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ASUS MG248Q: 24-inch 144Hz Full HD Gaming Monitor

By April 20, 2016 3 Comments

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ASUS is releasing another 144Hz gaming monitor – the ASUS MG248Q. This gaming monitor is aimed towards the gamer who needs every millisecond to have an advantage of the opponents. The ASUS MG248Q is designed for intense, fast-paced games.

First things first, this monitor is based on a TN panel, meaning that it will not produce accurate colors and the colors will look washed out when viewing the monitor from the sides. On the positive side, it means that it has an incredible 1ms response time versus a minimum of 4ms for the best IPS panels produced today. Moving on, we have the epitome of gaming in 2016 – the magical 144Hz refresh rate. Without it, you simply can not enjoy gaming as much as us on the good side. Gameplay will be much smoother and you will gain a competitive edge over opponents who still live in the past. The resolution is 1920 x 1080, better known as Full HD. This is a standard resolution for monitors of this size and has been so for some years now.

The 1ms response time will also prevent ghosting effects, which are very annoying if you’ve ever noticed it. It will effectively eliminate or reduce smearing and motion blur, letting you react almost instantly to what you see onscreen. This is very handy in fast paced games, such as racing games. The ASUS MG248Q also supports Adaptive-Sync technology with an Adaptive-Sync range of 40Hz-144Hz. This feature will eliminate choppy gameplay and screen tearing completely by syncing the refresh rate of the monitor with the output of FPS that your graphics card renders.

ASUS also included some gamer-centric features on this monitor such as the ASUS-exclusive GamePlus hotkey, which will give you better in-game visuals to boost your performance. You can also get a crosshair overlay if you want to. Additionally, the MG248Q is compatible with the NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 kit, which will add 3D to gaming on any PC with a compatible NVIDIA graphics card. This is an improved version of the previous kit with better and brighter 3D effects and glasses that fit much better.

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The ASUS MG248Q has extensive connectivity options, such as a dual-link DVI-D connector, a DisplayPort 1.2 port and a HDMI 1.4 port. The bezel is 1cm, which is narrow enough for an immersive multi-monitor setup if you wish to.

Other noteworthy features include the smart cable management design feature that will help your desk area clean and Flicker-Free technology to prevent eyestrain. Ultra-Low Blue Light technology will also improve your viewing experience by limiting the amount of harmful blue light that your monitor emits. Looking at the stand itself, it is fully ergonomic with swivel, height, tilt and pivot adjustment options. It can also be VESA wall-mounted or monitor arm mounted so that it can fit in a limited desk space as well. The possibilities are endless!

This monitor is essentially a refresh of the very popular ASUS VG248QE since they are very much alike spec-wise. We will see know well the price matches and then we’ll talk. We don’t have a confirmed release date yet as of April 2016.

Screen Size24"
Resolution1920 x 1080
Panel TypeTN
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate144Hz
Response Time1ms
Adaptive SyncAdaptive-Sync
Speakers2x 2W Stereo RMS
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