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Acer X34 (XR341CKA) has a G-SYNC range of 30-100Hz

By July 22, 2015 31 Comments

Acer XR341CKA

Edit:ย It’s 30-100Hz, not 23-100Hz. The article has now been corrected.

It has long been rumored what the refresh rate of the best gaming monitor 2015, the Acer X34, would be. Well, it’s 75Hz, but hold on just yet. With the G-SYNC feature enabled, you can have the display’s refresh rate vary from 30Hz to an impressive 100Hz. That’s a very large range and much better than we had expected.ย The large upper limit is due to the fact that this monitor has its G-SYNC feature overclocked.

In comparison, the Acer XR341CK, which is basically the FreeSync version of this monitor, has a FreeSync range of 30-75Hz, which is also quite nice. It has long been rumored that both monitors would have a variable refresh rate (Adaptive Sync) range of 30-75Hz, but that is not true according to Acer. The 30-100Hz range is the correct one.

Now you might think, is the DisplayPort 1.2 standard able to refresh such a large resolution at 100Hz? Yes it is and it’s actually able to do it at 109Hz with a quality cable. G-SYNC does not work with any other standard than DisplayPort 1.2, so DisplayPort 1.3 or HDMI 2.0 (MHL) is not an option.

You can already pre-order the XR341CK (FreeSync) model right now, but the XR341CKA model is not for sale at the moment and is scheduled to be released by the end of August or the beginning of September. The price tag is expected to be around $1249.ย We’re very excited about this monitor!

Here’s the answer from Acer in case you wanted to see it yourself. They specify the refresh rate with HDMI and MHL, but with DisplayPort, which is a requirement for G-SYNC, has a minimum refresh rate is 30Hz.

Acer X34 G-SYNC range

Acer also confirmed it on Twitter:

Acer X34
Search for product on Amazon
Screen Size34"
Resolution3440 x 1440
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio21:9
Refresh Rate75Hz (100Hz with G-SYNC)
Response Time4ms
Adaptive SyncG-SYNC
Speakers7W Stereo with DTS

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  • KEGruberPCmasterace

    I am very excited for this monitor. This is the one I have been waiting for.

  • SuperBeautifulNoise .

    Nice 100hz Ultra wide Gsync, that sounds amazing but does it mean the monitor will have to be overclocked by the user to get to 100hz or does it come that way out of the box?

  • Eddy Baker

    I believe it is overclocked right out the box.

  • SuperBeautifulNoise .

    That would be great if true. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Iluv2raceit

    I just hope the G-Sync version fairs better than the FreeSync version, which is already receiving terrible reviews ( about high amounts of IPS glow. The reviewers mistakenly called it “backlight bleed”, which it is not. It is disappointing to see Acer has not improved upon their QC at their production facilities. This is the same exact problem that plagued the Acer Predator XB270HU monitor production. Over half of all units sold were returned for refunds or exchanges. This is the reason why there was such a high supply of refurb units on sale on both Newegg and Amazon. So here we are today and Acer is still having the same problems. An $1100 monitor (let alone an $800 one) should have absolutely no defects (dead pixels, screen blemishes, IPS glow, backlight bleed, etc) of any kind IMHO. I will just have to play the ‘wait and see’ monitor lottery and hope the X34 G-Sync model I receive doesn’t have the same issues as the FreeSync version…

  • LuckyDucky1337

    I just returned my 2nd XB270HU. I could have kept returning them but I was left with very little confidence that this screen would prove reliable for the next 3-4 years. If I’m going to spend $800 on a monitor, I should not have to deal with dead pixels.

    I want to be excited about the X34 but at this point I’m highly skeptical of Acer’s QC.

  • B Something

    These monitors are still so depressing… just an opinion…

    I fail to understand why it’s not possible to develop a 4k display, or even a vanilla 2560×1440 in a 14-bit IPS panel, with g-sync, freesync and perhaps even a generic source-sync capability, that can cover 98%+ of whatever color space is the goto these days.

    Seems to me, outside of potential contracts regarding amalgamating both amd and
    nvidia tech in the same display… that monitor producers are playing the cpu/gpu game these days. That it is in-fact possible to manufacture the end-all, be-all display, but it’s more profitable to fleece consumers with these half-assed TN panels or economy-grade IPS ones, then incrementally improve them, while not going too far beyond the
    competition, then after five or six more years, they reach what they could have produced off the go.

