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What is USB Type-C?

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USB Type-C explained

Short Answer

USB Type -C is a new USB connector shape that older and new USB standards can adopt. This means that a USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and the new USB 3.1 standard can all use the USB Type-C connector shape. The new shape allows you to connect from either side, unlike other USB standards. The connector also supports USB power delivery (USB PD).

USB Type-C is a new and tiny physical connector. It is not a new USB standard itself and it was developed at the same time as the USB 3.1 standard. TheĀ USB Type-C connector supports USB standards, such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB 3.1.

The USB connector that most of us are familiar with today is USB Type-A. All the way from USB 1.0 to USB 2.0 and to USB 3.0 as well, the connector has stayed the same. It is quite large and it only fits in one way, so you have to make sure you are putting it correctly in every time.

This was a problem for other devices, such as smartphones, console controllers, digital cameras and so on, as the connector is simply too big. This led to the creation of other shapes of the USB connector, such as miniUSB and microUSB. This all ends now with the adoption of the USB Type-C connector – one single and small connector to unite them all. No more messing around with different USB cables for your peripherals.

The USB Type-C port supports many different protocols such as HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort by using alternate modes. This means that an increasing amount of monitors, including gaming monitors, will adopt the new connector.

USB Power Delivery – USB PD

USB Power Delivery, or USB PD for short, is a USB specification that is closely related to the USB Type-C connector. USB 2.0 can deliver 2.5 watts and USB 3.0 can output 4.5 watts of power, but the new USB PD specification will allow output power up to 100 watts. This means that the USB Type-C cables can charge laptops and other devices that require bigger power input. The power can go both ways, so a cable with USB Type-C connector on both sides will become a common sight in the future.

You can also watch the video below, which was made by Acer. We found it highly informational and well produced.

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