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HP Pavilion 23xw: Modern-style Budget 1080p IPS Monitor

HP Pavilion 23xw

The HP Pavilion 23xw monitor has been out for quite some time now, but has reached a price level so great that we wanted to introduce it to you. As with the Acer R240HY, this monitor from HP is a budget monitor too. This monitor looks very good and has a modernistic and minimalistic touch to it with white and silver colors. The white combined with the rounded square forms makes it look like it was designed by Apple and the display will look beautiful in any room. The 25-inch version of this monitor, HP Pavilion 25xw, and the 27-inch version, HP Pavilion 27xw,¬†are also very cheap, as the 25-inch can currently be purchased for just $189.99 and the 27-inch for $199.99. That’s a 27-inch IPS monitor for under $200!

Specification-wise, both monitors share similar specs, but are different in some areas too. First of all, this monitor is a 23-inch monitor, which is on the border of acceptance for a gaming monitor, so it will pass for gaming purposes. The 1080p resolution is also standard and sufficient for a 23-inch monitor. What’s probably most interesting is the IPS panel (with LED backlight, standard), which is what you should get in 2015. We do not recommend a TN monitor as the technology is obsolete and other panel technologies, such as VA and IPS are far better and maybe one day we’ll even get OLED monitors. That would just be perfect.

Anyways, as you have noticed, the bezels are narrow on this monitor, making it a good candidate for a multi-monitor setup. You can easily set up two of these monitors side-by-side or even three, as the IPS panel ensures great viewing angles without any color degradation. This monitor has an older IPS-panel type, which has a response time of 7ms, but the overall input lag is good enough for casual gaming. This monitor is the type of display that you just buy when you want a display for your everyday tasks, such as browsing, work, multimedia applications, etc. It looks good, has good quality and is cheap.

HP Pavilion 23xw buy

Connection options are as follows: VGA and HDMI. The stand allows for tilt adjustment only. The HP Pavilion 23xw is currently available for $139.99 and you can buy it here.
And as always, you can see an overview of the most important specs in the table below. Feel free to share it in any forum, social media or with any friends that you like. We highly appreciate it, thank you.

HP Pavilion 23xw
Screen Size23"
Resolution1920 x 1080
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time7ms
Adaptive SyncNo
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