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ASUS MG279Q tops out at 90Hz with FreeSync


We’ve been waiting for the ASUS MG279Q with a 144Hz refresh rate, an IPS panel and support for FreeSync. It now appears that the display will max out at 90Hz while using FreeSync and support a minimum refresh rate of 35Hz. It won’t benefit from the maximum refresh rate of the monitor, so if you want 144Hz, you’re going to have to disable FreeSync. This is not a limitation of FreeSync however, because it supports a refresh rate interval of 9-240Hz, as seen below:

FreeSync vs G-Sync

A user on the SweClockers forums received their MG279Q a couple of days ago and discovered that the system will only fluctuate between 35Hz and 90Hz when in FreeSync mode.

There’s official information about this limitation too. The 35Hz-90Hz range is mentioned in Asus’ own FreeSync FAQ, which uses the MG279Q as an example of the technology. The page states that: “FreeSync only can be activated within 35Hz ~ 90Hz”.

This is disappointing news for the refresh rate enthusiasts, but it probably isn’t the end of the world for the MG279Q. We only have to wait and see how well it performs compared to its competitors.

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