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Backlight Bleed Test – Test Your Monitor

By September 20, 2016 One Comment

Backlight Bleed Test

Bought a new monitor and want to test if your new display has backlight bleed? Well, you shouldn’t worry about backlight bleeding that much if you don’t notice it. Most people actually don’t notice backlight bleed or simply don’t care. Backlight bleed is simply a defect where some of the screen backlight leaks a bit extra light around the edges, mostly corners. This defect is noticeable at any angle on a dark scene and is the same color as the backlight, which is white. Backlight bleed is also often referred to as lightbleed.

If you do wish to test your monitor for backlight bleed, which is normal for IPS panels, by the way, you can use the video below to do just that.

Before you play the video in full-screen, you need to know what you are looking fo so take a look at the image just below.

Backlight Bleed Test

See those white glowing corners at the top left and bottom left corners? That’s a lot of backlight bleeding and you can also see a bit on the bottom right corner as well. When you open up the video, look for these kinds of defects on the edges of your display.

To do the backlight bleed test, start the video below and put it on fullscreen.

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  • tophat1234

    I wish all IPS monitors were like TN panels in regards to BLB and glow. Why cant we just have it all? 4k or higher, 240hz, 1ms refresh rates, IPS, G-sync or FreeSync, and cheap….under $200 with a $200 mail in rebate….Sigh.