Samsung UE510: Certified Refurbished 4K UHD FreeSync Monitor for 300 USD

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Samsung UE510


Amazon is now offering the Samsung UE510 28-inch 4K UHD monitor for only 300 USD. It’s ‘certified refurbished’ which means that the monitor has been returned, checked, tested, and certified, and is now available at reduced price.

Depending on the region and model, the Samsung U28E510D also goes by the name Samsung LU28E510DS/ZA. Also, it’s the same monitor as the Samsung UE590 series out of which we reviewed the Samsung U24E590D model.

Image Quality

The Samsung UE510 features a TN panel with a quick 1ms response time speed which eliminates all motion blur and ghosting in the fast-paced video games and movies. The response time speed is unmatched by other panels and along with the 4K UHD resolution, you’ll be able to enjoy crisp image quality as well as fluid gameplay performance.

However, in comparison to the IPS and VA panels, the TN monitors have considerably worse viewing angles and color production. Samsung managed to solve the latter issue with its Magic Angle feature which configures the viewing angles to match your position.

In the OSD (On-Screen Display) menu, you’ll be able to adjust the viewing angles according to your preference. Some of the options include Lean Back, Standing, Side, and Group View which extend the common 160° horizontal and 170° vertical viewing angles.

Although colors aren’t as vibrant as they are on IPS panel monitors, the Samsung U28E510D TN panel offers 10-bit color support and covers 98% of the sRGB color gamut. With 1.07 billion colors, 4K UHD resolution, and the rich pixel density of 157 PPI (Pixels Per Inch), the picture quality will definitely be crisp and crystal-clear.

Gaming & Features

If you have a FreeSync-compatible graphics card from AMD, you will be able to synchronize the refresh rate between the Samsung UE510 and your GPU. As a result, you will gain the dynamic refresh rate which eliminates screen tearing and stuttering within the dynamic range. The Samsung UE510 FreeSync range is 40Hz-60Hz, however, by creating a custom resolution, you can extend it to 34Hz-60Hz.

The synchronized refresh rate will help with your FPS (Frames Per Second) performance and keep it from jumping up and down. Along with the quick 1ms (GtG) response time speed, you will be able to enjoy the smooth and seamless gaming experience.

At 4K, you can even disable antialiasing and v-sync to greatly increase the performance fluidity yet the image will still remain strikingly sharp and vibrant.

Moreover, the Samsung UE510 offers the exclusive Picture in Picture 2.0 feature that allows you to display multiple input sources on the screen, up to Full HD 1920×1080 resolution.

The monitor is flicker-free and features a low blue light filter meaning that you’ll be able to work and play for hours without straining your eyes.

Design and Connectivity

Samsung UE510 Amazon

The Samsung UE510 design consists of a matte body with narrow bezels and a sturdy stand. The screen is coated with a matte 3H coating which eliminates the sunlight reflection. You can VESA mount the monitor and tilt it by -5, 20 degrees but there are no other ergonomic abilities.

When it comes to connectivity, there’s an HDMI 1.4, an HDMI 2.0, and a DisplayPort 1.2. Since the HDMI 2.0 port supports 4K at 60Hz, the Samsung UE510 is the most affordable 4K monitor for console gaming. The OSD joystick allows you to quickly swap between input sources allowing you to have both your monitor and your PS4 Pro or other 4K-capable console connected at the same time.

Price & Similar Monitors

The Samsung UE510 28″ 4K UHD monitor price amount to only $299 making it the cheapest 4K monitor currently available. Regular, non-refurbished, UE510 monitor price varies between $350-$400, so this deal is definitely worth it. Note that you also get a three-month warranty.

You may want to check out the best 4K monitors available, particularly the LG 27UD58 with an IPS panel and a similar price tag.


If you’re looking for an affordable 4K monitor, the refurbished Samsung UE510 deal is a unique opportunity to get one and save some cash. Due to its quick response time speed and AMD FreeSync support, it’s definitely an alluring choice for gamers.

Additionally, Samsung’s exclusive viewing angles feature and the outstanding color gamut make it one of the best TN panel monitors, especially after considering its price.

Samsung UE510 Specifications
Screen Size28-inch
Resolution3840x2160 (Ultra HD)
Panel TypeTN
Aspect Ratio16:9 (Widescreen)
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time1ms (GtG)
Adaptive SyncFreeSync (40Hz-60Hz)
PortsDisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0
Other PortsHeadphone Jack
Brightness370 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio1000:1 (Static)
Colors1.07 billion (8-bit + FRC)
VESAYes (100x100mm)

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