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Microboard M340CLZ Review: Korean 34-Inch Curved VA Monitor

By January 14, 2017 10 Comments

Microboard M340CLZ


The Korean Microboard M340CLZ 34-inch curved monitor offers the amazing ultra-wide experience for a quite reasonable price. It features the Samsung VA panel which delivers astonishing contrast depths and impeccable viewing angles. By paying much less than you would for a more popular brand monitor with the same or similar specifications, you can still experience the stunningly immersive gaming and multimedia world.


  • 34 Inches Screen (Curved)
  • 3440×1440 Resolution
  • VA Panel
  • 8ms Response Time
  • 100Hz (144Hz at 2560×1080)
  • 21:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Ports: HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, DVI
  • Brightness: 300cd/m2
  • Static Contrast: 3,000:1
  • 16.7 Million Colors


The Samsung Vertical Alignment (VA) panel of this gorgeous monitor delivers the amazing depth of the contrast level amounting to 3,000:1 static which results in dark blacks and vibrant colors. The VA panels are capable of achieving the same viewing angles of 178 degrees both vertical and horizontal as the IPS panels. However, the colors themselves aren’t as accurate which makes this monitor not well suited for color-critical work of professional designers and alike. Still, in video games and other multimedia activities the colors appear more than pleasing and provide a brilliant image quality.

Another drawback of the VA panels is the response time speed. The Microboard M340CLZ gaming monitor has a response time of 8ms gray to gray which can be further improved in the OSD settings by enabling the Overdrive mode which increases the speed up to 4ms. Nevertheless, such response time speed is still capable of delivering a fluid and smooth gameplay without any screen blurring or ghosting whatsoever.

Professional high-end gamers will be able to notice slight blurring of fast-moving objects in their competitive FPS games as this panel isn’t capable of delivering state-of-the-art response time of 1ms as TN panels. At the end, gamers will have to choose between an awesome immersive gaming experience with minor blurring or the quick and responsive TN panel with a lesser picture and color quality.

The 100Hz rate ensures slick and smooth gameplay with no screen stuttering and motion blurring. Furthermore, if your computer is powered by a compatible AMD graphics card, you’ll be able to make use of the FreeSync technology feature which helps synchronize the refresh rate between the Microboard M340CLZ and your GPU. With the FreeSync range amounting to 42Hz – 100Hz, you’ll be able to maintain a steady FPS rate without any issues. In addition, if your computer isn’t powerful enough to completely fuel the 3440×1080 resolution, you can lower the resolution to 2560×1080 and gain the 144Hz rate.

The R1800 curvature of the Microboard M340CLZ gaming display provides you with the top-notch immersive experience as you won’t have to move your eyes as much yet always be aware of what’s happening on the screen. This is a great advantage in FPS games as you’ll be able to notice enemies that are lurking in the corners of your screen whom you wouldn’t usually notice if it weren’t for the curved screen. Moreover, you’ll have a much wider view of the sky allowing you to shoot down the enemies’ aircrafts more easily or hide away from the death from the above.


The OSD menu of the Microboard M340CLZ display is in Korean by default. So, in order to change it to English, you should press the far left OSD button twice, scroll all the way down, press Menu button, and change it to English. Now, even though the OSD menu makes much more sense, the same cannot be said about the navigation through it.

Nevertheless, we managed to get a grip of it enough to enable the FreeSync feature and the Overdrive option which decreased the response time to 4ms. Other settings in the OSD menu include the standard adjustments of brightness and contrast, input source selection, color settings, picture quality settings, display, and audio settings for the built-in speakers which provide a decent sound quality.

The multi-window section of the OSD menu includes the Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture modes. Even though the ultra-thin bezel makes this monitor ideal for the multi-display, the characteristics of its panel could cause some color uniformity issues. The color settings include the full sRGB and limited sRGB modes which provide calibrated settings, however, the colors aren’t precise enough for professional work but some basic content creation can be done, of course.


Microboard M340CLZ amazon

The design of the Microboard M340CLZ IPS monitor includes a rather futuristic appearance with a nice white color with chromatic accents and glossy texture. The metallic stand provides a steady base, although it lacks some ergonomic functionalities as only the screen of the monitor can be tilted. The ultra-thin bezel makes the curved ultra-wide experience even more immersive as the picture simply pops out to captivate its viewers. The monitor is VESA mount compatible with 75mm x 75mm pattern, but in our case, the holes seemed a bit skewed and required further modifications.


As far as the connectivity goes, the Microboard M340CLZ monitor includes a DVI, an HDMI 2.0, and a DisplayPort 1.2 which supports the FreeSync technology. The standard power outlet features the Korea C plug/Free Volt but you will get the fitting converter power cable along with the monitor.


