Samsung CFG70: Curved Quantum Dot Gaming Monitor Series

By October 20, 2016 7 Comments

Samsung CFG70

Here’s what’s up. Samsung very recently revealed┬áthe launch of their new gaming monitor series, the Samsung CFG70. We already made an article of the 24-inch one, the Samsung C24FG70, which featured a VA panel, AMD FreeSync support and 144Hz refresh rate. It seems that Samsung is also launching a 27-inch model as well and we believe the 27-inch version will be dubbed Samsung C27FG70. Common for these gaming monitors from Samsung is that they support quantum dot technology, which is a world’s first for gaming monitors. Samsung has been very innovative in the monitor industry lately. Last year, they revealed the world’s first monitor with wireless charging capabilities.

The quantum dot technology that the Samsung CFG70 gaming monitor features (24-inch and 27-inch) offers very accurate colors with 125 percent sRGB color spectrum and an amazing 3000:1 contrast ratio. The monitors also adopt an environmentally-safe design that is free from cadmium. The gaming monitors are also curved, meaning that the immersion will be greater than flat gaming monitors. Some people, however, don’t like this feature, so be sure to try it out if you can before you invest in a curved monitor. With quantum dot technology, the picture quality will be much greater than displays without it.

A quantum dot is a tiny particle, that ranges from 2 to 10 nanometers. They will directly convert the photons from blue LED lights to highly saturated narrow band primary colors for LCD screens. This means that quantum dot monitors are able to reach higher maximum luminance (brightness) and much better image quality and saturation.

Samsung has also stated that the Samsung CFG70 displays will feature Samsung’s advanced motion blur technology and a VA panel, as previously stated. This will provide excellent black levels and combined with the excellent quantum dot technology, a great picture quality as well. Response time is specified as 1ms, but Samsung calls it Moving Picture Response Time (MSRP). This will eliminate ghosting effects artifacts. Furthermore, just like we mentioned in the article for the 24-inch gaming screen, the Samsung CFG70 gaming monitors will support AMD FreeSync (over HDMI as well), which will eliminate screen tearing and stuttering. The FreeSync range is 70Hz-144Hz via DP and 62Hz-119Hz via HDMI.

Samsung CFG70 buy

As far as UX goes, Samsung has equipped it with a user-friendly gaming UX that is optimized for the best gaming experience. Each CFG70 monitor features a series of hotkeys on the front and rear of the monitor so that you can easily adjust the settings. The UX also features an intuitive settings dashboard for easy modification of your gaming monitor. The curvature is rated as 1800R and viewing angles are specified as 178 degrees both horizontal and vertical. A cool and nifty feature is the sound-interactive LED lighting, which is certainly a nice thing to have. This can be disabled if you think it is too distracting.

We are having one shipped next week to us, and we are excited to try this gaming monitor out!

Will you be buying a quantum dot gaming monitor in 2016 or perhaps in 2017 when prices go down? No word yet on the actual price or release date yet, but we expect the 24-inch version to cost $399 and the 27-inch model to cost $499. In the meantime, check out the video below!

Samsung CFG70 Series (C24FG70 and C27FG70)
Buy the 24-inch online on Amazon

Buy the 27-inch online on Amazon
Screen Size24", 27"
Panel TypeSVA
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate144Hz
Response Time1ms
Adaptive SyncFreeSync

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  • WrathPC

    Another VA panel? No thanks. Bring back the super fast TN panels with ULMB or no deal ever again.

  • Sandbo

    “The FreeSync range is 70Hz-144Hz via DP and 62Hz-119Hz via HDMI.”
    Did I misread it?

  • Dhalmel

    Yes it’s a limitation with the hdmi spec. Nothing Samsung can do about it.

    The max refresh for 1.4b and 2.0 is 120hz

  • Sandbo

    I fully understand the ceiling, but the floor is ridiculously low, starting from 62Hz is not very useful at the end, let alone 70Hz.

    I found mine with 40Hz floor is merely enough to accommodate random long frame render, a floor of 62Hz ought to see tearing here and there often.

  • Hawk

    great video

  • Sang Moon Jung

    Did you even bother watching the video? That Samsung monitor has a 1ms response as a VA panel with quantum-dot tech. How much faster were you expecting?

  • WrathPC

    I bought a VA panel with ULMB and it was terrible. More ghosting than my TN panel with ULMB turned off. Ridicules. I hope Samsung did a good job with their MSRP. The acer z35 VA panel with ULMB turned on was still unplayable. Returned it. More ghosting than a scary movie.