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Acer X34: UltraWide 34-inch 75Hz 1440p IPS Gaming Monitor

By September 10, 2015 13 Comments

Acer XR341CKA buy

Update: Release has been delayed in all regions. The monitor is expected to be released in mid-October to late October. You can order it here already.

Among the 7 new G-SYNC monitors shown at Computex 2015, four of them were from Acer. One of these monitors is the Acer X34 (Acer Predator X34 to be precise), an absolute beast in its class. This monitor was previously called the Acer XR341CKA, so keep that in mind. You can read our article about the Acer XR341CKA here. The monitor is also one of higher resolution UltraWide monitors you will find, as it has an impressive 3440×1440 resolution. Not quite 4K, but we’re getting there and besides, this is 21:9 and not 16:9. The resolution is spread across a 34-inch display, which is in the higher-end of gaming monitors. Every monitor with G-SYNC is meant to be a gaming monitor, as it has a G-SYNC module attached to it and that thing is pricey.

Other specs worth mentioning are the 4ms GTG response time, which is actually very good. IPS panels have improved and are starting to have faster response times than VA panels. It is also curved, giving you a closer distance all the points in the monitor and making all the action feel closer to you.

Acer Predator X34

Also, this isn’t a regular 60Hz monitor, as it uses the same panel as the Acer XR341CK. The Acer XR341CK has a FreeSync range of 30-75Hz, but the G-SYNC range of this monitor is nothing less than an impressive 30-100Hz! This is because this monitor is overclocked, hence the increased upper limit. 100Hz is actually quite possible with this UltraWide resolution as the DisplayPort 1.2 standard is capable of handling that amount of data transfer. 109Hz is actually the upper limit for this 1440p 21:9 resolution with a quality DisplayPort cable. (thanks to Meric1837 from LinusTechTips forums for that information)

Now let’s look at connectivity and the stand. The stand of this beautiful monitor is tilt and height adjustable and it only lacks swivel adjustment options that we expected. Another bonus is the 4x USB 3.0 ports that all have charging capabilities and the headphone port. This is great and allows you to power up your favorite gadgets and your phone right from your desk in front of you.

Acer X34 buy

The Acer Predator X34 will be released in mid-October to late October 2015 and you can find some of the most important specs below. The price of this display is expected to be around $1199-$1249.

Acer X34
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Screen Size34"
Resolution3440 x 1440
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio21:9
Refresh Rate75Hz (100Hz with G-SYNC)
Response Time4ms
Adaptive SyncG-SYNC
Speakers7W Stereo with DTS

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  • Martin Forsberg

    Do you have a source on the actual monitor being 100hz or just the new G-sync module? The panel is already overclocked from 60 to 75 and it seems a bit far fetched that it would overclock that much more.

  • Eddy Baker

    Only unofficial sources. The one shown at Computex 2015 was 100Hz and The Verge wrote about it here:
    which caused a lot of debate and now an Acer representative has confirmed that it’s overclocked to 100Hz (probably by looking at the spec sheet, who knows).

  • Martin Forsberg

    Ok thanks. That guy on youtube saying it’s 100Hz also said that “predator” is a new sub-brand from Acer but it has been around for many years so I’m taking his word with a grain of salt. If it was really 100Hz why wouldn’t they show some demo running high-fps instead of Witcher at 40fps?

  • Eddy Baker

    Yeah, it’s wasn’t wise to run a triple A game with three QHD+ monitors in a setup. 10,320 x 1,440.requires some serious GPU power to run a game like The Witcher at high FPS. I’ll keep this post updated once Acer releases a press release with more information about this monitor.

  • Martin Forsberg

    Indeed. Ok thanks for that. I’m waiting to see if it really is 100Hz and if it’s in G-sync mode only (currently on AMD cards)

  • Chuck Holpuch

    Can I ask a simple question:…..

    Why would there be a separation between the Free Sync and G Sync versions of this monitor?

    I temporarily have the FreeSync,…But then I saw the this is one overclocks to 100 Hz….I don’t get it,….Why do it for one and not the other….??? Unless there’s a FreeSync 144 Hz coming out next year!

    The XR341CK has some REALLY noticeable back light bleed issues,…I have a feeling were going to see this on the X34 also,….??

  • Tyrann

    lower cost? The Freesync monitors are generally $150 cheaper. I understand that the Gsync ones should probably also do Freesync but Nvidia probably has a clause that states if you use their tech then you cant put it together with another.

  • Space Pickle

    It’s because of the scaler implementation in Freesync. Added scaler introduces greater processing lag in Freesync than Gsync. G-Sync is a different tech and uses an additional module thus increasing price as well. Here is a tech overview on TFTCentral regarding Freesync vs. Gsync. Interesting read and tech info.

  • Melissa Van Richard

    I have a Mac Pro with AMD FirePro D700 graphics cards. I am very interested in getting the Predator X34. Would I have to get the FreeSync version? I don’t even know if my graphic cards support FreeSync? Any idea?

  • I don’t believe the AMD FirePro D700 graphics card support AMD FreeSync technology, but I would to still suggest you contact AMD to confirm. Otherwise, you can use either monitor with an AMD card, it’s only the adaptive refresh rate technologies (FreeSync/G-SYNC) that relies on a compatible graphics card from the matching company. So you don’t necessarily have to get the FreeSync version, the Predator X34 will work just fine with an AMD graphic card (or two cards in this case).

  • Melissa Van Richard

    Many thanks for the response James 🙂

  • Pec

    The Acer X34 has been recalled due to widespread hardware problems. It’s been pulled from all shelves and online resellers. Not just common backlight bleed or color uniformity issues, but major flickering, settings defaulting, not functioning below certain brightness levels, and several others reported issues. Sigh… really wanted one.

  • Tyrann

    I guess it was to be expected as they rushed it to come out before Asus. Asus’ version is coming Q1 2016.