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ASUS VS228H-P Review

By November 28, 2016 No Comments

asus vs228h-p review

Although a low budget monitor, the ASUS VS228H-P will surprise you with the amazing picture quality, resolution and the size for the money that you paid. This amazing and very cheap 1080p monitor is also referred to just the ASUS VS228H. It seems like ASUS managed to create the perfect balance between all essential traits of this monitor and make brilliant image quality on a quite decently sized monitor available to everyone due to its low price yet excellent performance.

  • 5 Inches Screen
  • 1920×1080 Resolution
  • TN Panel
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 60Hz
  • 5ms Response Time
  • Ports: HDMI, VGA, DVI-D
  • Contrast: 50,000,000:1
  • Brightness: 250cd/m2
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.248mm
  • Display Colors: 16.7 million

This classic and elegant looking monitor is eco-friendly as its LED backlight was made mercury-free and packaged in a slim briefcase-like cardboard box. It’s also power efficient as it usually consumes 25W of power and 0.5W in standby mode. Additionally, it’s very slim and has built-in adapters which will save space on your desk. The adapters are placed directly on the back of the monitor which makes connecting cables much easier.

The screen of the ASUS VS228H-P is covered with a matte finish which takes the cover of sunlight reflection and glaring. The power LED of the monitor shines in a nice dark blue color when it’s turned on; the OSD menu buttons are placed beneath the screen but thanks to the icons displayed on the buttons, they’re very easy to navigate with.

Exclusive ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio adjusts the luminance of the backlight so that you may enjoy the brightest white and the darkest black colors. This will make objects in very dark areas in movies and games appear much more clear and brighter. Another exclusive feature of the ASUS VS228H-P monitor is the Aspect Control function which allows you to set different aspect ratios such as 4:3 and maintain its full display without image distortion or stretching.

In the box of the ASUS VS228H-P, you will receive a detachable stand which is easily attached to the monitor, DVI and VGA cables, a power cord, a quick start guide and a three years warranty card. If you’re buying the monitor for a gaming console, you will need to buy additional HDMI cable if you don’t have extra. We will now move on with the ASUS VS238H-P review with stuff that people like about it.

What do users like about this product?

  • Smart View Technology
  • Splendid Video Intelligence Technology
  • VESA Mount Compatible
  • Extensive Connectivity

TN panels are known for their issues of angle viewing; when you’d look at the screen from a different angle the colors would contrast and lose color. Smart View technology takes care of that with the viewing angles of 170° horizontal and 160° vertical. You will be able to comfortably watch movies while lying down or when there’s more people in the room who are watching at different distance and angles.

Splendid Video Intelligence Technology offers six well-optimized presets through which you can easily navigate and select the one depending on what you’re watching on the screen. The presets include Scenery, Theatre, Game, Night View, sRGB and a Standard Mode. Once you choose the desired preset, the preferred settings of color, contrast, brightness, and sharpness will automatically adjust for the best viewing experience. Additionally, you can choose between three different skin-tone modes and four different color temperature modes.

The ASUS VS228H-P is VESA mount compatible, meaning that you can effortlessly install it on your wall or the arm mount; the stand of the monitor is easily detachable which contributes to the easy installment. Moreover, the monitor is anti-theft secured with the Kensington Lock Slot.

With the wide range of connectivity using either HDMI, VGA and DVI-D ports this monitor satisfies a variety of users. Now moving on in the ASUS VS228H-P review to the stuff that people didn’t like.

What do users not like about this product?

  • Wobbly Stand
  • No speakers
  • Brightness level out of the box
  • Lack of ergonomics

The only constantly present complaint in the reviews is concerning the monitor’s stand. But don’t be discouraged by the negative reviews as we’ve found that while the stand is a bit wobbly, only if you were to accidently bump into your desk the stand may shake a little; nothing too faulty.

There are no built-in speakers in the monitor, however, there is an audio line out jack at the back of the monitor which can be used to easily connect headphones or a set of speakers.

As soon as you hook up the ASUS VS228H-P to your computer or a gaming console and if you’re not completely satisfied with the available presets, try to lower the brightness level in the OSD menu by 10-50% as the screen may appear too bright straight out of the box for some.

Besides being able to tilt for 25 degrees, there are no other ergonomic features available.

Who is this product for?

In general, the ASUS VS228H-P display (ASUS VS228H) is the ultimate everyday and casual gaming or movie watching monitor. The 5ms response time will make average gamers satisfied while the competitive gamers need faster monitors with 1ms response time. The colors and image quality are exceptionally great especially considering the price, however, professional designers and photographers will need a monitor with the IPS panel. So, the monitor is for people with a low budget that want a monitor with decent image quality, decent size and some unique and useful features.


ASUS VS228H-P Review
  • 7.9/10
    Design - 7.9/10
  • 7.9/10
    Display - 7.9/10
  • 7.6/10
    Performance - 7.6/10
  • 8.9/10
    Price/Value - 8.9/10


Th ASUS VS228H-P monitor, also known as the ASUS VS228H monitor, is the ultimate affordable yet great monitor for everyday use. With this monitor’s great resolution, size and response time you will be able to enjoy in casual gaming and watching movies as you would in much more expensive monitors. More competitive gamers who seek also affordable monitors but with faster response time should check ASUS VX238H; while the aspiring graphic designers should check this affordable IPS panel monitor, the ASUS VS239H-P.

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