List of HDR Monitors

Here is the official list of all current HDR monitors. It includes both released and unreleased HDR monitors and is the list is maintained regularly. Learn more about HDR.

MonitorTypeResolution/PanelPeak Brightness (cd/m2)
Dell UP2718QTrue HDR3840x2160 IPS1000
LG 32UD99Limited HDR3840x2160 IPS600
LG 38WK95CSoftware-enabled HDR3840x1600 IPS300
Dell U2718QLimited HDR3840x2160 IPS600
BenQ SW320Limited HDR3840x2160 IPS350
BenQ SW271Limited HDR3840x2160 IPS350
Samsung CHG90Limited HDR3840x1080 VA350
Samsung C32HG70Limited HDR2560x1440 VA350
Samsung C27HG70Limited HDR2560x1440 VA350
Dell U2518DSoftware-enabled HDR2560x1440 IPS350
Dell U2518DXSoftware-enabled HDR2560x1440 IPS350
Dell S2718DSoftware-enabled HDR2560x1440 IPS300
Dell S2418HXSoftware-enabled HDR1920x1080 IPS250
Dell S2418HNSoftware-enabled HDR1920x1080 IPS250
Dell S2718HXSoftware-enabled HDR1920x1080 IPS250
Acer ET322QKSoftware-enabled HDR3840x2160 IPS250
ASUS ProArt PA32UTrue HDR3840x2160 IPS1000
Acer X27True HDR3840x2160 IPS1000
Acer XB272-HDRTrue HDR3840x2160 IPS1000
ASUS PG27UQTrue HDR3840x2160 IPS1000
AOC AG273UGTrue HDR3840x2160 IPS1000
Acer X35True/Limited HDR3440x1440 VA1000
Acer XR342CKSoftware-enabled HDR3840x1600 IPS300
Acer XR382CQKSoftware-enabled HDR3840x1600 IPS300
ASUS PG35VQTrue/Limited HDR3440x1440 VA1000
AOC AG353UCGTrue/Limited HDR3440x1440 VA1000
AOC AG273QCXLimited HDR2560x1440 TN400

We hope the list we made of HDR monitors was of any use to you. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below.