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EIZO FORIS FS2735: 144Hz 1440p IPS Gaming Monitor

By December 6, 2015 21 Comments

EIZO Foris FS2735

Update: The AMD FreeSync technology that this monitor supports, can be enabled with one of two available ranges. Either 56Hz-144Hz or 35Hz-90Hz has to be chosen, which should cover many players setups nicely. Price is €1099 in Europe and will be released in mid-January 2016.

EIZO has just announced the FORIS FS2735, a FreeSync gaming monitor in the high end of the spectrum. This 27-inch monitor features incredible specs, such as a 2560 x 1440 resolution (WQHD), IPS panel (In-Plane Switching) and the glorious 144Hz refresh rate. The FreeSync range has not been revealed yet by EIZO.

Along with this announcement, EIZO also unveiled two new additions to their G-Ignition software: G-Ignition Mobile and G-Ignition Drive.

The G-Ignition Mobile software is an IOS and Android compatible app that uses Bluetooth Smart technology, which is built in the EIZO FORIS FS2735 monitor. This allows users to use their smartphone to adjust the brightness, color, preset mode and other settings, and this is truly unique and has never been done before. The display is compatible with Windows, Mac, consoles and all other devices that can be connected with the FS2735.
That’s not all though. G-Ignition Mobile also allows gamers to get a notification in the corner of the FORIS FS2735 display whenever they receive a call or message on their Android device or iPhone. This is very great news for gamers who use headphones, as they no longer have to worry about missing a call or alarm because they can not hear the smartphone ring.

G-Ignition Drive is a cloud service powered by EIZO that allows gamers to share their gaming presets or download other gaming presets from pro gamers. G-Ignition Mobile and the Windows G-Ignition software can be used to access the G-Ignition Drive. The G-Ignition Drive also becomes available for the EIZO FS2434 and the EIZO FG2421.

EIZO is known for having their own technologies to improve gaming experience and motion clarity, which is also the case with this screen, as it features:

  • Smart Resolution: A Super-resolution technology that analyzes for blur and noise and then proceeds to correct these inaccuracies without accentuating the noise in any way.
  • Smart Insight: This technology is only available in the “Game” preset mode. It identifies dark areas and then analyzes each pixel in these areas to dramatically improve in-game visibility. EIZO even went and upgraded this technology and calls it Smart Insight Demolition. Now it also identifies too bright areas and enhances them to match the contrast in a game and a background.

Other than the 144Hz refresh rate and the Smart Resolution technology, this monitor also features some additional technologies to optimize the gaming experience even further. One of these technologies is the EIZO motion blur reduction feature that strobes the LED backlight and can thus give you CRT-like motion clarity with practically zero ghosting at 144Hz. The other technology is the support for AMD FreeSync, which eliminates screen tearing and stuttering. This gaming monitor features two FreeSync ranges actually, 56Hz to 144Hz and 35Hz to 90Hz. Response time is noted as 4ms.

EIZO Foris FS2735 buy

This monitor is great for gaming, but besides that, it’s also a pleasure to watch movies, view photos, surf the internet and read documents on the beautiful IPS-panel that this monitor has. This monitor comes with in-built preset modes that include: Game, Cinema, sRGB, Paper and user adjustable modes. EIZO will also upload custom modes and settings for graphics work to G-Ignition Drive.

This monitor has a slim design and on the back, you will even find a handle that you can use to carry the monitor to a LAN event or just somewhere else very easily. The display also features two 1W speakers and it has tilt, height and pivot adjustment options for maximum viewing comfort. It also has a cable holder on the stand so you don’t have to deal with cable clutter on your desktop.

Connection options include a DisplayPort, two HDMI ports and a DVI-D connector, so you can connect this monitor to anything, including PCs, consoles, Blu-Ray players and cameras. The USB 3.0 hub on this monitor (one upstream, two downstream) allows you to easily connect to your USB 3.0 devices or phone. You will also find a line-out jack to connect to external speakers and a headphone jack on the back.

The EIZO Foris FS2735 also has flicker-free technology at all levels of brightness, reduced blue light emission with the Paper preset mode so that you can view documents more comfortably and prevent eye-strain. The Auto EcoView sensor detects the ambient lighting and adjusts the brightness of the screen to the most ideal level. You also get five years limited manufacturers warranty when you purchase this monitor.

We will see if this monitor can beat the ASUS MG279Q in Quality Control (QC) and Image Quality tests, as they pretty much match each other in terms of specs (144Hz, IPS, 1440p, FreeSync). We will try to see if we can get hold of an early sample so we can review it.

The FORIS FS2735 will be available in this winter (mid-January 2016). The G-Ignition Mobile app will be available for download (free) on the App Store and Google Play Store when this monitor is released and the G-Ignition Drive will be available by late September and can then already be used with the current 24-inch models (FORIS FS2434 and FORIS FG2421). The monitor will be available for purchase at major retailers at its release. We will keep you updated when this monitor starts shipping to customers.

The price for this gaming monitor is 1099 EUR upon release in Europe, and will most likely also cost $1099 USD too in the United States.

You can see the major specs below.

EIZO Foris FS2735
Buy online on Amazon
Screen Size27"
Resolution2560 x 1440
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate144Hz
Response Time4ms
Adaptive SyncFreeSync
Speakers2x1W speakers

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  • Lukas

    freesync Hz range?

