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144Hz Monitor vs 60Hz Monitor – See The Difference

By November 6, 2016 5 Comments

144hz vs 60hz

Do you wonder if you should get a 144Hz monitor? Want to see the difference between a 144Hz (or 120Hz, 165Hz, 180Hz, 200Hz, 240Hz for that matter) vs a standard 60Hz monitor? We’ll, there’s definitely a noticeable difference and you will notice a smoother image as the refresh rate gets higher. The noticeable improvement will get lesser and lesser as the refresh rate gets higher and this is because of diminishing returns. There’s a much bigger visual improvement going from 60Hz to 140Hz than going from 160Hz to 240Hz, and fewer people are going to notice these smaller improvements. Professional eSports players or gamers with very fast reaction times will definitely notice so going from a 144Hz to a 240Hz monitor is going to be an improvement for these pros. So is a 144Hz monitor worth it? Most gamers will answer that with a yes.

Okay, let’s dive right into what you came here for. We’ll now present the difference between a high refresh rate monitor (120Hz in the first video) and a 60Hz monitor and let you be the judge.

For those of you with a 144Hz monitor: did you notice any difference when you switched from your 60Hz monitor? Is a 144Hz monitor worth it? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Ali

    It may sound silly, but “geometry dash” is the best game for testing 60Hz VS 144Hz. The regular horizontal movement will make you understand the difference. The game is a couple of bucks, try it.

  • Coolitic

    I think this is an invalid way to show any difference. While I do acknowledge that 144hz is superior to 60hz, any refresh rate will look laggy if slowed-down enough.

  • boe_d

    I’d love to see the difference but until they come out with a 32″ or larger 4K 144hz monitor I’ll stay put.

  • Danish Gamer

    I just recently got my 144hz monitor from 60hz and it was definitely worth it. Everything looks so much smoother

  • JMVR

    CS:GO is now free-to-play. Much better at telling the difference. Also, there’s always “Geometry Dash Lite”.