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Dell S2417DG Review: 24-inch WQHD 165Hz G-SYNC Gaming Monitor

By December 15, 2016 7 Comments

Dell S2417DG gaming monitor review

When the Dell S2716DG gaming monitor was released last year, it quickly became popular due to the good specs and the brand name. Now, Dell has released a new gaming monitor, which is the brand’s second high-refresh rate gaming monitor. It is called the Dell S2417DG and spec-wise, both monitors are very similar, except for the fact that the Dell S2417DG is smaller of course. Design-wise, they look very much the same as they have some of the same traits and features. They both look very modern and have a minimalistic modern stand, which is not what most other gaming monitors look like.

The stand is fully ergonomic, offering height, tilt, pivot and swivel adjustments to be made. It also includes a quick-release mechanism that you can use to remove the stand from the monitor and you will then see 100x100mm VESA mounting holes, if you wish to use another stand or another monitor mount or monitor arm for this display. The OSD can be controlled via the controls on the right side of the bottom bezel and over there, you’ll also find a lighted power button.

Dell S2417DG buy

Looking a bit deeper into the Dell S2417DG, the gaming monitor boasts a 23.8-inch TN display from AUO. The resolution is a good 2540×1440 (WQHD) and given the size of the display, you’ll end up with a good 123.41 PPI (pixels per inch). The refresh rate can get up to 165Hz and it is variable, meaning that it an Adaptive-Sync technology, in this case NVIDIA G-SYNC. This will essentially lock the display’s refresh rate to the output of your GPU, and thus effectively eliminate screen tearing artifacts and stuttering. ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur) is also supported, but this requires G-SYNC to be turned off. NVIDIA 3D Vision is also supported (1 and 2). Contrast ratio is specified to be 1000:1 (static) and 170┬░/160┬░ viewing angles are offered. The backlight is flicker-free and true 8-bit is supported, offering support for the sRGB color spectrum. Maximum luminance (or brightness, as it is also called) is specified to be 350 cd/m2 and response time is 1ms, which is standard for newer TN ┬ápanels.

Dell S2417DG review

Connection options include DisplayPort 1.2 (which is required for G-SYNC), HDMI 1.4, four USB 3.0 ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Dell S2417DG is already released and can be purchased for a retail price of around $460 as of today, but you can check the current price by clicking on the link below.

Dell S2417DG
Screen Size24"
Resolution2560 x 1440
Panel TypeTN
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate165Hz
Response Time1ms
Adaptive SyncG-SYNC
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Dell S2417DG Review (144Hz Gaming Monitor)
  • 8.8/10
    Overall - 8.8/10


The Dell S2417DG 144Hz gaming monitor is one of the best gaming monitors out there. People love it. It goes even beyond 144Hz when G-SYNC is enabled – up to 165Hz and it has a 2560×1440 (1440p, WQHD) resolution with a TN panel.

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