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LG 29UM68 Review

By December 20, 2016 No Comments

lg 29um68 review

This beautiful ultra-wide resolution monitor offers stunning image quality with accurate colors and crisp details for a quite reasonable price. Both professional designers and gamers will have an amazing experience thanks to the exclusive features of the LG 29UM68 monitor. This amazing monitor is also known by the LG 29UM68-P. It has an ultra-thin bezel and an arc stand which make the monitor pleasant to look at even when it’s off. Here are the specifications of this UltraWide monitor.

  • 29 Inches Screen
  • 2560×1080 Ultra-Wide Resolution
  • IPS Panel
  • 21:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 60Hz (75Hz Overclocked)
  • 5ms Response Time
  • FreeSync Technology
  • Ports: 2xHDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2
  • Other Ports: Audio Input
  • Built-in Speakers 2x5W
  • Brightness: 250cd/m2
  • Contrast: 5,000,000:1
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.2628mm
  • 16.7 million colors

The ultra-thin screen is covered with a matte finish which eliminates the annoying sunlight reflection. The exclusive ArcLine design ensures stable and classy aesthetic of the monitor’s base. The design of the LG 29UM68 monitor is basically frameless expect for the narrow black borders which neatly blend in the black background and provide brilliant watching experience. The IPS panel of the monitor delivers an exceptional color accuracy of 99% sRGB gamut which will satisfy all professional designers and give gamers a more immersive gaming experience.

The OSD menu settings are quite comprehensive and can be easily navigated with both the on-screen control software and the joystick below the screen. The settings offer a wide range of adjustments including brightness, contrast, volume, input selection, different aspect ratios, gamma and 6 axis color adjustments. Furthermore, there are several already optimized presets which you can easily select using the joystick including Reader, Photo, Cinema, Color Weakness (for those who don’t distinguish red and green colors) and a Custom mode.

In addition to these, there are three gaming specific modes and one custom gaming mode in which you can manually adjust the level of black stability feature and the speed of response time. The aspect ratio presets include Wide, Cinema 1, Cinema 2 and Original. The Cinema 2 is especially useful when you wish to add a black border at the bottom of the screen for the subtitles.

The pixel pitch of 0.2628mm delivers impressive details where you won’t be able to distinguish pixels from one another but rather see a brilliant picture with excellent picture density. In fact, such density allows you to have a high-quality image and text clarity even with an average GPU while a 3440×1440 resolution would require a much faster graphics card.

In the box of the monitor, you will receive the easily installable stand, an HDMI cable, a power cord, a power adapter, a CD with information and software, and a cable holder. Depending on the country you’re ordering from you might not receive the DisplayPort cable. The LG 29UM68-P is easily assembled and won’t require any calibration whatsoever; you’ll be able to enjoy in full picture quality instantly.

What do users like about this product?

lg 29um68-p review

  • On-Screen Control
  • Dual Controller
  • Split Screen 2.0
  • Gaming Modes
  • Black Stabilizer

Your days of struggling with the annoying and clunky monitor’s OSD buttons will be over once you install the On-Screen Control software which allows you to adjust all the important settings in a desktop application while using your keyboard and mouse. Although the LG 29UM68 monitor has a practical joystick placed beneath the screen with which you can easily and effortlessly navigate through the settings, this software makes the settings adjustments quick and simple.

The Dual Controller feature is yet another software which simplifies the usually irritating and time-consuming fumbling with the OSD menu. This software allows you to connect two or more devices and display them on one screen. By selecting the Picture by Picture mode in the dual controller’s settings, you can have the displays of your PC and a laptop, for instance, displayed next to each other on the screen. Furthermore, you can swap between the two displays with ease as all you have to do to change from one to another is mouse over with the cursor, or set a combination of keys on your keyboard. You may even transfer files from one desktop to another up to 2GB.

The Screen Split 2.0 feature makes the difficult multi-tasking activities done faster and painless. You can choose between 14 different variations of splitting your screen, into two, three or four screens both horizontally and vertically. Either one of these options will eliminate the constant swapping of application and give you a spacious and practical overview of all your windows. You also have the ability of 4 different Picture in Picture modes, where you can place the additional computer’s display on the either one of the four corners on the LG 29UM68-P.

Professional designers and developers will have great use of these features along with its color accuracy, but the LG 29UM68-P display doesn’t only satisfy the needs of professional editors as there are several exclusive features which enhance the gameplay allowing gamers to completely immerse into the gaming world.

