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CES 2016: Here Are All The Revealed Monitors

By January 9, 2016 14 Comments

Dell UP3017Q

CES 2016 has introduced many new monitors and showcased some that we were already aware of. Below is a list of all the monitors showcased/revealed at CES 2016.

MonitorSizeResolutionPanelRefresh RateAdaptive SyncRelease DatePrice
AOC C3583FQ35-inch2560x1080AMVA160HzFreeSyncUnknownUnknown
Dell UP3017Q30-inch3840x2160OLED120HzNoneMarch 31$4999
Dell U2717DA27-inch2560x1440Unknown60HzUnknownFebruary 25$719
Dell U2417HA24-inch1920x1080Unknown60HzUnknownFebruary 25$349
Dell U2417HWi24-inch1920x1080Unknown60HzUnknownMarch 31$469
Dell S2317HWi23-inch1920x1080Unknown60HzUnknownMarch 31$429
Lenovo Y27g27-inch1920x1080VA144HzG-SYNCJanuary$550
Viewsonic XG240124-inch1920x1080TN144HzFreeSyncLate January$404
Viewsonic XG270127-inch1920x1080TN144HzFreeSyncLate January$529
Viewsonic XG2703-GS27-inch2560x1440IPS165HzG-SYNCMarch$1217
Viewsonic XG2700-4K27-inch3840x2160IPS60HzFreeSyncLate January$913
Viewsonic VX2257-mhd22-inch1920x1080TNUnknownFreeSyncJanuary$201
Viewsonic VX2457-mhd24-inch1920x1080TNUnknownFreeSyncFebruary$228
Viewsonic VX2757-mhd27-inch1920x1080TNUnknownFreeSyncJanuary$323
Viewsonic VX2776-smhd27-inch1920x1080IPSUnknownNoneApril$317
ASUS MG28UQ28-inch3840x2160TNUnknownFreeSyncUnknownUnknown
ASUS MG24UQ24-inch3840x2160IPSUnknownFreeSyncUnknownUnknown
ASUS PG348Q34-inch3440x1440IPS100HzG-SYNCUnknownUnknown
ASUS MB169C+ (portable monitor)15.6-inch1920x1080IPS60HzNoneUnknownUnknown
ASUS MX27UQ27-inch3840x2160IPS60HzNoneUnknownUnknown
ASUS MX348Q (guess)34-inch3440x1440IPS60HzNoneUnknownUnknown
Monoprice #134-inch3440x1440IPS75HzNoneMarch$499
Monoprice #227-inch3840x2160Unknown60HzNoneMarch$499
Acer R1 Series21.5, 23, 23.8, 27-inch1920x1080Unknown60HzNoneJanuaryfrom $139
Acer H7 Series25, 27-inch2560x1440IPS60HzNoneFebruaryfrom $499
Acer XR342CK34-inch3440x1440IPS75HzFreeSyncMarch$1099
LG 34UC9834-inch3440x1440IPS60HzUnknownJanuary$1199
LG 34UM8834-inch3440x1440IPS60HzUnknownUnknownUnknown
LG 27UD8827-inch3840x2160IPS60HzUnknownUnknownUnknown
LG 24MP8824-inch1920x1080IPSUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Samsung CF59127-inch1920x1080UnknownUnknownFreeSyncUnknownUnknown
Samsung CF39132-inch1920x1080UnknownUnknownFreeSyncUnknownUnknown
Samsung CF39027-inch1920x1080UnknownUnknownFreeSyncUnknownUnknown
Samsung CF398UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownFreeSyncUnknownUnknown

Let us know if we missed some and if there are any corrections to be made (post source too). Then we will have a look at it and update the table accordingly.

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    I hope you keep that last St updated with refresh rate, price and the left over panel types

  • Zveir

    120Hz OLED 4K Panel?

    You have my attention, Dell

  • Pec

    The number of 3440×1440 curved freesync and g-sync options are too limited.

  • Tyrann

    That Asus PG348Q is gonna be a flop. It was announced last year and they still havent finished it. Now we will be getting DP 1.3 and those curved type monitors will get 120hz+


    I’m looking to run 3 UHD monitors for trading so I must be able to see the font to read charts. Guessing but don’t know if approx 35″+ inch would not strain my eyes when looking at charts and making trades. Planning on GTX 980 ti graphics card but open to suggestions. Do you have any recommendations on monitors suitable for this? Will I need 40″?

  • MarylandUSA

    Three 42-inch Seiki UHD TVs, called the SE42UGT by H.H. Gregg and the SE42UMS by Amazon. This TV has a cult following on, whose members use it as a cheap 4K monitor whose GUI, at 106 pixels per inch, needs no scaling. It can drive 3840×2160 at 60 Hz with 4:2:2 color or at 30 Hz with 4:4:4 color vertically and 4:2:2 color horizontally. Mount them portrait-style so you have room for three. And you can buy one, shipped with tax, for about $280 from H.H. Gregg or $340 from Amazon Prime. If need be, add a DisplayPort-to-HDMI 2.0 active converter ($30) or one or two HDMI-over-USB 3.0 4K @30 Hz adapters ($65).

  • Big C

    New card releases are only about 5 months away. I’d suggest waiting it out for the new cards especially if you’re going to be dropping $600+ on a card. There are going to be some huge performance gains coming.

  • TristanSDX

    they want money, not attention

  • Pepa Zdepa

    Still waiting for fullHD 144Hz IPS with G-Sync. Lenovo Y27g sounds interesting, I have no experience with VA panels though.

  • Memphisthetank

    I know what you mean! Still holding out hope though!

  • SapiaNt0mata

    $600 for 1080p and 8ms? instant rejected. i highly doubt this monitor costs more than $300. i bet you pay $300 more for g-sync. Acer XG270HU is much better and costs $403

  • SapiaNt0mata

    $5000. bought Acer XG270HU and saved $4400

  • RailGunra

    Same here. Curved would be nice too.

  • canadaspy007 .

    No gsync is bs for 5000 dollars