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CES 2017: Here Are All The Revealed Monitors

By January 5, 2017 21 Comments

ces 2017 monitors

Just like last year, we’ll be introduced to many new monitors at CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show 2017). It’s a great way to start the new year off with. We were already aware of some of these monitors.

Here is a list of all the monitors that were showcased or revealed at CES 2017.

MonitorSizeResolutionPanelRefresh RateAdaptive SyncRelease DatePrice
ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ27-inch3840x2160IPS144HzG-SYNCQ2 2017Unknown
LG 32UD9932-inch3840x2160IPS60HzFreeSyncUnknownUnknown
Dell S2718D27-inch2560x1440IPS60HzNoneMarch 23$700
Acer Predator Z301CT30-inch2560x1080VA200HzG-SYNCFebruary 2017$900
Acer Predator XB252Q25-inch1920x1080TN240HzG-SYNCFebruary 2017$550
Acer Predator XB27227-inch1920x1080TN240HzG-SYNCFebruary 2017$680
HP Omen X 3535-inch3440x1440AMVA+ (VA)100HzG-SYNCMarch 2017$1300
Dell UltraSharp UP3218K32-inch7680x4320IPS (unconfirmed)60HzNoneMarch 23$5000
ASUS ProArt PA27AQ27-inch2560x1440IPS60HzUnknownUnknownUnknown
ASUS ProArt PA32U32-inch3840x2160IPS60HzUnknownUnknownUnknown
ASUS MX38VQ38-inch3840x1600IPS60HzNoneUnknownUnknown
Acer Predator XB272-HDR27-inch3840x2160IPS144HzG-SYNCQ2 2017Unknown
Samsung CH71127-inch, 31.5-inch2560x1440IPSUnknownUnknownEarly 2017Unknown
Samsung UH75028-inch3840x2160UnknownUnknownUnknownEarly 2017Unknown
Samsung SH85023.8-inch, 27-inch2560x1440UnknownUnknownUnknownEarly 2017Unknown

This table is not yet complete and will be updated regularly to add the new CES 2017 monitors and gaming monitors into the mix.

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  • Jorden Macdonald

    Where did you hear that the new 144Hz G-SYNC monitor is IPS? I’d be elated if it were true, but I don’t remember them confirming that.

  • Quang Nguyen

    What do you guys predict the price of the asus PG27UQ will be?

  • Troy Smith

    i would say around 1k

  • LG 32UD99 is confirmed to have Freesync on the Specs page of the product on the official LG website. Not quite sure if it’ll encompass Freesync 2 or the former.

  • Yuki Core

    Why no 1440p, it’s easily the best resolution for gaming and ~27inch screens. Why does it get no love? Only 4K is the hype.. Leave 4K for TV’s, and maybe professional 60Hz IPS.

  • MemberBerry

    Most people are not going to spend over a 1000USD for a gpu running 60fps on 4k. Its annoying because all we want is better monitors for 1440p and the manufacturers keep pushing 4k when were not ready yet.

  • Joseph Cullen

    Oh, the new panel made by AU Optronics in the ASUS and Acer 144Hz G-SYNCers is IPS alright. They are going to be some awesome monitors! …As long as they are PWM free, which I’m hoping they are

  • Around $1200

  • Thank you

  • boe_d

    Unfortunately the MX38VQ is not 3840×2160.

  • That’s right, thanks!

  • Tyrann

    I believe its been said closer to $2000.

  • Tyrann

    because they have nothing else to bring to those screens to justify the higher margins they want. They will be able to charge premiums for 4k but not for 2k monitors anymore. 2K monitors will hopefully become standard from other manufactures to continue to bring prices down. Maybe we will get a nice 27″ IPS 2k 144hz+ freesync/gsync monitor for $499 from LG or Samsung.

  • Jorden Macdonald

    I feel like I read (or heard, CES was a blur) that it was going to be closer to $1,200.

  • DeltaOrionis

    Are you sure the Dell S2718D and the Samsung CH711 are IPS panels?
    I thought they were VA panels.

    Also, are there any images available for the Samsung SH850 models?

  • Waiting for a 4K 240hz monitor.

  • chazito chazitos

    i would like to ask a question with this Ips ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ monitor its good enough to run some games ultra with my Gtx 1080ti asus rog or i need one Tn to be better???

  • WrathPC

    PMW has not been used for years. Of course it will be PWM free.

  • WrathPC

    If someone makes a 32 wide screen or 38 in ultra wide screen TN pannel with 1440p and ULMB ill pay 5k for it. All these VA na IPS pannel blur like crazy. When is this stupid blur going to be takem care of? Stuff 4k. Make the image crisp while in motion!. You move 99% of the time. Who cares about still images in gaming while gaming?!!

  • It should be able to handle a lot of games, although not AAA games at high frame rates.

  • Hopefully manufacturers will develop such a display