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ASUS PB279Q: Exceptional 27″ 4K Monitor With 100% sRGB support

By May 26, 2015 One Comment

More and more 4K monitors are hitting the market, as it is gaining a lot of attention recently. A good 4K monitor is far more superior than other monitors for design professionals and gamers, if you have the hardware to support it. We’re not yet seeing 4K (UHD) gaming monitors with a 144Hz refresh rate, but we can only hope it will arrive soon. The ASUS PB279Q reflects superb quality and this is currently the best 4K monitor we have tried so far. It is a little expensive and does not offer a lot of extra features, but if you’re just looking for a superb 4K monitor with great image quality, then this is your best bet right now and most likely in a long time after this writing.

The release date of the ASUS PB279Q was on September 4, 2014, so you can get it on the stores right now. The price is around 850$ onĀ Amazon.

The monitor actually displayed a 100% sRGB profile, which actually came to a surprise to us, as most monitors only manage to get around the 95-97% sRGB range. This is not exactly something that the average consumer would worry about or even notice, so it does not weigh as much on the final rating. Furthermore, the monitor has an IPS panel, which gives it fantastic viewing angles and color representation. Oh, and the monitor has 10-bit color, which makes it possible to target a specific color more precisely and it makes this especially good for consumers, who need high color accuracy. The ASUS PB279Q also has low-blue light and flicker-free technologies, which reduce eye-strain after longer periods of use. The display is also considered flicker-free (PWM-free).

As far as contrast ratio goes, things look very good as well. The contrast ratio is 580:1 @ 120cd/m2 and it goes all the way up to 2530:1 @ 46cd/m2. At maximum brightness, the contrast ratio was 329cd/m2, although we don’t recommend using a monitor at such high brightness normally. Acer mentions on their website, that it has a 100,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR).
The monitor, is however, not so superior when it comes to white levels and luminance uniformity. We measured a variation of 12 percent in brightness levels from the center of the monitor to the edges, which isn’t necessarily bad, but it isn’t that great either.

We played some games on the monitor to check it out, and they looked absolutely amazing. Going from 1080p to 4K is surely a huge and positive difference and if you got the money for it, it’s well worth the upgrade, if you need a new monitor. If you have nothing against your current monitor, then you might want to wait a little more and see what other options come out. Be sure to check out our gaming monitor buyer’s guide and list of 144Hz monitors to get some inspiration.
The 60Hz refresh rate was comfortable to play at, but as we mentioned earlier, a 144Hz 4K monitor is definitely the ideal monitor (maybe even 144Hz 4K IPS monitor with support for G-Sync/FreeSync, but hey, you’re allowed to dream, right?)
Movies are also a pleasure to watch, and 4K video content is a fantastic experience. You should definitely try it some day. If you want to buy this monitor for mainly gaming purposes, then first ensure that you have the hardware required to get at least 60 FPS, or else you’re probably going to have a poor gaming experience. Gaming on 4K is very demanding, so you should have at least a GTX 980 or an R9 290X.

Screen Size27"
Resolution3840 x 2160
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate60Hz (DP1.2)
Response Time5ms
Adaptive SyncNo
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