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NVIDIA GTX 1080 and 1070 will be faster than TITAN X and cost much less

By May 9, 2016 5 Comments

nvidia gtx 1080 and gtx 1070

18 months. That’s how long it has been since NVIDIA announced their Maxwell architecture, and now the company has just released information about their upcoming next-gen graphics card, the NVIDIA GTX 1070 and NVIDIA GTX 1080. They wil be released in June 10, 2016 and when they finally do, they will change everything. AMD is also preparing some new GPU’s for the 14nm node, but judging by the looks of it, NVIDIA will launch their products first. The new graphics card from NVIDIA will also feature some new technologies, just as some these technologies have been made available for previous cards as well.

Introducing the NVIDIA GTX 10XX

The new NVIDIA GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 are on-paper much more efficient and powerful than their predecessors. The GTX 1080 is built on the GDDR5X platform and can transfer with a rate of up to 10Gbps. NVIDIA also promised increased power efficiency and more headroom for overclocking. The GTX 1080 has 2560 cores, but the increased performance is higher than this number indicates, as you can see in the image below.

GTX 1080

As you can see, the GTX 1080 has a bigger power consumption, but the performance gains are much greater, more than twice as much relative to the flagship GTX 970. The GTX 1080 will be around 1.7 times faster than the GTX 980. Also note that the consumption is much less than the TITAN X, but the performance is still higher.

NVIDIA GTX 1080 for VR Gaming

As far as Virtual Reality (VR) goes, the 1080 is in a whole other level. The Pascal software allows NVIDIA GPU’s to offer twice the performance gains as Maxwell, because it processes geometry for both eyes at the same time. Interestingly, this also solves one of the biggest problems with multi-monitor gaming and will fix weird distortions in VR. As you might already be aware of, one of the disadvantages of using multiple monitors for gaming is that the image will more than often look distorted, but the NVIDIA Simultaneous Multi-Projection technology fixes this issue, as you can see in the image below.

nvidia 1080 amazon

This new technology warps the image so that it aligns to the gaming monitor setup instead of just stretching the frustum across the monitors. NVIDIA says that the VR performance on the GTX 1080 will be around twice to thrice as fast, which makes the GTX 1080 more than twice as powerful for VR than two TITAN X’s in SLI.

Price and Release Date of the NVIDIA GTX 1080 and GTX 970

You will be able to purchase the GTX 1080 and GTX 970 in both a standard configuration and Founders Edition, where the latter version will be more expensive. The price (MSRP) for the GTX 970 starts at $379 for the standard configuration and $449 for the Founder’s Edition. The price tag for the NVIDIA GTX 980 starts at $599 for the standard configuration and $699 for the Founder’s Edition.

NVIDIA GTX 1070 amazon

As it stands right now, the NVIDIA GTX 1080 is the best graphics card we have information about right now and is close to being released – The New King as NVIDIA puts it. If you’re looking for a new high-end GPU then our advice is to wait for these Pascal architecture GPU’s to release and get them instead.¬†4K gaming will become more popular and so will 144Hz monitors. Getting one of these graphics card will surely increase the frame rates in games and will give more people a reason to upgrade to a 144Hz monitor from a 60Hz monitor. And we all know what happens next: once you go 144Hz, you never go back.

Also we also recommend checking out the promotional video below that NVIDIA made about these new Pascal graphics cards.

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