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LG 25UM56-P Review: 25-inch UltraWide 1080p IPS Monitor

By December 24, 2016 No Comments

lg 25um56-p review

The LG 25UM56-P, also known just as the LG 25UM56P,¬†delivers an amazing ultra-wide experience for both gaming and professional designing for an affordable price. The immersive experience is enriched by the color accuracy of the monitor’s IPS panel which provides the professional designers with over 99% sRGB color accuracy, while gamers gain the impeccable gaming experience.


  • 25 Inches Screen
  • 2560×1080 Resolution
  • IPS Panel
  • 21:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 60Hz
  • 5ms Response Time
  • Ports: 2xHDMI, Headphones Jack
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.2286mm
  • Brightness: 250cd/m2
  • Contrast: 5,000,000:1
  • Built-in Speakers: No


All that extra horizontal space allows professional designers, developers, videographers and alike to have numerous applications spread throughout their desktop and thus avoid swapping through the multiple apps. The Split Screen feature of the LG 25UM56 can further utilize the free space by dividing it into up to 4 screens. There’s a total of 14 different layouts for dividing the screen, after which you can fix a certain application window to the specific layout panel where it will stay put.

Another great feature, which is common among most of the LG monitors of these series, is the Dual Controller. This feature allows you to connect two PCs or a gaming console to the LG 25UM56-P and have pictures of both devices on the screen. You can use the Picture in Picture or Picture by Picture modes for viewing. By simply using one set of a keyboard and a mouse, you will be able to interact with both displays and quickly swap between the two by hovering the screen with the mouse cursor or by a combination of keys. Moreover, you can transfer files between the two desktops up to 2GB.

Besides the work and space utilizing features, the LG 25UM56-P monitor also provides you with several gaming ones. First of all, there are three gaming modes including two FPS and one RTS profile. These presets are optimized to enhance the gameplay experience by incorporating other features of this monitor such as the Black Stabilizer and the Dynamic Action Sync. While these three presets are pre-calibrated, you also have one custom profile in which you can manually adjust your preferred settings.

The Black Stabilizer feature makes sure that you can clearly spot your enemies that are lurking in the dark. This feature automatically brightens up the screen once your video game takes you to darkened areas. As the objects in the dark become sharpened and brightened, you can strike down your enemies effortlessly and gain the edge over your opponents. The Dynamic Action Sync feature minimizes the amount of the input lag which is the time your controls take to respond and display on the screen.


The IPS panel of the LG 25UM56-P gaming monitor delivers stunning image quality and color accuracy with over 99% of the sRGB spectrum which is ideal for professional designers and photographers while gamers can enjoy vivid and immersive gaming. The ultra-wide resolution makes for a more enjoyable gaming experience as you will have a more spacious overview which is more than welcome in any type of game.

The LG 25UM56-P is TUV certified which ensures that the screen won’t produce flickering. Therefore, your eyes won’t get restless or fatigued even after long hours of playing or working. The response time of 5ms takes care of ghosting and blurring of rapid moving objects in video games, however, the high-end professional FPS gamers might notice minor nuisance as their competitive gaming require 1ms response time.

The LG 25UM56-P display also provides you with two optimized Reader presets which are ideal when you want to read or rest your eyes before going to bed. In addition to these presets and the previously mentioned gaming modes, you also have the access to Photo, Cinema, and a Custom mode.

The OSD settings menu is navigated with a joystick that is placed beneath the screen. While not in the menu, the joystick can be used to quickly swap between the gaming presets, adjust volume, and change input sources. Once you’re on the menu, the quick settings allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast, volume, input source and choose between a few additional aspect ratios including Original, Wide, Cinema 1, Cinema 2, and 1:1. The Cinema 2 option is especially useful if you wish to place a black border beneath the movie for subtitles, while the Original mode can be used if you prefer to watch a video in its original resolution.

The more thorough settings include the adjusting of six color axis, gamma, color temperature, sharpness, and the ability to tweak the options for the black stabilizer, dynamic action sync features and the speed of response time. The six-axis color settings allow you to adjust the color levels and saturation of the red, green, blue, magenta, cyan, and yellow individually.


The design of the LG 25UM56-P includes a rather thin bezel which is a bit wider at the bottom but provides a nice and modern look nonetheless. The base of the monitor is quite steady and detachable. The monitor can be tilted but other than that lacks other ergonomic functionalities, however, it is VESA mount compatible; so you can easily and securely place it on the wall or a mounting arm.


As far as the connectivity of the LG 25UM56-P PC screen is concerned, there are only two HDMI ports available. However, that should be sufficient as you’ll be able to connect both your computer and a gaming console, or two PCs, and have both displays on one screen thanks to the Dual Controller feature. There is also an additional headphones jack placed next to the ports; you can adjust the volume in the OSD settings menu or by the joystick. In the box of the monitor, you will receive an HDMI cable, a power cord, a power adapter, and a user manual with the drivers. The base of the monitor comes detached, but it is easily assembled and you’ll be able to enjoy in crisp and brilliant picture quality within minutes of unpacking.


The price of the monitor amounts to a bit less than $200 which is a pretty good deal. After all, it is a 25-inch screen with ultra-wide resolution, IPS panel and a plenty of gaming and work utilizing features.


This reasonably priced ultra-wide monitor will satisfy both gamers and professional designers that seek high-quality image with vivid colors. At first, you might be a little confused with all the extra space, especially if you’re switching from a smaller 16:9 monitor as the extra horizontal space may look “unnatural”. However, once you start a video game you will quickly be captivated by the LG 25UM56-P monitor and immersed into the gaming world, whereas the professional designers will spend less time application swapping and more time working, with fewer distractions. The overall mark amounts to 8.8/10 since the monitor’s affordable price delivers a brilliant ultra-wide experience with rich crisp and rich image quality.


LG 25UM56-P Review
  • 8.4/10
    Overall - 8.4/10


The LG 25UM56-P monitor delivers a solid performance and features an UltraWide panel with 2560×1080 resolution, IPS panel and a 5ms response time. Overall, a good monitor for the price.

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