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HP 23er Review: Budget Bezelless IPS Monitor

By December 29, 2016 No Comments

HP 23er review

The Hewlett Packard 23er (HP 23er) provides the thinnest LCD screen made by HP, thanks to innovation in lightweight, high strength metals. Turn it sideways and it practically disappears! Without a bezel framing the screen. The display goes from one edge of the screen to the other, making the images seem even bigger and more immediate than other screens of similar size.

Specifications of the HP 23er Monitor

  • Screen Size: 23 inches
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Resolution: Full High Definition 1920 x 1080
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Response Time: 14ms (7ms with overdrive)
  • Speakers: No

First Impressions: the HP 23er Display at a Glance

This monitor offers a widescreen view with very narrow bezels, supported by a brushed metal stand with tilt adjustment capability. The display stand features an unusual open square design, minimizing the footprint on your desk, providing decorative touches, and still being sturdy enough to support the screen, even when the user is adjusting its tilt or using the push buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Like other monitors in the HP line-up, this monitor tests true on grayscale. Using the 64-step Grayscale test (a feature of the DisplayMate software) as a measurement tool, this screen can display every one of the 64 shades of gray. Combine the grayscale detail with more than one million colors and high caliber color quality, and this monitor does great even for photographers and editors.

A user can create settings and options using the included My Display wizard in the included software. You can select the ideal contrast and brightness levels for your own usage and activities, plus calibrate your grayscale settings as well.

Whether you use this monitor by itself or in tandem with an additional monitor, you can partition and define your own split screen areas. You can also choose to drop specified windows into the partitions you have created. Among other things, you can also create your own settings for the temperature of colors (cool, standard, warm, and custom settings), gamma (high, medium, low, and off), contrast, and brightness; and you can choose from four video presets and one customized setting that you can create yourself.

If you think one of these looks brilliant by itself, imagine more than one side-by-side, uninterrupted by the framework of a decorative bezel. For multi-screen usage, this monitor is perfect.

Input ports are easily accessed as well as easy to use, making set-up a snap.

Display Quality of the HP 23er Monitor

The viewing angle is nearly 180 degrees, meaning that the viewer changing position or angle does not adulterate the display. The clarity of the image and the consistency of color are not at all affected by viewing angle. This is particularly appreciated by gamers of multiplayer games who might be sharing the view of a single screen while playing against one another. The same angle applies vertically as well as horizontally.

With a Full High Definition screen, the Hewlett Packard 23er (HP 23er) offers brilliant colors and crisp, clear images. The widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, providing ideal viewing for side-by-side documents or widescreen movie watching.

With millions of display colors, video and photo are reproduced realistically and with a dynamic five million to one contrast ratio. The anti-glare screen can be positioned anywhere in a room, without having to worry about glare.

This monitor has few options of customized features, but in a situation where the pre-existing settings and features already suit your use, it’s a solid performer. It may not rate as a good value for a gaming monitor, given its slow response time, although it does still deliver good color accuracy, grayscale, and viewing angles.

The fourteen millisecond response time may not be sufficient for some gamers’ action-packed scenarios, with a slower response possibly resulting in ghosting or image tearing.

Features of the HP 23er Monitor

Because the screen does not have a bezel or frame surrounding it, this monitor can function excellently as one of multiple monitors when a user wants to utilize multiple displays in tandem. For multi-monitor parallel usage, the zero-frame screen is unparalleled.

Users of the HP 23er display can save their preferred OSC settings using the proprietary software (HP MyDisplay) that comes included with the hardware purchase. The user is able to set up the options using the included “wizard,” providing a selection of contrast and brightness levels. It also has a basic calibration function to arrive at your ideal grayscale settings. It also offers a partitioning tool allowing the user to define specific split screen areas, and the ability to drag-and-drop specific windows to open partitions.

The feature settings include the temperature of colors (cool, standard, warm, and custom settings), gamma (high, medium, low, and off), contrast, and brightness. With the Quick View menu, you can select from five video presets (movie, photo, gaming, text, and HP Enhance+) as well as a customized setting that allows you to create your own combination and save it for future use.

With Energy star certification, this monitor meets the strict guidelines for energy efficiency set but the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), as well as the Department of Energy of the U.S.A.

In combination with the brushed metal stand, this monitor boasts an ultra-thin profile and a sleek modern look. The screen itself features anti-glare coating to avoid reflection of room lighting. The monitor can be placed anywhere, even in a sunlit room, without incurring reflections of the lighting.

The included stand is minimally adjustable, enabled only to tilt forward and backward. However, this is a solid monitor with good delivery of visual options, and the wide angle of view (almost 180 degrees) means that the screen’s position relative to the user is less critical than it would be in a screen with narrower angles. Its LED screen gives almost no bleeding of color around the edges, preserving the integrity of photos and videos.

The HP 23er is a top candidate for some types of use, due to the combination of high-quality static visual display and relatively low price tag. For amateur-level photography editing or office use, the display features of this monitor are more than adequate. The monitor itself is paradoxically sturdy and sleek, lending a touch of style to an office, either singly placed or in parallel with additional monitors. If you don’t need a display port or USB connectivity, and if video or motion image is not a high priority, this is a very solid choice of screen for its price range.

Connectivity with the HP 23er Monitor

This monitor features two input video ports: one VGA and one HDMI. With these connections, it can be connected to various laptop or desktop computers, or to most gaming consoles, but not to mobile or handheld devices, cameras, or other devices. It does not have output ports, and its limited connectivity restricts the number of available uses, given that the monitor does not connect to handheld or mobile devices, and does not connect by USB or DP (Display Port) to any devices. Once again, this monitor is a solid performer within the usage parameters for which it is intended.

In Conclusion

The HP 23er PC monitor is a stellar choice for the budget conscious consumer, providing high-quality display and sleek design for a reasonable price tag. If you are satisfied with the pre-set features and do not feel a need to adjust or customize your settings, this monitor operates wonderfully within the parameters of its limited programmability. For a consumer whose uses are not heavily weighted toward motion video (meaning movies or games) the image quality of this monitor will be more than sufficient, and the user will enjoy the sharpness of images, the wide angle of viewing capability, and the color and contrast.

HP 23er Review
  • 9.5/10
    Design - 9.5/10
  • 9.3/10
    Display - 9.3/10
  • 7.4/10
    Performance - 7.4/10
  • 7.9/10
    Price/Value - 7.9/10


The HP 23er display is a monitor of its own. It delivers great images with its IPS panel and it features very thin bezels and a very good design. When we checked, the price of this display was low (under $200), but it was more than the 24-inch version, the HP 24ea.

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