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LG 34UM79M Review: UltraWide 1440p IPS Monitor with Chromecast

By December 25, 2016 No Comments

lg 34um79m review

The year 2017 is already promising us quite a few computer monitor gems. LG alone has three unique and stunning monitors in store for us, including the LG 34UC79G, which features a 144Hz IPS UltraWide curved panel, the LG38UC99 monitor with FreeSync support and a curved IPS display, and the LG 34UM79M monitor which will be the very first monitor to feature the built-in Google’s Chromecast feature.


The Chromecast capability will allow you to effortlessly stream a wide range of content such as movies, TV shows, music, and games from your mobile phone or tablet onto the screen of the LG 34UM79M. It will be able to do so without any additional devices from Google. While this feature may not appeal to some of the consumers as such, it’s refreshing to see that LG is investing in this manner of modern technology that will deliver a convenient viewing experience unlike any other monitor so far.

Continuing with the convenience factor, the users of the LG 34UM79M display will also have access to the exclusive LG Mobile+ Monitor Application. This application will allow you to remotely adjust the standard OSD settings such as the input source, volume, aspect ratio and the Picture In Picture and Picture By Picture Modes by an application on your mobile device.

The LG Dual Controller Plus is yet another feature which will utilize and simplify the connection between your mobile or tablet device with the LG 34UM79M display. With it, you will be able to connect two different input sources and command over them by just using your standard keyboard and mouse controllers.

We also know that the LG 34UM79M will feature the LG’s standard Split Screen 2.0 option which delivers 14 different and resizable variations of screen splitting choices, including the Picture in Picture (PiP) and Picture by Picture (PbP) modes. This feature will make all multi-tasking activities much easier and quicker by freeing you of endless swapping between applications. Instead, you will have a vast overview of all your open applications with numerous possibilities of further adjusting of their layout.



We’re assuming that the UltraWide LG 34UM79M monitor comes with the native resolution of 3440×1440 as it’s the most logical one for the 34” screen with an UltraWide (21:9) aspect ratio. Besides the fact that it will have an IPS panel and that its screen will be flat, there is no other information available regarding the display and performance of this monitor until the annual CES show which will take place in January 2017, in Las Vegas.

While the UltraWide resolution is a matter of preference, as many gamers prefer a 16:9 aspect ratio mostly due to the fact that not all video games support the 21:9 ratio. Professional designers, however, will enjoy the extra horizontal space. In addition to the exclusive Split Screen 2.0 and the Dual Controller Plus features, they will have more space and utility for their multi-tasking activities than they actually need. However, gamers will have to get used to the black borders around the screen if their video games don’t support the monitor’s native resolution. The IPS panel of the LG 34UM79M monitor will, as always, deliver impeccable viewing angles of 178 degrees both horizontal and vertical which will, along with the Mobile+ Application and the Chromecast feature, make for the most convenient and comfortable viewing experience for the whole audience.


As far as the design of the LG 34UM79M is concerned, we only know that it will feature the LG’s usual ArcLine base design which provides the tilting ability. Whether the monitor will be able to pivot or swivel is unknown, but most of the bigger LG monitors can be height-adjusted. We also know that it will have a borderless design and brushed black finish, which simply cannot look bad.


Besides the exclusive Chromecast feature that will allow you to transfer video and audio content to the screen through your mobile or tablet device, we have no information regarding the availability of other ports. Although the LG aims to improve and replace the standard HDMI and DisplayPort with the USB-C port in the future, such is the case with the 32UD99, we’ll have to wait and see what the LG 34UM79M IPS display will feature.


The LG 34UM79M will be available sometime in November 2017 and should cost around $600. We will have more information about the monitor once the CES is over, but we are confident that it will show brilliant results regarding the color accuracy which will in addition to the monitor’s exclusive features, 34″, and some unique capabilities make for an excellent and reasonably priced monitor for professional designers. LG is increasing the standard for all monitor purposes with its newly announced products including the LG 34UC79G and 38UC99 for ultra-wide gaming, 32UD99 for high-end professional designers, and finally the LG 34UM79M PC monitor for aspiring and semi-professional designers; at least based on what we know so far.


Note that this will be a preliminary review, where the rating is based on the specifications and how they compare to other monitors today. The LG 34UM79M will deliver some new and exciting technology such as the built-in Chromecast feature which will, along the LG Mobile+ Application, make for a comfortable and convenient viewing experience. The price seems reasonable for this UltraWide 4K display but as we have no information regarding the actual color accuracy and range of its IPS panel, we’ll give it the overall mark 8.7/10 for now, though this rating might increase even further after CES 2017 when we’ll have more information.


LG 34UM79M Review
  • 8.7/10
    Overall - 8.7/10


The LG 34UM79M looks to be a very promising monitor with great features and the built-in support for Chromecast is just great. Also, the 1440p resolution on an UltraWide display is just icing on the cake.

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