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ASUS VS238H-P Review

By November 18, 2016 No Comments

asus vs238h-p review

The first things everyone wonders when they see a cheap monitor is what might be wrong with it. This business monitor will prove to you that in order to have a great picture as well as quick response time you don’t need to pay much. Beautiful slim design with practical built-in power adapters makes this monitor ideal for business offices. ASUS VS238H-P is eco-friendly as it’s mercury-free, saves energy and comes with 3-year warranty and 2-way free shipping.

  • 23 Inches Screen
  • 1920×1080 Resolution
  • TN Panel
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Ports: DVI-D, HDMI, D-Sub
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.2655mm
  • 60Hz
  • 2ms Response Time
  • Contrast: 50,000,000:1
  • Brightness: 250cd/m2

This monitor is mainly intended for business but it does provide a good gaming and movie watching experience as well, so this is also a suitable gaming monitor as well. With low input lag of 2ms response time, there is no screen tearing or ghosting present when playing video games, watching movies or working.  However, it is a 60Hz monitor so some more demanding games will have FPS issues.

ASUS VS238H-P’s backlit LED screen ensures brighter picture than the usual monitors are capable of. In combination with its Smart Contrast feature which delivers darkest black colors the monitor manages to maintain perfect image quality and stunning, life-like 1080p scenery.

In the box of this business monitor, you will find both DVI cable and a VGA cable, a power cord and a user guide which will ensure easy and quick installment of this elegantly slim monitor with a nice matte finish.

What do users like about this product?

asus vs238h-p review

  • Exclusive Splendid Video Intelligence Technology
  • Smart View Technology
  • Aspect Control Function
  • Multiple Ports
Exclusive Splendid Video Intelligence Technology offers 6 different presets which you can easily select by using the monitor’s user-friendly settings. The presets include Scenery, Theatre, Game, Night View, sRGB and Standard mode through which you can navigate using the monitor’s hotkeys. This feature will also automatically optimize the ideal settings for color, brightness, contrast and sharpness for your computer as soon as you hook it up.

You will also be able to choose between 3 modes of different skin tone as well as 4 modes of color temperature. Moreover, it’s HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) supported which prevents illegal copying of your content. Kensington Lock Slot is installed as well.

ASUS VS238H-P’s Smart View Technology provides comfortable viewing experience from different angles. Its TN panel offers quite decent viewing angles which are 170° horizontal and 160° vertical. Along with its ability to tilt (+20°, -5°), you will be able to enjoy watching movies by lying on the bed without colors contrasting. Additionally, it is VESA compatible and can be mounted on the wall.

The Aspect Control function enables you to set other ratios such as 4:3 without the image being distorted or compensated in any way.

ASUS VS238H-P’s various ports make this monitor ideal for business presentations and such, as the HDMI port can transfer full HD video and sound. It is ideal for multi-display setups and connecting with other devices such as projectors and compatible TVs.

What do users not like about this product?

  • Nonadjustable Height
  • No speakers
  • Brightness Out of the Box

ASUS VS238H-P’s thin and elegant design lacks the feature of adjusting height. However, it can be tilted to a decent degree and since its VESA mount compatible you are bound to find the perfect spot for your monitor.

As this is a mostly business monitor which by its design manages to save desk space, it would’ve been even better if it had speakers. Many business offices try to save as much space as possible and while this monitor itself manages to do that, you are going to need additional speakers on your desk.

Several reviewers of ASUS VS238H-P were unsatisfied with the brightness level straight out of the box. We found this to be true as well, the monitor was too bright when taken straight out of the box, but it was solved with a quick tweaking in the settings. In addition, some users may prefer to calibrate colors if not completely satisfied with the standard ones.

Who is this product for?

This model is obviously intended for business purposes. The high-quality picture, fast response time and practical design make for the perfect monitor for your office. Given the fantastic resolution of 1920×1080 on this 23-inch screen, the price for it is more than great. If you use your computer mainly for business but still like to watch a movie and play a moderately new game every now and then this monitor will satisfy your needs entirely for such a great price!


ASUS VS238H-P Monitor Review
  • 8/10
    Design - 8.0/10
  • 8.1/10
    Display - 8.1/10
  • 7.7/10
    Performance - 7.7/10
  • 9/10
    Price/Value - 9.0/10


Overall, ASUS VS238H-P is an excellent bussing monitor which will make your working hours at least more easy on our eyes with its beautiful image. After you’re done working and wish to relax, the image will stay just as flawless in video games and movies. If your job involves designing and requires color accuracy then you should check the ASUS VS239H-P which has an IPS panel, and is also quite affordable.

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