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Viewsonic XG2703: 27-inch 165Hz 1440p IPS FreeSync Gaming Monitor

By July 21, 2016 5 Comments

ViewSonic XG2703

We just made an article about the Viewsonic XG2703-GS, which is the G-SYNC variant of this monitor, but we thought that we would do a dedicated article about this one as well. The Viewsonic XG2703 is a 165Hz gaming monitor that was first revealed to the public at CES 2016. This high refresh rate gaming monitor offers, as just mentioned, an incredible 165Hz refresh rate, which currently only 4 known displays offers. This is including the G-SYNC variant of this monitor, so it is something special so to speak. The improvement from 144Hz to 165Hz is minimal, however, as higher refresh rates than the golden 144Hz number will give you diminishing returns. The two other displays that offer a 165Hz right now will only do it with overclocking, but Viewsonic is working with NVIDIA to provide a 165Hz refresh rate with G-SYNC out of the box. They will most likely work with AMD to achieve the same.

The whole Viewsonic XG series has some very interesting displays and they all deserve some attention. Other than the amazing 165Hz refresh rate, a 1440p (WQHD) resolution is offered, giving you 77% more pixels and better quality than a Full HD display. This resolution is on a SuperClear IPS panel, that offers phenomenal color quality and super great viewing angles. For gaming purposes, which is what this monitor is perfectly intended for, AMD FreeSync is supported. We have no information about the FreeSync range, but it will go all the way up to 165Hz as per Viewsonic’s own website. With AMD FreeSync enabled, you can say goodbye to annoying screen tearing and stuttering and instead enjoy a crisp and clear gameplay that is as smooth as it can get.

As far as response time goes, this monitor offers a good 4ms response time, which is common among newer IPS-type monitors produced nowadays. The Viewsonic XG2703 offers a Game Mode function that will optimize the visuals for MOBA, FPS and RTS games. Not only that, but a dark color enhancement function is also supported, which will help you locate enemies in the dark, whilst maintaining rich colors and contrast ratio. Viewsonic sure hits the sweet spot with this monitor and its G-SYNC counterpart – the one with the “GS” suffix.

ViewSonic XG2703 review

The Viewsonic XG03 gaming monitor series all have a fully ergonomic stand with tilt, swivel, height and pivot adjustment options and a headphone hook as well. 2W speakers are included as well and so is a cable management feature, which will help you keep your desk clean.

Connectors include HDMI and DisplayPort. You must use DisplayPort to take advantage of the 165Hz refresh rate, and use an AMD FreeSync compatible GPU to enable that feature as well, so keep that in mind.

The fully ergonomic stand features a dedicated headphone hook and a cable management feature, which is a handy tool to keep your desktop nice and clean. The XG03 series also include dual integrated speakers, but most people do not use a monitor’s integrated speakers very much.

The Viewsonic XG2703 and Viewsonic XG2703-GS will be released on July 30, 2016.

Viewsonic has also made a promotional video for the XG03 series as well, which includes the Viewsonic XG2703. You can find the video in the embed below.

The table below lists the most important specs of the Viewsonic XG2703. Expected price will be $650 to $750 in the US. With the increased manufacturing of this particular panel, the prices should go down, so more people can afford this beauty of a monitor.

Viewsonic XG2703
Screen Size27"
Resolution2560 x 1440
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate165Hz
Response Time4ms
Adaptive SyncFreeSync
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