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ASUS ProArt PQ22UC: 21.6-Inch 4K OLED Monitor For Content Creators

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ASUS has announced a new monitor aimed at content creators. The ASUS ProArt PQ22UC is a tiny 21.6-inch monitor with the cutting-edge OLED panel that delivers stunning image quality thanks to its colossal contrast ratio, 4K UHD resolution, wide color gamut, and HDR support.

On a related note, ASUS also announced another portable monitor dubbed as the ZenScreen Go MB16AP with a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS screen panel that works on battery power and connects to your laptop or Andriod phone via the USB type C port or the USB 3.0 using the DisplayLink driver.

Image Quality & Features

The ASUS PQ22UC is the next OLED monitor to be released after Dell’s first UP3017Q OLED model. Unlike Dell’s 30-inch screen, the ASUS PQ22UC is only 21.6-inch in size which provides a higher pixel density of 204 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) as opposed to the 147 PPI of Dell’s version, making for more vivid and crisp details.

The OLED panel has no backlight, so thanks to the basically infinite contrast ratio, the monitor is capable of displaying deep and true black shades. The ASUS ProArt PQ22UC is also factory-calibrated to Delta-E < 2, so professionals can start with their color-critical work straight away.

Furthermore, the exclusive ASUS ProArt Calibration Technology ensures consistency on multiple devices by saving the color profile on the display instead of the PC. The display offers true 10-bit color depth with 99% DCI-P3 color gamut and HDR (High Dynamic Range) support.

Just like the ASUS ZenScreen GO, the PQ22UC monitor offers the impeccable USB type C connectivity for simultaneous data, audio/video, and battery charging transfer. It weighs only 2.2 lb, so it’s practical to carry around wherever you may need it.

Lastly, the OLED panels also ensure amazing pixel transition with ~0.1ms response time speed for zero ghosting or blurring of the fast moving objects while gaming or working with fast-paced video content.

No word on pricing yet while the release date of these portable monitors should be sometime in Spring 2018. The ASUS ZenScreen Go already won an innovation award at CES 2018.

For more information visit Dell’s official web pages for the ASUS PQ22UC and the ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC.

ASUS ProArt PQ22UC Specifications
Screen Size21.6-inch
Resolution3840x2160 (UHD)
Panel TypeOLED
Aspect Ratio16:9 (Widescreen)
Refresh Rate60Hz
Response Time0.1 ms
Colors1.07 billion (true 10-bit)
Asus ZenScreen Go MB16AP Specifications
Screen Size15.6-inch
Resolution1920x1080 (Full HD)
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio16:9 (Widescreen)
Refresh Rate60Hz

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