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Acer Predator X34 Now Available for Purchase

By October 7, 2015 23 Comments

Acer Predator X34 buy

The highly anticipated Acer Predator X34, which was previously named the Acer XR341CKA, is now available for pre-order at various retailers. There has been much hype about this monitor in 2015 and the fact that it’s a 75Hz G-SYNC IPS 1440p UltraWide gaming monitor, where the G-SYNC feature is overclocked to allow you to enjoy up to 100Hz, makes this the ultimate gaming monitor in 2015. The monitor is also going by the name Acer Predator XR34 and you can already pre-order it at Newegg or see if it’s available on Amazon by clicking on the links below:

We would like to describe some more details about this 34-inch monitor, and we’d like to start out with the resolution. At 3440×1440 resolution, this monitor adopts the UltraWide (21:9) aspect ratio, which adds a lot of screen estate to the width, which results in a more immersive gaming experience. Furthermore, the screen boasts an IPS panel, which is much better than TN panels and will give you superior colors and viewing angles. As far as refresh rate goes, this monitor runs at a maximum static refresh rate of 75Hz. The twist, however, is that this monitor is a G-SYNC monitor, which will eliminate screen tearing without the cost of any performance whatsoever, and with this feature enabled, the monitor can reach a staggering 100Hz on the maximum supported resolution! The display also has in-built stereo speakers with DTS.

The downside? Price. For a price of $1299.99 or 950£, you can purchase this monitor. That’s the equivalent of the rest of the PC for many people, which is why this monitor will probably only be bought by the most dedicated players, who want the best money can buy right now. The Acer Predator X34 can at the moment be pre-ordered at Newegg in the United States and it is likely that Amazon will soon follow. The link will auto-update in such case, so it will lead to the correct product once it is put on sale. Release date of the Predator X34 is October 13, 2015 on Newegg.

We are very excited about this monitor and have been waiting for it for months. We will try to see if we can get hold of a review copy, so we can see if it lives up to our expectations.

Acer Predator X34
Buy at Newegg
Screen Size34"
Resolution3440 x 1440
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio21:9
Refresh Rate75Hz (100Hz with G-SYNC)
Response Time4ms
Adaptive SyncG-SYNC
Speakers7W Stereo with DTS
Buy at Amazon

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  • JD

    Not available for preorder. Only says Auto Notify. On newegg

  • Catifan

    And Amazon doesn’t even currently have a product page for the monitor. Jumped the gun here…

  • They have on, not on yet it appears. Thanks for clearing that up!

  • Pete G

    I have one on pre-order from Scan in the uk. They mailed me today with this

    It is with regret we have to inform you of a further delay to the following item:

    LN65130 – 34 Acer Pred X34 Curved G-Sync

    The item above is a new release and the manufacturer has advised stock into the Uk as a whole has been delayed.
    We are awaiting a new lead date and we will email you with further updates once we receive them from the suppliers
    and manufacturers.

  • Pete G

    Also seen other customers on forums posting similar comments with ETA dates of Nov 20th

  • Pete G are quoting a new date on their site – 23 October 2015
    Fingers crossed it becomes available after being set back again!

  • Matthew Lech

    how exactly does the overclocking work since the connecting cable can only push a set amount of data a sec?

  • sluflyer06

    It was, they sold all their pre-orders. They were available to pre-order for many hours when the listing went up (I saw it myself)

  • sluflyer06

    There is no real overclocking. When you enable G-Sync on the monitor 100hz automatically becomes available to set in windows.

  • Matthew Lech

    Right, I understand we aren’t doing anything special to overclock the monitor, I was asking how the cable can transfer more data then DisplayPort 1.2 is capable of. Resolution x color in bits x hrz = (higher than 21.6 Gb/s for this particular monitor at 100hrz)

  • sluflyer06

    Couldn’t say but it works fine.

  • sluflyer06

    Newegg Pre-orders in the USA already shipped out.

  • sluflyer06

    They’re already shipping here in the USA ;).

  • Pete G

    Lucky duck! I’ll stick it out a few more weeks here… Enjoy!!!

  • Pete G

    Hey sluflyer06 how’s the build quality, Is yours in good working order?

  • Lee Saenz There is ONLY one on the web. He wants 10 grand, because they recalled the rest of them. This one has the latest FW, so he wants “bookoo dinero”!

  • StArCrAfT

    Does anybody now when will have it in stock?

  • Space Pickle

    DP 1.2 can handle 17.28 Gb/s with overhead removed. This is the raw throughput value used for calculation, NOT 21.6Gb/s.

    Not sure the panel color depth. I believe most current panels are 24bpp(true color). I used to think they were 32bpp because windows displays 32-bit True Color. However, some research I found explained that higher color depth may be emulated by the panel to provide the 8 extra bits for alpha transparency since 24bit color alone produces 16,777,216 color variations.

    So, even if the panel is 32bpp it would need 15.85Gb/s (1440x3440x100[hz]x32bpp=15.85). This is well within DP 1.2 spec since it is under 17.28 Gb/s.

    If it is a 24bpp panel which is more likely, then the throughput would be 11.89 Gb/s.

  • JustNiz

    I have an Acer gaming monitor (HN274Hbmiiid that cost me $750 from newegg in 2011) and have been VERY unimpressed with its quality.
    The whole thing is VERY plasticky/cheaply made and it has obvious functional problems from the factory. Sometimes on powering up, the monitor crashes and its screen goes completely white, and it needs to be power-cycled again to work. Another very annoying problem is that the monitor always takes 30+ seconds to detect the presence of an input signal before it
    shows the picture, so you can never see the PC’s initial boot screens before windows starts getting loaded. This means setup and overclocking etc is particularly painful since you can’t ever check/see any hardware problems reported at start-up, and getting into the bios settings is always a tricky game of guessing in the dark when to hit the del key at the right time. I could just maybe have accepted this from a very cheap monitor but this thing cost $750 new.

    I swore I would never again buy an Acer product but the Acer X34 GSync has me drooling. Can someone that has actual first-hand experience of using the Gsync version of the Acer X34 please confirm that none of the problems above also exist on this monitor? (especially the length of time from powerup/video signal presence until you actually see a picture)?

  • Iluv2raceit

    …and they are already sold out as of 15 October with no more orders available at all after 3 November, which is the official second shipment. Looks like Acer failed to properly prepare – AGAIN.

  • sluflyer06

    Good thing I’ve been gaming on mine since last week! 🙂

  • Simo Salvagni

    Can Anyone explain the difference to the Acer XR341CKA?

  • The Acer XR341CKA supports AMD FreeSync and only goes to 60Hz.
    This one supports NVIDIA G-SYNC and goes up to 100Hz overclocked with G-SYNC enabled.