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Nixeus Vue NX-VUE24: 24″ 1080p 144Hz FreeSync Monitor

By June 3, 2015 No Comments


Nixeus Technology has¬†unveiled a new gaming monitor to their roster: NX-VUE24. It’s a 24-inch 1080p gaming monitor with support for 144Hz refresh rate. It also supports AMD’s FreeSync technology, which allows your monitor to sync it’s refresh rate with the FPS of the game that you’re playing and thus giving you a tear-free, stutter-free and smooth gameplay. This is the world’s first AMD FreeSync 1080p 144Hz monitor, although 27-inch 144Hz FreeSync monitors are already on sale right now. Nixeus announced this AMD FreeSync Certified monitor 6 months ago and they have just unveiled it in a press release. FreeSync monitors with support for 144Hz isn’t exactly new, though. In fact, 27-inch FreeSync 1440p 144Hz gaming monitors already exist and are being sold on a range of different stores: The BenQ XL2730Z¬†and the Acer XG270HU.

Nixeus Vue NX-VUE24

The NX-VUE24 has a TN panel, which has poor color quality and bad viewing angles. You will have to look straight into the monitor, so that the colors don’t look washed out.
As far as response time goes, it has a very good 1ms response time, which is an advantage of TN panels. This low response time is pretty common for 144Hz TN monitors, which combined with the high refresh rate makes them very good picks for competitive FPS gamers, who can use the low input lag to their advantage.

The monitor has a DisplayPort 1.2a connector, HDMI, Dual-Link DVI and VGA. You will have to use the DisplayPort 1.2a connector to use both 144Hz and FreeSync (30Hz-144Hz adaptive refresh rate). With a DVI-D cable, you can also enjoy 144Hz, but you won’t be able to enable the FreeSync technology.

You can view the full specifications at Nixeus’ own page for the NX-VUE24.


In terms of availability and pricing, the monitor isn’t on sale yet and Nixeus hasn’t said anything about pricing yet. You can check Amazon or Newegg to see if it is on sale. We’ll get one once it’s out and make a review of it.

Nixeus Vue NX-VUE24
Screen Size24"
Resolution1920 x 1080
Panel TypeTN
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate144Hz
Response Time1ms
Adaptive SyncFreeSync
Release date: Unknown

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