Samsung C24FG70: Curved VA 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Samsung C24FG70

The new Samsung C24FG70 is part of the Samsung CFG70 series and it is 24-inches large. It features a circular stand and a very light matte surface on the screen itself. The housing of the monitor looks pretty simplistic with a light brushed matte black plastic look. The OSD is controlled by a joystick and some other buttons below the screen. With the controls, you can access the new Gaming UX interface by Samsung, which is a new cool and revamped interface system that can be found on this model and upcoming gaming monitors from Samsung.

Looking at the specs, it features a 24-inch SVA panel, which means Super Vertical Alignment. Furthermore, a 1920×1080 maximum native screen resolution is supported and the screen is also curved with an 1800R curvature, adding some depth to the picture without exaggerating. Screen resolution is a glorious 144Hz at the native resolution of Full HD (FHD or 1080p). According to Samsung, this should be more comfortable for your eyes due to a more uniform viewing distance compared to a completely flat screen. AMD FreeSync is also supported, but we have no word yet on the variable refresh rate range (VRR range).
178/178° viewing angles are specified and an 8-bit color is supported without FRC dithering. A solid 125% of sRGB color spectrum is supported due to the Samsung Quantum Dot backlight, which is also flicker-free. This isn’t still wide gamut but just considered to be an improved sRGB monitor. A contrast ratio is specified to be a static 3000:1 and response time is specified at just 1ms, which should be taken lightly due to the panel being a VA-type panel type.

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Other notable features of the Samsung C24FG70 include “Low Blue Light” mode and an Eye Saver mode. The monitor arm itself is rather handy with options to adjust the height, tilt, pivot and swivel. And by the looks of it, there is no VESA mount interface support.
Around the point where the stand is attached to the backside of the monitor, you can see a sound interactive LED ring, which is a cool light feature that will pulse in sync with the sound being played by the system. This will add some light effects and some static ambient lighting if the system supports it.

Connection options include two HDMI ports, a DP 1.2a port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. FreeSync over HDMI is supported by this gaming monitor, meaning you can use both the DisplayPort connector or the HDMI port to use FreeSync.

The Samsung C24FG70 will be released worldwide in October 2016 with an MSRP of €449.

Samsung C24FG70
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Screen Size24"
Panel TypeSVA
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate144Hz
Response Time1ms
Adaptive SyncFreeSync

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