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AOC G2460PQU Review: 144Hz Professional Gaming Monitor

By December 6, 2016 No Comments

aoc g2460pqu review

This 144Hz gaming monitor offers ultra-fast response time which is mandatory for any gamer who wishes to become a professional. The thin bezels with brushed finish give the monitor a modern and rough look fitting for gamers. Along with the sleek red bar at the bottom bezel, the design of the monitor makes it clear that’s it only intended for serious gamers. With many unique features and crisp image quality, the AOC G2460PQU delivers ultimate gaming experience for a reasonable price.

  • 24 Inches Screen
  • 1920×1080 Resolution
  • TN Panel
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 1ms Response Time
  • Ports: HDMI, DVI-D, D-Sub, DisplayPort
  • Other Ports: 4xUSB2.0, Audio Input, Headphones jack
  • Brightness: 350cd/m2
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 80,000,000:1
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.27675mm
  • 7 million colors

The screen of the AOC G2460PQU is covered with an anti-glare coating which ensures comfortable viewing experience even in those exceptionally sunny days. Thanks to the dynamic contrast ratio you will be able to enjoy in beautiful picture quality with rich colors even for a TN panel monitor. The thin bezel of only 15mm along with its cool aesthetic design makes this monitor ideal for the ultimate gaming multi-display.

The AOC G2460PQU offers you six most frequently needed optimized presets to choose from and seven modes of different screen sizes and aspect ratios. All of these modes can be easily adjusted in the handy OSD menu which can also be used with the AOC’s exclusive iMenu software.

The rapid response time of 1ms along with 144Hz rate assure smooth gameplay experience. In fast-paced FPS video games, you will not encounter any blurring or ghosting of fast moving objects allowing you to be up to the level with all you enemies in competitive gaming. This will give you a significant edge over you opponents who have monitors with slower response time.

There is a total of 4 USB2.0 ports, two at the rear and two at the sides. These can be used for easy and practical connecting of your keyboard, mouse and controller devices allowing you to avoid fumbling with the cables.

In the box of the AOC G2460PQU, you will receive the DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, power, audio and USB cables, and a CD with user manual and drivers. With the drivers, you will also get the iMenu software which allows you to adjust the monitor’s OSD settings in a desktop application rather than by monitor’s buttons. On the back side of the monitor, you will find a practically placed hook through which you can neatly route all the cables and keep your desk tidy.

What do users like about this product?

  • 144Hz
  • iCare Sensor Technology
  • User-friendly OSD
  • Ergonomics
144Hz rate offers much more exciting and clear gaming experience. However, the AOC G2460PQU can achieve 144Hz rate only when connected via the DVI-D port. Once you’ve connected your monitor to the port, you will be able to run the latest and high demanding games with over 100 frames per second if you have a powerful graphics card. The picture and gameplay will run more smoothly and clearly allowing you to fully immerse into gaming. Along with rapid response time of 1ms, you will meet all requirements for competitive and professional gaming.

The iCare sensor automatically adjusts the monitor’s brightness according to the luminance of the surrounding light. This will effectively cause less harm to your eyes and save on power consumption without you having to do anything. Just let the monitor do all the work for you.

The OSD menu is very easy to navigate with and it offers all of the standard adjustments of the brightness, contrast, gamma, and color temperature. Along with these you also have access to analog settings of the clock, phase, and position. The exclusive iMenu software which comes with the drivers CD provides you with the ability to tweak all the settings by using the desktop application rather than monitor’s OSD buttons. This allows you to more quickly and easily adjust the settings by simply using your mouse and keyboard devices.

There are several already optimized presets which you can easily select using either the OSD buttons or the mentioned software. These presets include Standard, Movie, Sports, Game, Text, and the Internet preset. In addition to these, you may also choose between a few extra different aspect ratios and resolutions such as the pillar box (5:4) of a 17 and 19 inches screens, 16:9 of 21.5, 23, 24 inches screens and 16:10 of 19 and 22 inches screen. These extra aspect ratio settings are ideal when you want to play an older game which doesn’t support your native resolution; simply choose the desired setting and enjoy in uncompensated image quality.

