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Computex 2017: What To Expect From AMD, Nvidia and Intel

By May 30, 2017 One Comment

Computex ASUS

So Computex 2017 has kicked off and there have already been some amazing reveals this year. For example, ASUS has revealed a new ASUS ROG gaming laptop that features a GTX 1080 inside, is only 18mm thick and weighs about five pounds. For a laptop to contain a full-on GTX 1080 and be this small is a pretty amazing feat. ASUS also reminded the audience of their plans to bring G-SYNC HDR monitors to consumers this year, so it’s pretty exciting stuff we’re waiting for.

Let’s now move on over to other major companies that will likely come up with some groundbreaking reveals. Let’s start with Intel, given we have been given leaks about the upcoming Intel Core i9 processors.


AMD might be opening the door for their next-generation GPU architecture, Vega. We’ve already seen Ryzen, but we’ll probably get a more detailed look into Vega at this year’s show. Furthermore, we will most likely get some updates that are related to AMD motherboards and FreeSync monitors. Perhaps some talk about Ryzen as well.


NVIDIA is all about AI these days, so we will most likely not see a closer look at their next-generation graphics cards for consumers (The 1100 series).We hope we do, as we think these will be released during Fall 2017.


We believe that Intel will reveal the details of these new extremely powerful processors at Computex 2017. Most of us have already seen the leaks, but we will now get official specifications from Intel at the show. Now that AMD has revealed Ryzen, Intel is finally being pressured again and we will hopefully see some greater improvements now.

Acer and ASUS

Acer Predator Z35P

We’re certain that Acer and ASUS have brought some high-refresh rate gaming monitors with them to the show. Acer probably has the Acer Predator Z35P with them, since there is a lot of hype about it in the gaming industry right now. ASUS will also reveal some G-SYNC HDR gaming monitors during the Computex 2017 show. ASUS will most likely also reveal a lot of motherboards to the public at the show.

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