Best Monitors For Office Work 2019 – Office Monitor Buying Guide

Best Monitors for Office Work

There are many things that need to be considered when you’re buying a PC monitor for office work. Whether you’re looking to buy one for your own needs or your employees, you probably know that certain consequences start to emerge when a lot of time is spent in front of the screen, and you want to minimalize these issues. In this article, we will familiarize you with all the things you should pay attention to when choosing a computer monitor, and present you with some top-level displays ranging from budget series to the high-end.

The technology has advanced significantly in this area over the past years, but not all monitors incorporate the specific features needed for a comfortable viewing experience for long hours. On the other hand, some displays can provide you with the cutting-edge and revolutionary technology developed for the sole purpose of eyesight care. Stick to our guidelines in order to pick the perfect match for your display requirements among the numerous possible choices of all the best business monitors available in 2019.

Whether you’re after the best dual monitor setup for business, a curved monitor for office work, an ultra-wide display to replace your multi-monitor, or just the best monitor for eye strain, we’ve got you covered. Moreover, we’ll go into details about the panel types, screen resolutions, and exclusive features of the monitors, so that you may have full insight into what to look for in the perfect office monitor.

Best Monitors for Office Work in 2019

TypeMonitorSize (Inches)PanelResolution 
Best Monitor For Office WorkAcer H277HU27IPS2560x1440
Fully Ergonomic Office Monitor with the On-Screen Virtual GridASUS PB278Q27PLS2560x1440
Best Business Monitor with a Versatile Design and VDI MountViewSonic VG276527IPS2560x1440
Best Budget 1440p Business MonitorsViewSonic VX2778-SMHD27PLS2560x1440
ASUS VZ27AQ27IPS2560x1440
Amazing Flicker-Free Monitor with HDMI-MHL SupportASUS Designo MX27AQ27IPS2560x1440
Incredible Office Monitor with Innovative Eye Care TechnologyBenQ EW2770QZ27IPS2560x1440
Best CAD Monitor 2017BenQ PD2700Q27IPS2560x1440
Cheapest 32-Inch 1440p Monitor for Office UseASUS VA32AQ31.5IPS2560x1440
Best 32-Inch 1440p Monitor for BusinessASUS PB328Q32VA2560x1440
Best 1080p Monitor for Single & Multi Display SetupAcer R240HY23.8IPS1920x1080
Dell P2417H23.8IPS1920x1080
Affordable Full HD Office Monitor with Wireless Charging BaseSamsung S24E370DL23.6PLS1920x1080
Affordable UltraWide Full HD Curved Monitor for OfficeLG 29UC88-B29IPS2560x1080
Exceptional UltraWide QHD DisplayDell UltraSharp U3417W34IPS3440x1440
Best High-End 4K Business MonitorLG 43UD79-B42.5IPS3840x2160

Panel Type: IPS, VA, and TN

As you can see, most of the best computer monitor manufacturers have implemented IPS panels in their office-oriented displays. The IPS monitors offer the impeccable color accuracy and consistency, flawless 178-degree viewing angles so the colors don’t shift when viewed from different angles, and lastly, a solid response time speed which ensures there’s no ghosting of the moving objects while you work; learn more about what is monitor response time here. All of the monitors are also limited to 60Hz, as there is no use for higher refresh rates unless you’re gaming.

The TN panel monitors have poor color reproduction and viewing angles, but they have exceptional response time speed and are hence mostly used for gaming monitors. The VA panel displays, on the other hand, have similar color accuracy and response time speed to the IPS just not as efficient; they do offer a higher contrast ratio which delivers a more immersive viewing experience while playing games or watching movies. For office work, the IPS is the best option except in certain cases, which we will get into later.

Screen Resolution and Size

There is no such thing as the best monitor size for office work as the screen resolution, naturally, plays the bigger role when it comes to the workspace real estate. Therefore, a 27-inch monitor with Full HD resolution, for instance, may be alluringly priced and decently sized, but its image quality is rather pixelated, leaving you little space to work with whereas the same resolution on a 24-inch monitor results in a sharper and crisper image.

Even though the 1080p resolution has been the standard for a while now, the 1440p monitors are becoming more and more popular lately as they have become more affordable and offer the perfect combination of screen real estate and picture detail.

