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Acer BE270U: 27-inch 75Hz IPS 1440p Monitor

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acer be270u

Acer is trying to make everyone’s day better by releasing their new monitor, the Acer BE270U display. This monitor comes packed with a good-looking IPS panel to conform with the latest and best image quality that you can get on a monitor. Although it’s not OLED, it’s still a very nice-looking monitor with great image quality. The price of the Acer BE270U monitor is around $500 at some online retailers, although the actual and current price might have changed. You can check the current price at by clicking on the link above or at the bottom of this page, if the product has been released yet on there.

The IPS panel is great and offers superior viewing angles and image quality compared to the TN panels, which excel in fast-paced FPS games. Acer is aiming at professionals with this specific display, as the price point is simply too much for a 27-inch WQHD display. This is not a dedicated gaming monitor with high refresh rate, but is more aimed towards photo editors or other professionals who need a good monitor. This specific panel supports 100 percent of the sRGB color space, which is the standard color space that is used to keep the colors balanced in devices such as monitors and printers.

The Acer BE270U monitor can support up to three other displays connected at the same time through one DisplayPort cable. Therefore, customers who are purchasing more than one of these monitors can take advantage of this daisy-chain single-cord setup. Furthermore, Picture-in-Picture (PiP) is also supported. This handy feature allows you to have a small portion of your screen dedicated to something else entirely while focusing on a main task on your monitor.

The native resolution of the Acer BE270U is 2560 x 1440 (WQHD), which is the standard for proper 27-inch displays produced today. 4K (UHD) is even better. The refresh rate is specified as 75Hz, which is higher than the usual 60Hz that these types of monitors have. Brightness is 350 nits and response time is 6 milliseconds.

acer be270u review

Port options include two MHL ports, one DisplayPort 1.2, one Mini DisplayPort, one DisplayPort out, one USB 3.0 port that connects to your PC and four USB 3.0 ports that connect to peripherals. You can easily pair this monitor to your mouse and keyboard with this USB hub. Another thing worthy to mention is that there are two Mobile High-Definition Link input ports. Although it’s not stated which MHL version the display is using, devices with MHL connectivity can be charged from the source simultaneously and therefore not require an extra power source. SuperMHL can even support up to 8K resolution at an incredible 120 frames per second.

Stereo speakers are also included, two 2W speakers in fact. The stand is fully ergonomic with options to adjust tilt, swivel, pivot and height. As you can also see, the bezel of this monitor is very thing, making this a so-called ZeroFrame monitor. EyeProtect technology is also supported to proect your eyes and the BE270H display supports VESA mounting as well.

The Acer BE270U has already been released and you can check via the button below if the product is released on Amazon and if yes, how much it is being sold for.

Acer BE270U
Screen Size27"
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate75Hz
Response Time6ms
Adaptive SyncNo
Speakers2x 2W speakers
Buy online on Amazon

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