The price of the Microboard M340CLZ display is actually the greatest thing about it. Unlike its rivaling 34-inch curved monitors, the Acer Predator X34 and the Asus PG348Q, it is much more affordable. At the moment, there is one available for $990 and one for $680 which is $300-$500 cheaper than the other two mentioned monitors. With the only difference being in the panel of the monitor and the resolution, you still get the amazing 34-inch ultra-wide experience with the 100Hz rate and the FreeSync technology for a much more affordable price.


The Microboard M340CLZ gaming monitor offers the flawless ultra-wide experience for an affordable price. Although its VA panel delivers less accurate colors than the IPS panel of the other 34-inch gaming monitors does, it makes the dream of the immersive huge-sized curved gaming into reality for a reasonable price.

Microboard M340CLZ Review
  • 8.5/10
    Design - 8.5/10
  • 8.2/10
    Display - 8.2/10
  • 8.1/10
    Performance - 8.1/10
  • 9.1/10
    Price/Value - 9.1/10


The Microboard M340CLZ takes us a step closer towards the affordable 34-inch ultra-wide curved displays. For a reasonable price, you can enjoy this huge and beauteous screen and its 100Hz rate and the FreeSync feature.

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  • Olen Ronning

    What type of anti-glare treatment does it have? Is it matte, semi-gloss, or glossy?

  • WrathPC

    In this review the writer said that this monitor will have no ghosting or bluring what so ever, then in the next paragraph writes gamers will notice ghosting and bluring. Corrupt bias BS all over the place. All these VA pannels are garbage. Blur like and oil painting when panning around any environment. Manufacturers need to make TN panels with ULMB with better blacks and f off with saying VA has low or now ghosting and blur. Lies.

  • Derek Manning

    Come on Wrath – your #fakenews #altfact #paraphrasing…

    The implication is that the average user won’t be able to notice but PROFESSIONAL GAMERS may.

    I bought the crossover – I’m happy with it..except now i have to upgrade my system to push the pixels.

    On Pixels. I ordered from dream-seller and have not seen any stuck or dead. The box arrived with a bit of fedex damage, fortunately the panel was protected adequately enough so none of the external box damage translated into scratched or any other internal damage.

    Like everyone says – color accuracy is off, and I’m no expert, but I’m going to calibrate – I hear calibrating works wonders.

  • Derek Manning

    The implication is that the average user won’t be able to notice but PROFESSIONAL GAMERS may.

  • WrathPC

    Well guess what, every one can! I know what he meant and its full of shlt.

  • WrathPC

    What fake news? I dont #. #’ are for idiots. If you are a casual and average user, be one. As for those who want a propper gaming monitor, my statements stant true.

  • Erick Sitter

    I’ll be frank don’t buy this monitor for these reasons.
    – Color Accuracy is still off even after prof calibration (spider5 + CalMan) The points are still scattered even after calibration just slightly tighter, color pops but popping isn’t the same thing is accuracy.
    – Response time: 8MS more like 23ms INPUT response time and that’s more important, 8MS is grey to grey.
    – Flimsy stand
    – It’s still a major gamble as it’s a B grade monitor and you’re either buying on Amazon (the best place as amazon WILL NOT REFUSE A RETURN but on Ebay your screwed if the seller says no “thank god for chargebacks right! still send the monitor back regardless”

    The Samsung CF791 uses a new panel but has 4ms GTG and Input is 17ms which is disappointing… their JS9000 line after a firmware upgrade has confirmed 1ms response time (it’s probably within 5ms) but still better than 17ms and 4k!

    The Acer X34 or Asus PG348Q are unfortunately the only choices if you have an Nvidia card and still want to do Color work, if not would get the LG34UC99 or go big with 38UC99 (I’m buying both the X34 and 34UC99 and going to throw dells 27″ HDR display on the left of my X34, might still get the PG348Q as prefer the bezel over the X34 but is $100 more…) If you didn’t care about Gsync I’d still only would get the LG displays or Samsungs CF791 over this monitor.

  • Erick Sitter

    Even after calibration with prof software and hardware it’s still not even accurate.

  • Erick Sitter

    Some of us still want a proper monitor but want to game and unfortunately only the X34 or PG348Q will give us that right now. The LG34UC99 and 38UC99 I believe use a newer panel than what the X34 and PG348Q have (getting the 34UC99 on top of the acer or asus monitor) for a more accurate display for color work. Will be getting Dells new 27″ HDR display as well as Asus’s new 240hz monitor for competitive gaming.

  • WrathPC

    Itd all the same crap. Blur like crazy. When a monitor that is 32 inch or minimum 35 ultra wide comes out that does not blur, ill buy it. As for now.. its all the same. Crap.