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BenQ XL2420T Review: 120Hz FPS eSports Gaming Monitor

By December 25, 2016 No Comments

BenQ XL2420T review

The BenQ XL2420T gaming monitor is co-developed by some of the Counter Strike legendary players and thus it is the perfect gaming machine for FPS gamers. Besides the extensive connectivity and the wide range of ergonomics, this monitor offers the amazing 120Hz rate and 2ms response time which will make your competitive gaming experience flawless without any screen blurring or ghosting whatsoever.


This professional gaming monitor offers several exclusive features which significantly enhance the gameplay. One of the more important such features is the Black eQualizer; This feature adjusts the luminance levels of the black colors and as the result, you gain clearly visible objects even in the darkest areas of video games. The initially dark and smeary objects in darkened areas will be brightened and sharpened so that you can easily distinguish and eliminate your enemies who are hiding in the shadows.

The BenQ XL2420T display also provides you with several professionally optimized presets for gaming. You will have two exclusive FPS modes and one RTS mode. These modes were created with pre-calibrated settings in order to improve your gameplay; you can effortlessly swap between these presets with either the OSD buttons on the screen or with the extra switch which you get with this awesome CS:GO monitor. The two FPS modes are specifically optimized for Counter Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Source and of course Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) games.

Furthermore, you will be able to download custom presets, some of which are made by professional and famous FPS players through the Game Mode Loader. This exclusive feature allows you to experience the video games the same way professional players do. In addition, the downloaded presets can be further edited to your own liking and later saved for further usage. You will have a significant advantage over your enemies with these exclusive presets of the BenQ XL2420T monitor.

The Display Mode is yet another unique feature of the BenQ XL2420T gaming display. With it, you can swap between several custom screen resolution and aspect ratio combinations, such as the 4:3 of 17″ and 19″ screens, 16:9 of the 19″, 21.5″, 23″, and 24″ screens, and even 16:10 aspect ratio of a 22″ screen. Moreover, you can use the Smart Scaling feature and freely scale the resolution to any desirable amount.

The S. Switch is an additional device that you will get along with the monitor. It can be used for quicker and remote adjusting of the OSD settings. It features four buttons and a scroll which is used for navigation through the user-friendly OSD menu. The buttons can be used for swapping between the various exclusive features that this monitor offers. Besides the gaming presets, you will also have other well-optimized presets available such as Movie, Photo, Eco, sRGB, and a Standard mode.

The OSD settings can also be tweaked by the five touch-sensitive buttons on the right bezel of the monitor, either way, you will be able to quickly and effortlessly adjust the wide range of available settings including the contrast, sharpness, brightness, gamma, saturation, hue, color temperature, and the black eQualizer levels.


benq xl2420t

The BenQ XL2420T offers the impeccable performance for the professional gaming. Once you enable the Advanced Motion Accelerator, you will be able to increase the response time speed from 5ms to 2ms. Another key feature that you should enable when gaming is the Instant Mode which reduces the input lag. The response time of only 2ms along the great 120Hz rate ensures fluid and smooth gameplay absent of any ghosting, smearing, or lag allowing you to compete in gaming with all the mandatory resources.

Although the TN panel monitors deliver less accurate colors than the IPS panel monitor, you will still be able to have a brilliant picture quality with vibrant colors. However, this does mean that the professional designers and photographers will lack the color accuracy they require for their work which is not a drawback as the BenQ XL2420T is a gaming monitor, after all.

Another somewhat minor drawback of the TN panel monitors are the viewing angles of 170° horizontal and 160° vertical which will cause the picture to lose color consistency when viewed from certain angles. Still, in return, you gain a rapid response time of only 2ms which is not yet beatable by IPS panel monitors. Besides, thanks to the wide ergonomics of the BenQ XL2420T monitor, you are bound to find the perfect and comfortable position for your monitor.


The BenQ XL2420T gaming monitor has a matte black cabinet at the front and a glossy surface at the back, the screen of the monitor is covered with a matte finish which eliminates light reflection. The bezel is rather thin and amounts to 17mm. The screen is placed onto a steady stand which has a hole in the middle through which you can neatly route the cables of your headphones. The stand also has some accents of red color which give the monitor a gaming and modern look. The touch-sensitive OSD buttons are placed on the right bezel of the monitor which glow in a warm white color once you move your hand close to them.

Furthermore, the BenQ XL2420T 120Hz gaming display offers a wide range of ergonomic functionalities including the ability to tilt for 25 degrees, pivot by 90 degrees, swivel to the left and right by 35 degrees, and it’s height adjustable by 5.12″ which means you can also lower it all the way to the bottom of its base. Additionally, this gaming monitor is also VESA mount compatible, so if you wish to place it on the wall or a mounting arm, you can do so with minimum effort.


benq xl2420t amazon

The BenQ XL2420T monitor provides you with a diverse selection of video ports including two HDMI, a DVI, a VGA, and a DisplayPort. Besides these main ports, you will also have four USB2.0 ports, two of which are placed on the left side of the monitor for easy connection of your keyboard and mouse devices. The HDMI and DisplayPort cables, however, are not included in the box with the monitor, so you will have to obtain them separately. The DVI, VGA, and USB cables are included.


The BenQ XL2420T is available for around $400. Although the monitor is somewhat outdated, it will still provide you with a perfect gaming experience even with the latest games. However, there is a newer version of this monitor available with slightly better stats and almost the same cost as well. The gaming monitor in question is the the BenQ XL2420Z. A more affordable version is also available which even has a faster response time but a lower refresh rate. We’re talking about the BenQ RL2460HT.


Although the BenQ XL2420T is outdated, it will still deliver a perfect gaming performance with crisp and vibrant picture quality. The fact that it’s been designed with a help of professional CS players make it an obvious choice for the Counter-Strike gamers which will be able to use the exact same display as their favorite players. After five years, this professional gaming monitor still surpasses the attributes and features of some newer gaming monitors and thus deserves a 7.5/10 overall mark.


BenQ XL2420T Review
  • 8.6/10
    Design - 8.6/10
  • 7.8/10
    Display - 7.8/10
  • 8.6/10
    Performance - 8.6/10
  • 5/10
    Price/Value - 5.0/10


The BenQ XL2420T is a gaming monitor that has been out for ages, but still tends to perform. Featuring a 120Hz refresh rate and only a 2ms response time, it’s a good enough monitor for FPS games if you’re buying it very used for a great price.

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