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Acer Predator Z271: 144Hz Curved VA 1080p G-SYNC Gaming Monitor

By July 6, 2016 15 Comments

Acer Predator Z271 gaming monitor

The Acer Predator Z271 looks to be a promising gaming monitor with its somewhat good specs. The display itself is 27-inches large and it is curved. The exact curvature spec is 1800R, where less means more curved. In terms of design, it pretty much looks like the other Predator gaming monitors from Acer, but most of all, it looks like the Acer Predator Z35, which we covered earlier.

We don’t think the Acer Predator Z271 is the best gaming monitor out there, considering it has a resolution of just 1920×1080 or FHD, which is not sufficient for a 27-inch monitor, and even less, a WFHD resolution on 35-inch Acer Predator Z35. Other specs include the famous 144Hz refresh rate that we all like and NVIDIA G-SYNC support. Reaction time is specified at 4ms and it features USB 3.0 ports on the monitor. The panel type is VA, which stands for Vertical Alignment, and this specific type of panel are good for producing amazing black levels. Color shifting can occur, though.

The Z271 is a part of the Predator Z1 series from the Acer Predator gaming brand and it’s an exciting display. We hope to review this monitor in the future some day to see it in action. You can see an overview of the specifications below!

Acer Predator Z271
Buy online on Amazon
Screen Size27"
Resolution1920 x 1080
Panel TypeVA
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate144Hz
Response Time4ms
Adaptive SyncG-SYNC

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  • Tyrann

    Ya it should of been 1440p not 1080p.

  • raven workload

    A quick question that i hope might be answered and elaborated on as i can’t seem to find enough topics to cover it.
    How viable is it to apply Nvidia DSR 1440p on a 27″ 1080p monitor such as this or any other Similar alternatives? Will it be comparable with true 1440p monitors? If not, to what extent will the drawbacks be?

  • yoitsmegabe

    I will let you know in a few days for sure as i’ve ordered a similar monitor from lenovo/razer the y27g. I went with 1080p because I wanted to actually be able to reach 144hz in shooters and then use dsr for better fidelity in rpgs and adventure games.

    What I can tell you now is I currently use a 46″ hdtv as my monitor sitting about 8 feet from the screen. At this distance I can definitely tell the difference between 1080p and dsr 1440p. I think it will work out well. If the y27g doesn’t work out then i’ll try this one. Newegg has it already, I actually stumbled upon it after placing my other order.

    For reference my specs are i7 4790k, corsair vengeance 2400 ddr, samsung evo ssd, nvidia gtx 1070, evga 750 gold.

  • raven workload

    Thanks for the reply, i’ll be looking forward to any conclusions you might reach regarding this matter and hopefully we get a detailed review regarding this monitor.
    Decent specs you got there 🙂

  • yoitsmegabe

    Hey, I only got to test it for a short while as it was delivered late in the day yesterday. 1440p DSR looks really good at this resolution and screen size. I tried Doom 2016, GTA V, witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight, and Rainbow Six siege. The only game out of those that didn’t look good at 1080p native was GTAV but that game is notorious for anti aliasing issues. In 1440p DSR it looked better and at 4k DSR I couldn’t notice any aliasing.

    Text is the only thing that may appear slightly soft unless the acer has a sharpening setting in the menu. The lenovo does not. Using clear type in windows helped and its not bad, but its not super sharp like on a 1440p monitor. Don’t try to use 1440p DSR for the desktop, It will look terrible and blurry. But I knew that from using DSR on my tv.

    What I couldn’t get to work on the lenovo was G-sync. GTA and witcher 3 still had stutter. The other games didn’t give me a problem, but they never did. Doom framerate at 1080p on ultra nightmare with 8x txaa was between 111-144fps and I didn’t feel any difference. Same thing with rainbow six. Witcher 3 at 1440p hairworks off was between 65-75fps but there were stutters all over the place. Arkham knight stuttered just as much with gsync as it did with regular vsync on my tv.

    This is my first time with a 144hz monitor and I absolutely love the refresh rate for FPS. If I can’t get gsync to work i might just get a cheap 144hz monitor and use fast sync in the nvidia control panel. If you have any other questions just ask.

  • raven workload

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂
    It’s a bit disheartening that DSR didnt look good universally, here i was hoping DSR 1440p would have been the perfect solution to my problems.
    Mind telling me how bad DSR looked on desktop as i was planning to keep it 1440p universally full time, was it a turn off or something you could get used to over time or just annoying but bearable?

