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List of G-Sync and FreeSync Monitors Available May 2016

By May 1, 2016 15 Comments

FreeSync vs G-SYNC

You asked for it, so we’re giving it. We have collected and checked the availability of every FreeSync monitor and G-SYNC monitor out there and made a list of them for you. The list presented in this article are accurate as of May 2022.

The AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-SYNC technologies are competing against each other in the PC monitor market. They approach things differently, but their goal is mutual: syncing the monitor’s refresh rate with the FPS output of your graphics card without the horrible performance costs associated with V-Sync. By sync the FPS and refresh rate perfectly, you eliminate screen tearing and stuttering, resulting in a smooth and responsive gameplay. Now if you had a high refresh rate (144Hz for instance) panel that supports either of these two technologies, you have got yourself a very powerful monitor that will last for ages. Because NVIDIA G-SYNC uses a hardware module, they’re also more expensive. Usually, they are $150 more expensive than a FreeSync monitor with the same specs.

There’s a limited handful of G-SYNC and FreeSync monitors being sold right now and even more models are expected to arrive soon. Please note that you need a compatible graphics card from either AMD (for FreeSync) or NVIDIA (for G-SYNC) in order for the technology to work. You can see a list of supported NVIDIA G-SYNC graphics cards at NVIDIA or see the list of supported AMD FreeSync graphics cards. Both technologies work with multi-GPU systems in SLI or CrossFire.

The monitors listed below are those that are available for purchase right now. There are a dozen more confirmed FreeSync/G-SYNC monitors that are not yet released.

G-SYNC monitors available right now

You can check the price and user reviews by clicking on the product name or the yellow button below, which will take you to (, .de, etc).

MonitorSizeResolutionRefresh Rate
Acer XB270HU27"2560x1440 IPS144Hz
Acer XB280HK28"3840x2160 TN60Hz
Acer XB270HAbprz27"1920x1080 TN144Hz
Acer XB240H24"1920x1080 TN144Hz
ASUS PG278Q27"2560x1440 TN144Hz
BenQ XL2420G24"1920x1080 TN144Hz
AOC G2460PG24"1920x1080 TN144Hz
Philips 272G5DYEB27"1920x1080 TN144Hz

FreeSync monitors available right now

You can check the price and user reviews by clicking on the product name or the yellow button below, which will take you to (, .de, etc).

MonitorSizeResolutionRefresh Rate
Acer ​​XG270HU​​27"​2560x1440 TN144Hz
Acer XR341CK34"​3440x1440 IPS75Hz
ASUS ​MG279Q27"​2560x1440 IPS144Hz
BenQ ​XL2730Z​27"​2560x1440 TN144Hz
​LG 29UM67​29"​2560x1080 IPS60Hz
​LG 34UM67​34"​2560x1080 IPS60Hz
Samsung U24E590D24"​3840x2160 IPS60Hz
Samsung U28E590D28"​3840x2160 TN60Hz
Samsung U24E850R
24"​3840x2160 PLS60Hz
Samsung U28E850R28"​3840x2160 PLS60Hz
Samsung U32E850R32"​3840x2160 PLS60Hz

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  • Lukas

    Prepare some manufacturer IPS monitor with freesync running in the range of 30-144Hz? Is a technical problem make it?

  • A.R. Friesen

    I was holding out for an IPS panel, but I gave in and got the Philips 272G5DYEB. It arrived today, and I’m incredibly pleased with it. Glad I didn’t wait!

  • TristanSDX

    U24E590D have IPS panel

  • Our mistake! it has been fixed. Thank you for the notice!

  • KeK

    LG 34UM67 and LG 29UM67 do not run at 75Hz, they run at 60Hz. And the resolutions are 2560 x 1080.

  • Thank you for the corrections! Truly appreciated. The list has now been updated

  • Ollie

    Please do another one of these! Super helpful!

  • Ollie

    Alright, is this a thing? 1ms, TN panel, 2560×1440, G-Sync, Ultra Blur Reduction from NVDIA, 144Hz refresh rate. Can it be done?

  • Yes, the ASUS PG278Q ROG Swift has all that. The upcoming ASUS PG279Q ROG Swift will be an IPS panel instead and 4ms response time. It will also be possible to go all the way up to 165Hz when G-SYNC is activated on the PG279Q. (144Hz without G-SYNC)

  • We’ll have one up for October! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  • DrearierSpider

    If you still haven’t gotten a panel, be aware that currently no monitor supports G-Sync and ULMB running simultaneously, you have to choose one or the other.

  • Cuerex

    the lg 21:9 ones actually go up to 75hz and the freesync range can be tweaked to 32hz instead of 47hz

  • Beas kosutemi

    I have an EVGA 980 GTX which gets 60fps (max it can render on a 2560×1600) 30 inch monitor with a refresh rate of 60hz although Fraps has shown fps in the hundreds at times. Is a G-Sync monitor going to give me anything really vs. a normal monitor without at 4k or 2560×1600? I have been looking at this ACER but not sure any thoughts?

  • Jorge Alvarez

    You can add the Acer Z35 to your G-Sync List.


    You can add the ACER Predator XB321HK to the G-Sync List.