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Acer XF270HU: 27-inch 144Hz 1440p FreeSync Monitor

By November 6, 2015 11 Comments

Acer XF270HU

After the Acer XB270HU has been well received by NVIDIA graphics cards users since it was released and the ASUS MG279Q is our top pick in the FreeSync section, Acer is now about to release a FreeSync model too named Acer XF270HU.

Acer has confirmed to us that it will be the FreeSync version of the XB270HU and several online retailers are already listing the product for pre-order with an unconfirmed release date in mid-November 2015. The are no word on a hypothetical Acer XF271HU, since Acer is also soon releasing the Acer XB271HU, which is a newer and improved model of the Acer XB270HU and is capable of reaching 165Hz with the G-SYNC module enabled. The FreeSync range of this monitor is currently unknown.

What we do know about this monitor is that it will have the same panel as the XB270HU, but will support AMD FreeSync technology instead of NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. This also means that the 27-inch Acer XF270HU gaming monitor will feature a 2560×1440 resolution with a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz. Panel technology is IPS, which offers superior color quality and viewing angles. Response time is 4ms GtG and the brightness is 350 cd/m2, which are good specs. Viewing angles are 178/178, if you consider that spec when choosing your monitor.

100% of the sRGB color spectrum is covered by this display and with the Flicker-Free technology, you won’t experience eyestrain after longer periods of usage. The monitor is also equipped with Blue Light Filter technology, which is a great feature to enable at night as it will filter out harmful blue light that disrupts your internal clock and makes it difficult for you to sleep.

Acer XF270HU buy

Connection options include a DP port, DVI-D (double-link) connector and HDMI port. The DisplayPort has to be used for AMD FreeSync.

There are no official product page for this monitor yet on and we will update as soon as we hear from Acer. The monitor can be purchased for around $600 on ($579 as of December 1, 2015). You can check out our Acer XF270HU review on our site now.

Acer Predator XF270HU
Buy online on Amazon
Screen Size27"
Resolution2560 x 1440
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate144Hz
Response Time4ms
Adaptive SyncFreeSync
Speakers2x 2W speakers

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  • Patrick

    Is this officially stated anywhere?

  • Michael Rougeau

    Confirmed by several owners to be 40-144hz.

  • fuck misci server

    What monitor? I’m getting the Acer XF270HU, because it’s the cheapest 2560 x 1440, 144hz, ips monitor. Don’t link me to the new roq, as it’s more expensive (Yes i know it’s 165hz but it’s 140 euro extra) Pls give me link if there is such a monitor as i’m a money whore thanks 🙂

  • fuck misci server

    Thanks for replying! I found the crucial difference tho after i searched mg279q vs xf270hu. The xf supports freesync up to 144hz, while the mg only supports to 90hz. Correct me if I’m wrong thanks 🙂

  • fuck misci server

    Does the 4ms response time really matter?


    I have this monitor if any questions


    Everything about it is amazing except for the speakers, which sounds like the diaphragms were punctured – or someone’s earbuds were too loud.


    If you play games, yes

  • I have it too and I swear it has blur issues.
    Even at a solid 120FPS and FreeSync (@144hz), I see motion blur.

    Dragging a Chrome windows at a steady pace make the text very hard to read. Not overly happy with it to be honest.
    Swear its the 4ms…

  • Agreed. I’m honestly not as happy as I would have hoped.
    Its probably more the absence of blur reduction than the 4ms. But either way its going on ebay..


    Are you sure freesync is enabled and you are using the right cable? Display port only.

    Maybe I’m not as discerning as you, i am happy with it but I trust your judgement on it. Have you use an equivalent G sync or other monitor without the blur you describe?