So, we recommend the 1440p as the best monitor resolution for spreadsheets, text clarity, multitasking, and other office-related activities. The ideal monitor size for 2560×1440 ranges from 27-inch to 32-inch displays. The 1080p monitors that we’ve included in the list are viable for those with a tighter budget or those looking to build a multi-monitor setup; these Full HD monitors shouldn’t be over 24-inches in size due to the pixel density.

The 4K monitors are also dropping in price but in order to make full use of their UHD resolution, you would need a larger screen size as well, preferably around 40-inches. There are plenty of affordable 4K monitors up to 32-inches in size but on those displays, you need to scale up the interface in order for the text to become easily readable, however, you also lose on the screen real estate by doing so.

Ultra-Wide Monitor vs Dual Monitor Setup

For the same amount of money, you could either get two 27-inch 1440p displays or a single 34-inch ultra-wide (21:9 aspect ratio) monitor with 3440×1440 screen resolution. While the ultra-wide monitors offer an immersive viewing experience for gamers and movie enthusiasts – productivity-wise, the dual monitor setup has the upper hand. In this case, the dual monitor setup has over two million pixels more which is around 49% extra screen real estate. Although the middle bezel can cause inconvenience, certain monitors nowadays feature virtually borderless edge-to-edge screens ideal for multi-monitor setups.

Even though the ultra-wide monitors offer numerous features for simplified multitasking such as the screen splitting application, they cannot provide you with the ability to display a part of the screen in full-screen, obviously, which is crucial for certain video editing and similar tasks. Alas, if you don’t need all that extra space nor to preview your work in a separate full-screen display, the ultra-wide monitor may be the option for you.

LCD, LED, CCFL – What does it mean?

Most of the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors nowadays feature LED (Light Emitting Diode) backlight panels. LED backlit monitors replaced the CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) backlight displays as they are cheaper, thinner, use less power, and last longer. So, to clear away the confusion, LED monitors are LCD monitors, and CCFL is, just as the CRT, an outdated technology. More importantly, in order to make sure your monitor won’t strain your eyes, you should pick displays that don’t use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to regulate brightness.

While some people are sensitive to flicker and may experience eye discomfort, fatigue, or even headaches after long hours spent in front of the screen, others don’t even notice it. Either way, all of the monitors we’ve selected feature flicker-free screens and a low blue light filter. The latter applies a color temperature that blocks out the harmful blue lights and allows for long and late working hours without causing eye fatigue. All of the listed monitors also feature a matte anti-glare screen coating instead of a glossy surface that’s reflective and can hence strain your eyes as well.

Even after you’ve selected the monitor with the ideal size and resolution as well as all of its protective features, we still recommended taking breaks regularly and properly adjusting screen brightness and color temperature; don’t use maximum brightness and cool temperatures. When in a bright room, increase the brightness and reduce it if you’re sitting in a dim area. Some of the monitors we’ve included also do this for you automatically via built-in sensors.

Best Monitor For Office Work 2019 – 2560×1440, 27-inch, IPS, USB-C
(Editor’s Choice) Best Monitor For Office Work 2017

There are many 1440p monitors around 400 USD available that could be used for office work, but none of them is ideal for all purposes as they always lack something that the other display has and vice versa. The Acer H277HU offers everything needed for office work for a reasonable price including vibrant image quality with true 8-bit colors and quick 4ms response time of its AH-IPS panel, extensive connectivity, and a minimalistic design ideal for offices and dual monitor setups. It’s flicker-free, has a blue light filter, and a matte screen coating.

Connectors include an HDMI 2.0, a DisplayPort 1.2, and a USB 3.1 type C which can transfer data, audio/video signal, and charge a device at the same time. There are also two downstream USB 3.0 ports, an audio line-out, and line-in for the 2x3W built-in speakers. The monitor also offers Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture modes. However, it lacks VESA mount compatibility so you will have to purchase the fitting adapter separately if you wish to place in on the wall or a mounting arm. In addition, the Acer H277HU monitor is tilt-only and has no height adjustment nor other ergonomics.

