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Dell UP3017: 30-inch 2560×1600 16:10 AdobeRGB Monitor

By June 22, 2016 5 Comments

Dell UP3017 professional monitor

Dell has presented a new 30-inch display with the addition of the Dell UP3017 to the monitor market. This display should not be confused with the OLED Dell UP3017Q which is priced at $4999. While this isn’t exactly a gaming monitor, it’s still a great monitor nonetheless. The target demographic is professionals who work with photography and video. The Dell UP3017 supports very large color spaces such as the AdobeRGB color spectrum (99%) and the DCI-P3 color space (99%). Furthermore, the Rec.709 color space is also supported (99%).

It’s the support for these large color spaces that makes the monitor a great pick for professional work in the video and photography industries. Most professionals already know the AdobeRGB color space, whereas the DCI-P3 has only recently gained popularity. For years, Hollywood and cinemas have already used DCI-P3 to present movies.

Other specs include a 2560×1600 resolution, which makes this display have an aspect ratio of 16:10, making it slightly taller than usual 16:9 widescreen displays. The Dell UP3017 is also equipped with an IPS panel, a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a 6ms response time (G2G). The IPS panel allows you to view the monitor from all angles and it will still look great. The colors will not shift like they do with TN panels. Furthermore, the colors are great as IPS panels provide stunning visuals. The Dell UP3017Q has an OLED panel, which is even better, but it’s also much more expensive. OLED panels allow for stunning visuals and black levels, along with a superb contrast ratio.

The Dell UP3017 has the usual Dell stand, which is fully ergonomic with adjustments for tilt, height, pivot and swivel. Connection options include a DisplayPort 1.2 port, two HDMI 1.4 ports, and a mini-DisplayPort 1.2. Furthermore, there’s a DisplayPort-out connector for a daisy-chain connection and four USB 3.0 ports.

The new Dell UP3017 can be purchased for around $1999 USD right now.

Dell UP3017
Screen Size30"
Resolution2560 x 1600
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio16:10
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time6ms
Adaptive SyncNo
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