    Then this one in particular, I wonder how long it can deal with sync’ing 100fps before something cooks. I wouldn’t be surprised if one connected this to a machine with a
    full row of titans or 980ti’s, that this thing would die in a few months from being pushed/OC’ed to 100hz so often. No, I’m not trolling, we used to deploy hundreds of acer displays, and just a few short years ago they had an extreme lack of continuity, a batch of 25 might have six or seven with several dead-whites, two or three DOAs, then a few more that would throw arbitrary distortion/signal noise every few minutes.

    I’m sorry if this bursts your bubble, I’m just going from past experience and this is simply an opinion.

    But if you want the best of all worlds, I still think we’re at least five years away. And by best of all worlds, I’m talking a display you can do graphic design or rendering on at 14-bit color sans the backlighting/metamerism issues, then get your game-on with 1ms response
    time (real f’n 1ms response, not this grey-to-grey BS) with jet-black blacks and perfect synchronization no matter who made one’s video adapters.

    Not only that, but enough ports on the back of the thing so that one can use it as a KVM, with USB 3.1 and even the new USB itty-bitty ports. Then a headphone/mic port that switches sources the way the USB ports would. And not just a single f’n displayport, two displayport ports, two hdmi ports, two dvi-d ports, .25″ bevels, with bundled color-calibration hardware… and THAT… would be Christmas, Thanksgiving and a Chinese New Year all rolled into one. I’d replace my trio of pa271w’s with a wall of those in a heartbeat.

    *cough* I hope a few display manufacturers are reading this. *cough*

  • Great comment! Yeah, it’s annoying with the slow progressions from the manufacturer’s side, I’m willing to pay for the best of the best if it came out right now and I’m sure many others are too.

  • Austin Anderson

    could you imagine an OLED version of this? it’d have a nearly instant response time and infinite contrast on top of G-Sync. mind blown

  • DudeMan

    QC is exactly what I’m worried about. I’m hoping they get it right with this one. The HU looked great but with the risk of getting a defective product, it makes competitors like Asus seem like a better option.

  • Major Funkin

    Can you recommend a good 1440p Ips gsync monitor?

  • Iluv2raceit

    Actually….DisplayPort 1.3 is fully backwards compatible with DP 1.2a and 1.2, so what you stated about G-Sync not working with DP 1.3 is incorrect ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Iluv2raceit

    The Acer XB270HU is an IPS (AHVA panel by AU Optronics) 144Hz WQHD G-Sync monitor. I was an early adopter of the XB270HU and was very lucky in that I won the monitor lottery. I received a pixel perfect unit with minimal IPS glow and have had it since March and LOVE gaming on it. Whether it be a fast-twitch session of BF4 or CS GO, or a slow turn-based strategy game like Homeworld 2, this monitor looks glorious and helps me to quickly forget the lack of color of my Asus ROG Swift. G-Sync works flawlessly as does the ULMB. One or the other can be used, but not both at the same time. So, if you have patience and are vigilant about looking for deals and sales, the XB270HU can be had for below $600 as an open box item on Amazon or a refurb unit through Amazon or Acer direct. You have to be fast though and must be ready to buy immediately as they don’t last long at that price range.

  • Major Funkin

    I’m looking into the Rog pg279Q. People have said that the build quality is better than Acer. I was really considering the Acer x34 but after reading comments and reviews I’m kind of scared. I really don’t want to go through the hassle of returning monitors hoping I get a good one. When I spend a grand or more on a monitor I want to last me years and years. I do not want to worry about pixels dying after my warranty expires.

  • Elettrone

    They would not be able to milk the cow properly then…if you get what I mean…
    Also…monitor manufacturers are not the same as display manufacturers.
    The vast majority just assemble pieces they find available on the market with some customizazion.
    Plus HDMI and DP standards are another separate issue…

  • Johnny Cage

    Nonsense. The technology is simply not available yet. If they could make a 14-bit IPS 120Hz+ hi-res monitor, they would. Even if it was not cost effective, they would debut a prototype monitor to attract attention and gauge market interest/reaction, to calculate viability. It’s economics 101, not a conspiracy.