The 2560×1440 resolution on the 27-inch screen offers a rich pixel density of 109 pixels per inch which is the sweet spot between the screen real estate and visible detail. The Acer H277HU is the best monitor for reading text, multitasking, and other office-related work as the letters are sharp and crisp while not taking up much space. Een though there are some 27-inch 4K monitors available at nearly the same price, keep in mind that you would need to scale the image in order for the text to become readable with too small monitors for 4K resolution; This diminishes the purpose of the high resolution, as you will end up with less workspace. Additionally, some of your office software may not properly scale and result in a fuzzy image.

Overall, the Acer H277HU display fits just about any office due to its extensive connectivity, crisp resolution, flawless image quality, and ultra-slim design which also makes it a great choice for a 1440p dual monitor setup. Even when you include the mounting adapter in the purchase, the Acer H277HU is worth its price and delivers what it promises, and then some.

Fully Ergonomic Office Monitor with On-Screen Virtual Grid Feature

Fully Ergonomic 1440p Office Monitor.

The ASUS PB278Q monitor doesn’t feature as thin bezels as the previous monitor, but it makes up for it with its full ergonomic support. Besides VESA mount compatibility with 100 x 100 holes, this flicker-free monitor can be tilted by -5°, 20°, pivoted by 90°, swiveled to the left and right by 60°, and height adjusted by 120mm. It also offers plenty of connectivity options with a DisplayPort 1.2, an HDMI 1.4, Dual-Link DVI, a VGA, and 2x3W built-in speakers. The ASUS PB278Q is also a great monitor for coding and programming as you can pivot it and use the vertical space for long codes.

The ASUS PB278Q display features a PLS panel, which is essentially Samsung’s version of the IPS; It also offers the flawless 178-degree viewing angles, quick response time speed of 5ms in this case, and precise and consistent colors with 8-bit color support and over 99% sRGB color gamut. The ASUS PB278Q also offers a handy feature for certain office tasks; By clicking one of the monitor hotkeys, you can enable the QuickFit feature that places a virtual grid over the screen, so that you can easily format your documents, photos, and other files.

Best Business Monitor with a Versatile Design and VDI Mount

Best Business Monitor with a Versatile Design and VDI Mount

The ViewSonic VG2765 is the only flicker-free 1440p business monitor that tick all the boxes when it comes to any possible office requirement, but it’s also a tad more expensive for that matter. It has full ergonomic support (-5,20° tilt, 356° swivel, 130mm height adjustment, 90° pivot, and 100 x 100 VESA mount compatibility) along with the built-in VDI mount which allows various government and business offices to use the VDI client endpoints without affecting the monitor’s ergonomics.

Moreover, it has thin-bezels, anti-glare coating, and a wide range of connectivity including DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort, HDMI 1.4, and two downstream USB ports as well as the 2x2W built-in speakers. The ViewSonic VG2765 IPS panel delivers stunning 1.07 billion colors with 10-bit support through dithering (8-bit + FRC) but has a bit slower response time speed at 12ms. Overall, the ViewSonic VG2765 offers an abundance of features for a reasonably higher price. If you find a certain feature excessive, pick a monitor without it for a lower price.

Best Budget 1440p Business Monitors

Best Budget 1440p Business Monitor

If you’re looking for the best computer monitor for eye strain at an affordable price that will also feature the WQHD resolution and crystal clear colors to make even work more enjoyable, then the ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD is for you. It’s also based on the PLS panel with true 8-bit color support and quick response time speed. It’s the most affordable office monitor for MAC users as it offers the mini-DisplayPort 1.2 along with the DisplayPort 1.2 and an HDMI 1.4. Additionally, it features 2x2W built-in speakers, VESA mount compliance, and -5, 22 degrees tiltable screen. The ViewSonic VX2778 PLS monitor also has slim bezels which make it a great choice for affordable yet top-notch 1440p dual monitor setup.