  • Unknown for now, but our best guess is 30-144Hz.

  • freesync currently sucks anyway. lcd sucks too, waiting for new tech in mass production like oled.

  • Shredder Orokusaki

    Does these gaming monitors also have a webcam bulit in? I have a LG
    2MP55 21,5” 1080P(2014 mid range 1080p monitors) but n the future when
    economics bexome better i will consider bying a gaming one. But i would
    prefer one with webcam included so i can use skype to talk with people
    instead of connecting a

    use my pc mainly for gaming i play all fps, tps,action rpg fighters
    platformers evrything that comes evry month on pc that is in these
    genres mentinoned. So? What monitor will you suggeat me for nezt upgrade(whenver it is)

  • Leo Vedberg

    Does anyone know if there will be any monitors with these specs but 24″ instead? 27″ is just too big for me.

  • Tyrann

    nope, 24″ is dated. 27″ is the new standard. It isnt that big unless you have a tiny desk. 24″ will probably be limited to 1920×1080.

  • Tyrann

    be prepared to wait at least 5 years for “affordable” oled 144hz monitors. They may come out in the next 3 years at high prices.

  • Leo Vedberg

    When playing competetive shooters(or shooter) like CS:GO, it’s not optimal having to almost turn my head to see the edge of the screen, even though I have my monitor at the far back of my desk.

    And are you sure about that or just speculation? Couldn’t for example Acer, Asus or LG come out with a 24″ 144hz IPS monitor, perhaps in Q1 2016?

  • Tyrann

    going by their previous monitor announcements, they announced their new monitors in jan 2015 and just this month in Aug have they released 1 of 7 that they mentioned with the rest still pending on timeframe. A 24″ 144hz IPS hasn’t even been mentioned so i doubt anytime soon. But like i said they are looking to push higher tech into the 27″ model range now. 24″ looks like its being left behind. shows you the new ones they’ve announced and it starts at 27″+ I think 24″ will stick to TN to keep it cheap.

  • Leo Vedberg

    I guess I’ll just keep an eye out then, and if nothing shows up I’ll just buy a 27″ model, can’t stand TN panels.

  • Midnattsol

    I have been searching for an IPS monitor that is fit for photo editing AND gaming. Gaming monitors, even IPS ones, fall short in color accuracy and gamma curve (most often you cannot even adjust gamma on a gaming monitor and adjusting through the GPU tends to reduce contrast ratio). Graphics monitors have high input lag.

    I hope this new monitor by Eizo can do both.

  • Ike Miller

    Can someone (or the author) please find out about the motion blur reduction capabilities of this screen? More specifically:
    1) What refresh rates does the motion blur reduction work at? Is it only 144hz? Is it 100hz,120hz or 144hz? Can it single strobe at 60hz (like the benq blur reduction 1.0 monitors can do with the service menu “single strobe” option set to on? Note: the XL2430T can single strobe at 60hz but the XL2730Z can NOT, it’s limited to 144hz and 120hz only).
    2) Can blur reduction be used at the same time as freesync? the manual on Eizo’s website makes no reference or limitations regarding this.

  • Tyrann

    Expensive expensive expensive…. Was hoping 2016 would bring prices for 27″ 1440p 144hz down to $599-699.

  • I received an e-mail from EIZO regarding these questions and they responded:
    1) Motion blur reduction works at all refresh rates including 60Hz .
    2) No, they cannot be used at the same time as the two technologies synchronize differently.

    Hope this helped!

  • Ike Miller

    Yes it did. Thank you.
    I use a lot of custom refresh rates (like 85hz for Black Ops 3, for 85hz/85FPS blur reduction on my XL2720Z) so being able to strobe at multiple refresh rates is important to me. As long as it can do that (which the XL2730Z freesync version could *NOT* do, unlike the XL2720Z), I’ll be very interested in buying it. Still wondering what the strobe crosstalk will be like, however. Crosstalk occurs because of pixel transition times not finishing during a strobe, causing parts of 2 frames to be shown on the same frame. This could be improved on XL2720Z (and the 24″ benq monitors) by using Vertical Total tweaks (VT 1497-1502), but the XL2730Z did not respond at all to VT tweaks for strobing 🙁 Too much crosstalk at 120hz on XL2730Z…

  • Alexandro

    Majority use nvidia graphics cards so why would they release a free sync monitor first ? what about gsync ?

  • They will probably release a G-SYNC version too, if sales go well with this monitor. It is unsure if EIZO has plans to release one at the moment.

  • Omarion

    Why lower to 85hz if your monitor can do 144hz?

  • Ike Miller

    Because for best game smoothness and consistent frames (UNLESS you disable vsync), you need to keep framerate equal to refresh rate when using blur reduction. I use blur reduction on my XL2720Z and 144hz with vsync on looks HORRIBLE with either blur reduction on or off, because the FPS is almost always under 120, causing a lag stutter fest of inconsistent frames (this is exactly what freesync and gsync address). The game almost never drops under 85hz/85 fps so a custom 85hz refresh rate with VT 1501 tweak and blur reduction makes the game look extremely smooth and silky. (far better than what 144hz/144 fps flat would look like on a traditional monitor without blur reduction in a different game, like CS:GO, I should add).

  • Omarion


  • kuronox

    Intel just supported Freesync so G-sync is dead. Iiyama is also prompting for Freesync.