There are three well-optimized presets that are intended for gaming. Two FPS modes and one RTS mode are available to choose from and they can be easily and quickly selected using the monitor’s joystick. These modes enhance the gameplay by enabling the Black Stabilizer and Dynamic Action Sync features.

The Black Stabilizer technology brightens and sharpens the black color levels once you find yourself in gloomy areas of a game. In FPS games this is quite essential as you will have a more clear image of your enemies in the dark, allowing you to be more precise with your weapon. It’s of utmost importance that when the picture gets higher black color levels it does not lose on quality or get uneven colors, which the LG 29UM68 screen completely delivers.

Along with the quick 5ms response time and the Dynamic Action Sync feature you will have a smooth and fluid gaming experience with no blurring or ghosting of fast moving objects. The amount of input lag, which is the time the monitor takes to respond to your controller’s commands, is also minimum – resulting in the flawless gaming experience with stunning image quality.

Furthermore, if your computer is powered by a powerful AMD graphics card you can enable the FreeSync feature. This exclusive feature synchronizes the frame rate of your monitor with your GPU and thus eliminates any possible screen tearing or stuttering you could encounter. In addition, while the FreeSync is active, you may overclock the monitor’s Hz rate up to 75Hz and gain even smoother gameplay.

What do users not like about this product?

lg 29um68 review 2017

  • Glossy Plastic
  • 75Hz only in FreeSync mode
  • IPS Glow
  • Lack of ergonomics
  • Low-quality speakers
  • No USB Ports

While the screen of the LG 29UM68 gaming monitor is covered with a matte finish and won’t reflect sunlight, the overall cover of the monitor has a glossy finish. The glossy plastic finish does reflect the sunlight, and moreover, it makes the dust, fingerprints and scratches more noticeable. While this doesn’t affect the screen quality it makes for an annoying necessity of frequently cleaning the monitor.

Some of the reviewers complained about being unable to overclock their monitor to the marketed 75Hz. We did manage to overclock it but only by using the DisplayPort connection. So, keep in mind that if you’re using the HDMI port you won’t be able to achieve the 75Hz rate. However, the difference between the two is barely noticeable; in order to really notice the difference in the Hz rate you would have to use a monitor with over 100Hz rate.

Furthermore, the users of the LG 29UM68 monitor complained about the IPS glow where they would notice a slight unwelcome glow in the corners of their screen. The IPS glow is an expected and normal drawback of the IPS panel monitors, it is a small tribute to pay as in return you get amazing color accuracy and viewing angles. Besides, the IPS glow was, in our case, only present in an entirely black background and unnoticeable in video games or movies.

While this monitor can be tilted by around 25 degrees, it lacks other ergonomic functionalities. The stand of the monitor keeps it only 10cm from the surface, so a height adjusting ability would’ve been very useful. Furthermore, the screen can’t be pivoted into the portrait position which may disinterest some professional photographers who need the portrait version for certain photographs.

The MAXX audio speakers of 10w deliver weaker sound quality than expected. However, as the built-in speakers are never meant as the main audio device but rather as a backup, the speakers produce a decent sound. In fact, the achievable volume is pretty satisfactory but the quality lacks a more decent bass sound.

Who is this product for?

Those who seek a monitor for their professional work will be entirely satisfied thanks to its image quality, color accuracy, and exclusive multi-tasking features. Gamers will be impressed with a number of details they weren’t able to see in TN panel gaming monitors. The gaming presets and black level stabilizing technology contribute to the gaming experience immensely as well. Once you get a taste of the ultra wide 21:9 picture you won’t be able to go back to the standard monitors.

The gamers who play solely on their gaming consoles will have to get used to the black borders around the screen depending on the compatibility of their devices as most of the standard ones do not support the 21:9 aspect ratio. Furthermore, professional and competitive FPS players will still need a faster gaming monitor with 1ms response time and preferably over 100Hz. The LG 29UM68 is also great for those who wish to improve their outdated multi-display as they will be able to do so by having just this one, single monitor.


LG 29UM68 Review
  • 8.4/10
    Design - 8.4/10
  • 9.2/10
    Display - 9.2/10
  • 8.6/10
    Performance - 8.6/10
  • 9/10
    Price/Value - 9.0/10


This ultra-wide monitor with stunning color quality and accuracy will satisfy a wide range of users including professional designers and gamers alike. For a very affordable price, you can enjoy this amazing monitor and its exclusive features. If you wish to invest more into your monitor, check out the 4k resolution of the LG 27UD68 monitor.

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