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Is a 144Hz Monitor Worth It?

144hz monitor worth it

So you’ve probably all heard about the famous 144Hz refresh rate and how 144Hz monitors are the way to go now, but is the 144Hz refresh rate even worth it and should you spend more money on a 144Hz monitor than on a 60Hz monitor? Well the short answer to this question is that it really depends on what type of games you’re playing. Also note that this article also concerns monitors with a refresh rate above 144Hz, such as 165Hz monitors and 200Hz monitors.

If you are playing CS:GO then sure, you will notice a huge difference and it will undoubtedly increase your performance and shooting skills in this FPS game and other FPS games as well. The “144Hz” term means that the monitor refreshes the image on the screen 144 times per second, which is more than double as many times as standard “60Hz” monitors do. Now the real benefit for 144Hz monitors comes when you are getting more than 60 frames per second (FPS) in a game. If you’re getting 120FPS and you have a 60Hz monitor, the display will only display half of the frames while a 144Hz monitor will display them all. As far as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive concerns, the system requirements aren’t that high and you will easily get 144FPS and above.

The difference is unreal in these games and it’s even better if the monitor has Adaptive-Sync technology, such as FreeSync or G-SYNC. After trying a 144Hz monitor, you will have a difficult time to go back to a 60Hz monitor again, that’s for sure. If you can get a game all the way to 144Hz, then the improvement of Adaptive-Sync technology is tiny, but if you get a consistent, let’s say, 60FPS, then Adaptive-Sync technology will make the experience much better and smoother.

All in all, it’s really a subjective call. If you can get good graphics AND high frame rates, getting a 144Hz monitor is definitely worth the money. If not, it’s a call between high refresh rate and better graphics. One thing to have in mind though is that a gaming monitor is not something you replace often and a graphics card is. Your next GPU will most likely have better performance so you can push higher frame rates. Be sure to make the right investment. Most monitors are replaced every 4-5 years or so.

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  • Cayden Cailean

    well, the harder question is : should i sacrifice image quality and take TN,144hz gsync, or just go for colors quality and take IPS, 60hz….

  • Jason Kuropas

    If you’re playing fast paced games, especially FPS, a 144hz is going to feel infinitely better – anyone that says otherwise has never gamed at a high refresh rate. If you are more casual or play slower paced games, then you may want to consider a 60hz IPS.

  • n3m3515

    Don’t forget that you can still get an IPS panel that refreshes at 144Hz (and higher) and a still respectable 4ms GtG response time.

  • i recently played BF4 in our TV with a 60hz refresh rate… i have an Asus 144hz monitor that my wife was using that time…i can tell that for FPS, i will surely never play again lower than 100hz monitor. my eyes hurts and i had headache. but for games like Tomb Raider a 60hz monitor or tV is fine with me as I use 4k DSR. 😀

  • Cayden Cailean

    In the same price? I am almost decided to buy dell s2716dg, any decent IPS alternative in similar money?

  • George

    Same here, the Dell is looking like the best option at 27″ 144Hz 1440p

  • n3m3515

    I upgrade my computer components more often than my monitors so it is worth considering getting something decent to start with on the basis you will have it a lot longer. When was your last monitor upgrade?
    Dell looks like a good choice based on the review at TFT Central (
    and of course here too… (

  • Cayden Cailean

    That’s all true – i’m still on my 21″ lg from 2009, and i am planning to keep new monitor for at least 5 years [that’s why 1440p even if i have now only gtx970] but… I have started operation “new monitor” 10 months ago with budget 400$, and i was so close to buy Eizo FG2421, but then problems started to appear with quality of this display… -_-”
    Now you can see where i have landed… this is absolute maximum i can afford now without cutting food expense or going for loan 😉

    ps. besides i am afraid of this mythical “IPS glow”, and i am playing quite a lot in night time…

  • Sam Marshallsay

    I know its subjective but I’m so used to playing with Blur Reduction now that I can’t live without it. I’ve bought a few monitors in the last year or so but I’ve sent most back because they are just too blurry for me, this includes monitors such as the Acer X34 (ultra widescreen)

    There are plenty of good IPS screens now at 100hz+ but with the slight performance deficit they have over TN panels and the fact that pretty much none of them have blur reduction tech kills it for me 🙁 (there are some fairly decent 1080p IPS screens now but once you’ve used 1440p…)

    Let’s hope there will be a 120hz+ ???x1440 ultra widescreen with blur reduction this year (or even better yet, AMOLED)

  • Cayden Cailean

    Ok, my dell S2716DG just came yesterday… Is a 144Hz Monitor Worth It? – Yes, it is! 😀

  • n3m3515

    I’ve just bought the Benq XL2730Z which has freesync and blur reduction but found out that they don’t work together. However, when I run either blur reduction or freesync I’ve found that I prefer just having the freesync on as it doesn’t seem less blurry and the brightness is much better due to blur reduction causing the overall brightness to drop. I am however often running in excess of 144 frames/sec anyway which means freesync isn’t operational even though it probably doesn’t need to be.
    It is an awesome monitor for FPS games.

  • Sam Marshallsay

    Actually my main monitor is the XL2730Z. I’ve been an Nvidia user for some time so I don’t really care about Freesync and I run 980Ti SLI.
    Whats important to me is this monitor actually has the brightest 1440p with ULMB enabled (double most screens) and it still has great colour reproduction. I sold a PG278Q and X34 for this screen.
    I’m sure it will be superceded at some point but we need more great ULMB screens!

  • S0ldier

    I wouldn’t say it’s worth it. It sets the frame rate bar way too high for the GPU. You know, if it drops to 100 FPS, you’re already not seeing all your frames. I think, though, that 75Hz is a great deal. It isn’t too taxing on the GPU but makes a solid difference (60 FPS looks like stuttering for me). My relatively old and cheap monitor supports 75Hz, so it’s not a big venture either.