for you TV enthusiasts, AMD has revealed that they are working with the entire display community on getting support for FreeSync in more places. At the end of 2015, we learned that

At the end of 2015, we learned that FreeSync would be available over HDMI┬áin 2016 and the first FreeSync over HDMI monitors have already been released. HDMI doesn’t actually support Adaptive-Sync, which is the protocol that FreeSync relies on, only DisplayPort 1.2a (and newer) does. This makes the FreeSync over HDMI implementation harder for manufacturers to support. FreeSync has been baked into the DisplayPort standard for several years now and there are already a bunch of TVs that already support DisplayPort.

AMD has basically hinted that they are working with the TV industry to incorporate their technology into TVs so that gamers can enjoy them on this type of hardware as well. This is great news for console gamers as well and the little percentage of PC gamers who use a TV instead of a monitor. With the release of XBOX Scorpio and PlayStation Neo somewhere in the 2017 holidays, Adaptive-Sync over HDMI is more important than ever for the next generation consoles. We definitely hope that AMD has enough influence to convince TV manufacturers to support their technology.

best freesync tv

By bringing Adaptive Sync over HDMI to TVs, the huge amount of console gamers and home theater PC gamers can finally enjoy AMD FreeSync. If you have ever used Adaptive Sync, you will know big of a deal this is. It will simply be a matter of time before every console gamer and home theater PC owner can enjoy this incredible technology on their TV as well. 4K is great and adding this technology on top of that makes the future for console gaming very, very bright.

If you do not know what AMD FreeSync is, check out this page where we explain what it does. In short, it eliminates screen tearing and stuttering, resulting in a smooth and clean gaming experience.

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