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Samsung S24E370DL Review: 1080p PLS Monitor with Wireless Charging

By December 23, 2016 One Comment

Samsung S24E370DL review

With its 24-inch LED-lit screen, the Samsung S24E370DL monitor is now available globally and comes packed with features that complement your desktop or laptop computer as well as your mobile devices. Its highlights include a sleek design and wireless charging for your Samsung smartphone, along with a stellar display for gaming, video watching, and much more. Compatible with Mac as well as PC, this monitor is especially a hit among gamers and users with Samsung mobile devices.

Specifications of the Samsung S24E370DL Monitor

  • Screen Size: 23.6 inches
  • Panel Type: PLS
  • Resolution: Full HD, maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz (48-60Hz FreeSync range)
  • Response Time: 4ms response time
  • Speakers:
  • Additional features: Wireless Qi charging for compatible mobile devices

First Impressions: the Samsung S24E370DL at a Glance

The Samsung S24E370DL monitor is a beauty to look at, with cool blue edges and sleek bezels. (Samsung’s name for this light turquoise color accent is an appropriate “ice-alcohol.”)

You wouldn’t think that computer monitors would have any room for improved design, being given a basic sort of hardware that hasn’t changed much in recent years. Samsung’s design incorporates a very narrow bezel that frames the screen itself, along with the trademark-registered “Touch of Color” decorative accent. It’s a minimalist look with clean lines and modern sensibility.

The stand of the monitor is somewhat taller than many others, which is a plus if you are accustomed to propping up your screen on shelves or books to achieve the right height.

The monitor’s ports (VGA, HDMI, headphone jack, power cable, and DP) are clustered together at the back, and the monitor itself is perfectly simple to set up. It arrives already assembled in its shipping box, due to the incorporated charger. Looking at the screen as it fires up, you will be struck by the vibrancy of its colors and the sharpness of the display. The slim edge framing the screen serves to emphasize the high quality of the screen itself.

This amazing monitor is not configured for wall mounting, due to the incorporated mobile device charger on the base. If you are intent on mounting the monitor on a stand for multiple monitors, you can make your own alterations to the plastic cover on the back, installing a bracket for mounting; just be aware that it does not come mount-ready.

Display Quality of the Samsung S24E370DL IPS Display

Samsung S24E370DL amazon

The widescreen format of the Samsung S24E370DL monitor permits consistent viewing at nearly 180 degrees, an unparalleled flexibility of viewpoint angles of view in computer monitors. The image stays consistent when viewed from almost any angle. Combined with an unusually high level of brightness, you experience a brilliant and vivid image quality.

The ultra-quick response time is perfect for gaming and high-speed video, syncing the refresh rate of the monitor with the frame rate of whatever game, video, or content you are viewing. Even the most rapid motion onscreen appears smooth and clear, without ghosting or motion blur, thanks to the innovative technology of AMD FreeSync. This unadulterated moving image is particularly a plus when a user is immersed in the multi-dimensional gaming experience.

The panel type is Advanced Plane to Line Switching or AD-PLS. Compared to AH-IPS variants, this panel has more vibrant and clearer images with a matte surface to reduce glare. These fall into the category of IPS (In-Plane Switching) types of panels, which are considered top of the line for the quality of the colors as well as viewing angles. These panels have a quick response time

Be aware that the Display Port cable may be sold separately, the model sometimes being shipped with the VGA cable rather than DP or even HDMI. If you are dissatisfied with display quality, make sure you have the cable that enables the highest quality of the picture. (VGA uses a connection that is analog instead of digital, so the image can get degraded then it converts the signal to digital.

Navigating the on-screen display (OSD) is made easy with a JOG joystick button.

Features of the Samsung S24E370DL Display

One of the great features of this screen is the ability to wirelessly charge your compatible Samsung phone or tablet with the monitor’s wireless charging stand. The base of the monitor includes a wireless docking spot; simply place your compatible phone or mobile device on the pad at the monitor’s base; a LED indicator light ignites to indicate the device is charging and alerting you with a change of color when charging is complete.

The Qi-enabled wireless charger sends power from the charging pad to the phone itself, with compatible phones receiving and collecting that power to charge its own battery. With the Samsung Qi-enabled monitor, there is no need for a separate Qi charging pad; you can simply charge your devices by placing them on the monitor’s base while you work at the computer. The list of compatible phones and devices includes the Note 3, Note 4, and Note 5, and Note Edge; the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy Edge plus. (Some of these devices require a battery cover for wireless charging in order to interact with the wireless charging station.

When you spend a considerable amount of time in front of a computer, you are no doubt familiar with the eyestrain that inevitably results. That was true until Samsung perfected the Eye Saver Mode to ease the strain on your optics. The Eye Saver Mode enables a user to adjust the emissions of blue light, permitting the user to edit photos, view videos, engage in games, or view and edit documents for long periods of time with measurably decreased strain on the eyes.

In addition to its innate enjoyable features, the Samsung S24E370DL monitor is an energy saving innovator. Whether you want to do your part for the planet or just trim your own power bill, you can select from several power usage options while using this monitor.

You can also choose to engage the Auto Setting, which brings down the use of energy by one tenth. Another feature, the Eco-Saving Plus setting, cuts the screen’s brightness and manages transitions of brightness, cutting the use of energy even further. Constructed without PVC (except in some of its cabling) this monitor is as eco-friendly as they come.

Connectivity with the Samsung S24E370DL PC Screen

Samsung S24E370DL

The wireless charging station is one of the most innovative features this year, enabling users to keep their mobile devices functional without the tangle of cords and chargers that used to be necessary. This is the latest in wireless technology, developed and approved this year by the WPC, or Wireless Power Consortium. If the phone is placed within a couple inches of the charging pad, it automatically begins to charge.

The wireless elegance ends with the charger for mobile devices, as the Samsung S24E370DL monitor still requires cables to connect with the computer tower or laptop. The power ports at the back of the monitor leave those cables standing straight out from the back. For any user who wanted to mount the monitor or place it flat on a wall, the cable placement is somewhat inconvenient.

In Conclusion

The Samsung S24E370DL monitor provides a stellar picture quality embraced by office workers and gamers alike. The wireless charging station is icing on the cake, especially since it is already second nature to most computer users to keep the cell phone on a desk or surface near the computer. The modern and minimalist design make the monitor almost a piece of art in the office, with superb functionality and imagery. Connected with a digital cable, the picture quality of the Samsung S24E370DL monitor is unrivaled.


Samsung S24E370DL Review
  • 9.6/10
    Design - 9.6/10
  • 9.6/10
    Display - 9.6/10
  • 9.1/10
    Performance - 9.1/10
  • 10/10
    Price/Value - 10.0/10


The 24-inch Samsung S24E370DL is a cool monitor with wireless charging capabilities through Wireless Qi Charging technology. Besides that, it features a 1080p resolution, AMD FreeSync, a beautiful modern design and a nice PLS panel.

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