  • yoitsmegabe

    It just looks really distorted for the desktop. Games are fine. Games look clearer, more colorful and vibrant. The desktop looks squished and unclear. I got gsync to work with my gtx 970. The problem was my 1070. Going to have to RMA it. Gsync works very well. I pushed my 970 and between 55-65 fps I could not tell a difference in framerates unless I looked up at counter. Same thing from 70-80. I’m sold on gsync. now I have to decide on 1440 native or stick with 1080p. Problem is there are no 1440p 144hz VA panel gsync monitors. I hate IPS glow

  • yoitsmegabe

    Today I picked up the xb271 pretty awesome to be in true 1440p. The curve on the lenovo was nice, the contrast was a bit better, but not worlds different due to the VA panel which I believe the z271 has as well. I got lucky with this one as there’s no splotches of IPS glow and no backlight bleed.

    I chose the xb271because it was 1440p and wanted to see the difference at 27 inches. Night and day. 1440p native is very crisp and clear at 27″ compared to 1440p dsr. Dsr is really nice in its own way and for games it cleans things up like good anti aliasing. If there was a sharpness setting in the control panel I wouldn’t have minded 1080p @ 27″ The extra 200 bucks was hard to swallow. If you can find 1440p 27″ 144hz with no defects for the same price as the z271 go for it.

  • raven workload

    Sadly none of the 1440p options that i’m after are available in my region acquiring one would mean importing at my own expense which is a huge loss considering that claiming RMA should the need arise would be costly especially for an item that is considered luck of the draw not to mention the possibility of damage the monitor could sustain during import.
    Your comment was basically the last nail in the DSR coffin which means i might end up just getting the Predator XB241H which is about half price and less risky due to 1080p panels being marginally less prone to RNG defects.
    Thanks for getting back to me with more feedback as that helped me be at peace with the whole DSR struggle.
    Would have preferred 1440p but guess i can get a 1080p and sell+top up when 1440p is available nearby.

  • yoitsmegabe

    That monitor is what started this whole thing for me! 24 inches is the limit for 1080p looking good at standard desk length of 24-30 inches far from your face (60-90 cm). I would have settled on that one if there was one here to try. They’re all sold out by the retailers that have a return policy near me.

  • WrathPC

    Just to let you know, DSR is amazing and changes everything about a 1080p monitor. Thanks to DSR 1080p is the sweet spot for gaming performance at high FPS. DSR is just another reason I stayed with NVidia again. 4k is completely useless unless motion blur does not concern you. What people that leave comments need to understand, is that 144hz screens are not for those wanting 4k. Unless you have a system that can run 144fps on a 4k screen, please don’t comment on 1080p 144hz screens. If you are after fast performance 1080p with DSR is perfect. DSR really does work and I was in shock how well. Like advised by other poster, you will need to turn it off for desktop use. It is strictly for gaming only. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • raven workload

    Totally get what you mean regarding 4k and 144hz as it’s pointless to own a PC and dumb down the eye candy, might as well get a console if that is the norm.
    Regarding your reply, not sure which 1080p you are talking about here 24/27 but the question here is specifically about 27″ monitors that are 1080p native with the motive to run 1440p in DSR and if the result is comparable to native 1440p to justify the cheaper alternative.

    Generally 27″ 1080p monitors are undesirable due to having fewer pixels which can cause pixelation when forced to run higher rez than intended which also can be remedied with the bluriness slider in DSR setting but the feature itself and its solution can cause side effects ranging between different games and regular desktop environment which will affect work and is completely pointless to me if it is severe as i tend to alt tab a lot between games, work, movies, music and surfing.

  • WrathPC

    I am talking about 27″ as that is what I have and use. The 4x option in DSR simulating 4k. So as stated, with games it is amazing and I have not had any issues with old and new titles what so ever. Amazing visuals I never knew a 27″ 1080p monitor could deliver and still have the pleasure of gaming above 100fps unsing ULMB. So there is the nasty point that destop is unusable at the 4x setting which may make it pointless for you. It just takes me 10 seconds to switch DSR off when in desktop.

  • raven workload

    Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂
    Guess DSR is definitely a no go as i don’t think i could live with constantly switching back and forth but i guess that is what you gotta live with if u decide to forego a native 1440p
    I’ll just have to pull that xb241h closer to me i guess lol
    Again thx for sharing 😀

  • Signex

    The price isn’t worth it, just like the Z35. I guess Gsync is at fault there.