There’s also an additional Dynamic Color Boost feature available which offers you the ability to boost specific colors of blue, green, all colors, or choose between a few presets in the Skin Tone mode. While these boosted presets don’t offer you more accurate colors overall, they give you the ability to enhance certain colors in specific images where you need to focus on a peculiar color.

The AOC G2460PQU offers a wide range of ergonomic feature ensuring that you can easily and perfectly position your monitor for long and comfortable gaming hours. The monitor can be pivoted by 90 degrees, swiveled by -165°/+165°, titled by 27° and height adjusted by 130mm. Moreover, this 144Hz gaming monitor is VESA mount compatible allowing you to securely and easily place it on the wall. Along with its thin bezels that can be used for ideal multi-display, you have an endless amount of possibilities regarding the placing of your monitor.

What do users not like about this product?

aoc g2460pqu amazon

  • Low-quality speakers
  • Needs calibration out of the box
  • TN Panel viewing angles
  • Manufacturing Defect
  • Medium Input Lag

The built-in speakers produce a very low-quality sound with little to none bass. For the amount of money the monitor costs, the low-quality speakers are an expected drawback. Given that the competitive players prefer a high-quality set of headphones over speakers, the low quality of the speakers can be neglected. There are additional headphones and audio line-in ports which are more preferred by professional gamers, anyway.

Using any of the calibration tools available on the internet is advisable once you hook up the AOC G2460PQU straight out of the box. Although the picture quality is pretty close to ideal, it won’t hurt to advance it even further with a few minutes of tweaking. In order to achieve even more vivid colors, you should calibrate the monitor’s grayscale and gamma settings.

The TN panel viewing angles of 170° horizontal and 160° vertical may cause the colors of the screen to contrast and lose their tint when viewed from different angles. However, thanks to the wide range of ergonomic features you will be able to adjust the monitor of your position so that you may enjoy playing video games without difficulty and even comfortably watch movies while lying on the bed.

Some of the users complained about their AOC G2460PQU not being able to achieve the marketed 144Hz rate. Keep in mind that the 144Hz rate can only be achieved if the monitor is connected with the DVI-D double link port. If even then your monitor won’t reach 144Hz, you can replace it as the AOC company acknowledges it as manufacturing defect.

The measured input lag of the AOC G2460PQU totalizes at around 26 milliseconds. The input lag is the amount of time it takes for your commands to be executed on the screen. Some less expensive and non-gaming computers offer faster input lag, however, this difference is not that noticeable to the human eye. You will still have a basically instant input lag and in addition with the monitor’s quick response time and 144Hz rate your gaming is going to be flawlessly smooth. For fast-paced games, input lag is a huge factor though and every millisecond matters.

Who is this product for?

144Hz rate, rapid 1ms response time and a wide range of ergonomic features make for everything professional and competitive players could need for their gaming. The price of the monitor is also very enticing especially considering that it has a 144Hz rate which is usually a feature of much more expensive monitors.

Although the AOC G2460PQU offers brilliant image and vivid colors even for a TN panel, professional and aspiring designers will still need a monitor with an IPS panel for more accurate colors. The overall great statistics and a reasonable price make this monitor also great for average and aspiring gamers, and those who simply want to enjoy watching movies and everyday use.


AOC G2460PQU Review
  • 8.6/10
    Design - 8.6/10
  • 8.4/10
    Display - 8.4/10
  • 8.9/10
    Performance - 8.9/10
  • 8.2/10
    Price/Value - 8.2/10


The ultimate gaming monitor for professional gamers with a reasonable price. With this monitor, you gain all the mandatory attributes for competitive gaming including the 1ms response time and 144Hz rate, for an affordable price. If you’re willing to spend a little more for your gaming monitor, there’s even a version of the monitor with a FreeSync feature, the AOC G2460PF which is actually cheaper as well.

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