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AOC AGON – New Gaming Monitor Line-up From AOC

By March 30, 2016 8 Comments


The gaming monitor brand AOC has announced their new AGON lineup. The word AGON itself is an ancient Greek word meaning competition, which indicates that AGON is aiming for the eSports audience. The upcoming AOC AGON gaming monitor line-up will feature gaming monitors that caters to almost all audiences of the professional gaming industry. AOC believes that the AGON series will deliver the most gaming features and the most amazing designs to the gaming community of professional gamers.

During 2016, AOC will launch ten gaming monitors of the AGON sub-brand, with either IPS or TN panel technology. Each of them will be fully equipped with premium technology that will provide the user the most versatile gaming experience possible, in AOC’s own words. Furthermore, the AGON series features both curved and standard (flat) gaming monitors that supports Flicker-free Technology and either AMD FreeSync or NVIDIA G-SYNC.

As the modern gamer’s expectations are high due to the constantly evolving hardware industry, the gaming monitors of the AGON series must fulfill these in order to become successful. The AOC AGON gaming monitors will feature not only the latest monitor technology, but will also feature some exquisite designs. The TN panel monitors will feature a 1ms response time, as we have seen from basically any TN panel based monitor released in the past few years, so there’s nothing new there. Refresh rates will be at least 144Hz in this line-up as well, and AOC tells that some of the monitors will support an even higher refresh rate as well. All the AGON monitors will have height adjusting options and built-in speakers as well. Integrated USB 3.0 ports are a standard trait of this new gaming monitor series as well.

The sizes will vary from a 24-inch 16:9 gaming monitor to a 35-inch ultra-wide (21:9) gaming monitor. Among the ten new gaming monitors, you will find curved models as well, and the resolution of all the new monitors will vary from Full HD (1080p) and all the way to UHD (4K). If you are a hardcore gamer, then this series might have a monitor that you could be interested in.

Here’s a quick overview of the new AGON line-up from AOC:

  • 10 new gaming monitors with either TN or IPS panel
  • Supports either FreeSync or G-SYNC
  • Supports AOC Flicker-free Technology
  • Height-adjustable stand
  • Supports AOC Game Mode
  • Supports AOC No Input Lag Mode
  • Supports AOC Shadow Control
  • Resolution varying between 1080p, 1440p and 4K
  • Screen size varying from 24-inch to 35-inch
  • Both widescreen (16:9) and ultra-wide (21:9) displays among the lineup
  • Some curved models as well
  • 144Hz and above refresh rate

The first AOC AGON gaming monitor will be available in Europe in June 2016. You can buy an AOC AGON gaming monitor here once they are released in your market.

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