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MSI Optix G27C Review: 27-inch Curved 144Hz VA Gaming Monitor

By December 17, 2016 5 Comments

MSI Optix G27C

MSI has just entered the gaming monitor market with the announcement of the MSI Optix G27C. Previously, you could only find the MSI logo on displays such as AIO computers and gaming laptops, but the company is now also joining this lucrative market as well.

The MSI Optix G27C will be a part of the MSI Optix series. The 27-inch monitor features a 144Hz refresh rate and thus giving you a butter smooth gaming experience. Furthermore, the Optix G27C gaming monitor boasts a 1920×1080 (1080p, FHD, Full HD) resolution on a VA panel. The response time is 4ms (Gray-to-Gray), which is good enough for most people.

What’s especially noteworthy about this VA gaming monitor is the great color gamut. With support for 110 percent of the sRGB color spectrum and 85 percent NTSC coverage, MSI states that this is more than 20 percent than “standard monitors” and therefore resulting in more colorful and vivid images. This is due to Quantum Dot technology being supported. 178-degree viewing angles are specified as well.

MSI Optix G27C Review

The display is also curved with a 1800R curvative, giving you a more immersive gaming experience than flat PC displays. Since the panel type is VA (Vertical Alignment), the brightness will be high and in this case, it’s 3000:1. Brightness is specified to be 300 cd/m2 (Nit), which is standard for most VA monitors.

As far as the backlight goes, it is LED of course and Flicker-Free (MSI Anti-Flicker) as well, so you won’t experience eye strain. Blue Light Reduction technology is supported as well to spare your eyes. The stand offers only tilt adjustments and connection options include DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 and DVI.

The MSI Optix G27C has similar specs to the Samsung C27FG70 gaming monitor, which supports FreeSync, so it would be a surprise if this gaming monitor supported FreeSync as well. There aren’t information about FreeSync on the official product page on MSI’s website for the MSI Optix G27C.

No word yet on pricing and availability, but we expect a price tag of roughly 300-320 US dollars when it gets released. Newegg Canada lists it for 460 CAD. Based on our preliminary knowledge, we’ll give this gaming monitor a 9.2/10 rating. This might change when it gets released.

MSI Optix G27C
Check Price on Amazon
Screen Size27-inch
Panel TypeVA
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate144Hz
Response Time4ms
Adaptive SyncUnknown
MSI Optix G27C Review
  • 9.2/10
    Overall - 9.2/10


The MSI Optix G27C supports a 144Hz refresh rate, has VA panel and a great color gamut coverage. Based on the information we know about this monitor, it looks like it’s a great deal.

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  • Sandbo

    Are you quite sure you want to sell a monitor without any adaptive sync nowadays?

  • ZHV

    For anyone that keeps landing here, Just bought the Monitor.
    Things I can Confirm:
    – VA Panel with Quantum Dot
    – 120hz on HDMI, 144hz on DP
    – FREESYNC, its in the last menu item, confused why MSI didnt advertise it.
    – Amazing Contrast.
    – Newegg might have a really bad Jan-Feb 2017 batch.
    1st Monitor: 1 dead pixel dead center, and this weird folding/wave pattern on the side, unsure if it was due to the curve or the VA panel.
    2nd Monitor: 1 Dead pixel right side, those folds/waves again, and faded pixel line across screen.
    3rd Monitor: 1 Dead pixel top left, no folds/waves <<< kept this one because I love this monitor, the colors are so amazing when its beside my TN panel and for the Price you get 27" 1080p VA FreeSync and 144hz!. its the best deal around, I can deal with the 1 dead pixel, its off to the left top, barely noticeable unless I'm looking for it.
    So think its about luck, I would really like to return this and try again, but I feel like I'd be testing my luck too much, 50/50 chance I might get a worse monitor like I did with #2, was worse than #1.
    Do note, I'm the only one complaining about dead pixels, the lines and the folds. so either I'm really unlucky and was just buying from a horrible batch or all the good monitors are sold out and now Newegg just has unmarked refurbs.

  • YaZa

    Thanks for giving this review. I’m literally about to purchase it now. Hopefully i dont have any dead pixels haha.

  • ZHV

    Nice, please share how it goes.

  • jens bakker

    you aren’t the first one to complain about those issues, many other people on newegg also complained about dead pixels, and those white walls(screen bleeding or something)