    Businesses compete with each other for customers, and innovation is rewarded in the marketplace.

  • Michael Kindrachuk

    Weird that with the expected release of the gsync x34 drawing closer.. No sites have it listed, and there hasn’t been any information in the last few weeks.. Anyone heard anything?

  • Tyrann

    and cost infinitely higher!

  • Tyrann

    I’m glad they were able to get to 100hz for a ultrawide 1440p IPS this year so i can get a 120hz version next year at hopefully lower cost when i build a new pc ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tyrann

    It’s slow cause many people don’t upgrade monitors as fast as they do other pc parts. Generally a monitor can last you 7-10 years. Mine is 6 years now but i plan on upgrading to a 34″ ultrawide 1440p IPS next year if it has 120/144hz cause those are all things mine didnt have. I have a 23″ 1050p regular monitor :p

  • Space Pickle

    The bottleneck in getting such monitors is the cable standards. We couldn’t run such a monitor right now even if it was out.

    DP 1.2 can theoretically support up to 108hz on a 1440p ultrawide.

    What display cable bandwidth is necessary to drive an ultrawide
    1440p at 120/144 hz?

    120hz – 3440x1440x32(bit)x120(hz) = 19.02 Gb/s

    144hz – 3440x1440x32(bit)x144(hz) = 22.83 Gb/s

    Right now DP 1.2 Tops out 17.28 Gb/s (with overhead removed), and HDMI 2.0 tops out at 14.4 Gb/s (overhead removed).

    DP 1.3 will top at 25.92 Gb/s (overhead removed).

    DP 1.3 is not even out and DP 1.3 ports are not included in ANY video cards out there. That’s the big bummer when it comes down to it.

    DP 1.3 needs to be released and incorporated into the next gen of Video Cards for such a monitor to be utilized. Same goes for any hope of driving a 4K monitor at any more than 65hz (17.25 Gb/s), which is where it tops out using DP 1.2.

  • Tyrann

    Oh thanks for the info. I know that Acer has a ultrawide 3440x1440p IPS 100hz(gsync mode only) monitor coming out, they said they achieved this through overclocking. But i guess overclocking can only go so far and i dont know if its good for the monitor or degrades it faster. Will DP 1.3 be ready for next year? I don’t really care for 4k but 3440x1440p IPS is my dream with 120/144hz.

  • Brandon Collins

    So I have to be using G-Sync in order to hit 100Hz? What if I don’t want to use G-Sync 24/7?

  • mitcHELLspawn

    I think you just answered your own question, didnt you?

    but… the question still remains to me.. Why WOULDNT you want to be using Gsync? It only makes things better. Theres literally no negatives to enabling Gsync. I went to 4k gsync about 6 months ago, and I will neverrrrr get another monitor without it again. No screen tearing, no input lag. Just smooth great image quality. I am buying this monitor as soon as it goes on sale. I cant wait.

  • Brandon Collins

    If I wanted to play something less demanding like League of Legends or Counter-Strike, G-Sync would be of no benefit to me as frame rates could be well over the refresh rate of the monitor. For CS:GO it’s especially critical that you don’t play with G-Sync as G-Sync increases input lag and that’s critical in the game. Plus since frame rates will be over the refresh rate, screen tearing simply won’t be an issue so G-Sync has no function at all.

  • JustNiz

    Agreed. OLED TVs have been out for ages. Where are all the OLED monitors?
    With almost instant response time you wouldn’t even need G-Sync.

  • JustNiz

    I really want this monitor but my current Acer monitor is a piece of shit. I swore I’d never buy another Acer.
    Also worried that on Acer’s website, the pages for their other G-Sync monitors: Z35 and XB1 make ULMB support very clear, but no mention of ULMB support at all on their X34 page. Might have to hold off and see if the Asus version ever materializes.

  • The ultimate monitor to get is a 4k OLED IGZO G-sync.

  • G-sync benefits everything including watching videos outside games.

  • Iluv2raceit

    Something is always great when it doesn’t actually exist yet…lmao

  • I would take 1, for the laptop but prefer 1080p G-sync 2 IGZO OLED