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OLED Monitors 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

OLED monitors are still something yet to bee seen in mass production as they are currently very cost-extensive. They produce crystal clear images and are much more superior to any of the other panel technologies widely available today (as of 2018) and will only get better in 2019. The main reason that OLED monitors and

Gaming Monitors 2018: Roadmap For The Year

In the beginning of 2017, we were presented with some of the most exciting gaming monitors which were set to break the limit of 60Hz at 4K with a whopping 144Hz. Then, later on, we found out about the QHD ultra-wide displays also getting lightning-fast refresh rates up to 200Hz. Initially, these ground-breaking displays were supposed to

AMD FreeSync coming to TVs soon

We will be seeing a lot of TVs with AMD FreeSync support soon. Very soon, actually, according to Richard Huddy, who is a Chief Gaming Scientist at AMD. Since Adaptive Sync was added to the HDMI standard here in 2016, he expects that televisions will soon adopt the feature too, because it will be an easy