Best Budget 1440p Business Monitors

Even though most monitors released this year included higher resolution and higher refresh rate models as well as some HDR-ready displays, ASUS released the ASUS VZ27AQ as one of the best monitors for eyes in 2019. For a very appealing price, you can get this beauteous 1440p display with a 0.27-inch slim profile and enticingly narrow bezels. It features an IPS panel with 8-bit color depth, a quick 5ms response time speed, and flawless viewing angles. Connectors include a VGA, a DisplayPort 1.2, an HDMI 1.4, and an audio line-in for the 2x2W built-in speakers. The ASUS VZ27AQ flicker-free display also offers the SPLENDID Video Intelligence technology which consists of numerous pre-calibrated picture presets that you can swap according to the activity on the screen. Alas, it’s tilt-only by -5, 22 degrees and has no VESA mount compatibility.

Amazing Flicker-Free Monitor with HDMI-MHL Support

Amazing Flicker-Free Monitor with HDMI-MHL Support

The ASUS Designo MX27AQ display is a bit pricier than the previously mentioned monitors, but it’s also much prettier thanks to its award-winning ultra-slim design with a sturdy metal stand. It features an AH-IPS panel with 100% sRGB color gamut coverage and 5ms response time speed. It’s also one of the thinnest monitors in the list with only 1.25cm thick profile and 10mm thin bezels – ideal for the first-class multi monitor setups. The QuickFit Virtual Scale is also present in this ASUS monitor, along with the MultiFrame feature for multitasking and even GamePlus’ custom crosshairs for those who like to play some video games on the breaks.

When it comes to connectivity, the ASUS MX27AQ display provides you with a DisplayPort 1.2, two HDMI 1.4, and an HDMI with MHL 2.0 support which allows you to stream content in high-quality from your MHL-compatible mobile device whilst charging it at the same time; particularly useful if your work involves developing apps for smartphones. Lastly, the monitor has 2x3W built-in speakers that deliver an immersive audio experience thanks to the ASUS SonicMaster Technology. The only downside is that the monitor, unfortunately, has no VESA mount compatibility and is tilt-only by -5, 20 degrees.

Incredible Office Monitor with Innovative Eye Care Technology

Incredible Office Monitor with Innovative Eye Care Technology

The BenQ EW2770QZ is the best computer monitor for light-sensitive eyes. Besides the flawless image quality of its AHVA IPS panel with true 8-bit color that covers 100% of the sRGB color gamut, the BenQ EW2770QZ display offers the cutting-edge Brightness Intelligence Plus technology. The monitor features a built-in sensor which analyzes the on-screen content as well as the ambient lighting and calibrates the image for the best viewing experience accordingly.

The B.I.+ technology optimizes both brightness and color temperature in order to deliver the most comfortable image for your eyes. There are many ways to customize this feature; for instance, you can make it gradually decrease brightness and color temperature as you work. There are several sensitivity levels for the sensor as well.

The BenQ EW2770QZ IPS monitor also features several different modes for the low blue light filter. The bezels are only 8mm thin at all sides, you can tilt the screen by -5, 20 degrees, and it’s VESA mount compatible. Connectivity includes two HDMI 1.4, a DisplayPort 1.2, a headphones jack, and 2x2W built-in speakers.

BenQ EW2770QZ

Best CAD Monitor 2019

Best CAD Monitor 2017

If you’re looking for the best monitor for SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Animation, and similar designer tasks, the BenQ PD2700Q offers the best features for such jobs along with the flicker-free screen and an affordable price tag. Based on AU Optronics’ AHVA (IPS) panel, the BenQ PD2700Q display offers 10-bit color support (8-bit + FRC), 100% sRGB and Rec.709 color gamuts, 178-degree viewing angles, and 12ms response time which can be increased via the Advanced Motion Accelerator feature if needed. It also has fully adjustable stand including height, pivot, tilt, swivel, and VESA mount while connectivity consists of an HDMI 1.4, a DisplayPort 1.2, a mini-DisplayPort 1.2, two downstream USB 2.0 ports, and 2x1W built-in speakers for basic sound production.

In the OSD settings, you can enable various different picture settings which can help with your work; these presets include CAD/CAM with enhanced contrast on 3D lines, Animation for better shadow detail, and Darkroom for improved sharpness and clarity of dark objects. Additionally, the low blue light filter mode consists of four different settings, for Web Surfing, Reading, Multimedia, and Office scenarios. Currently, it is exceptionally cheap which makes it worth even for the regular office use due to its high-quality image and design versatility. For other designer displays, check out our monitor buying guide for photo-editing monitors.

Cheapest 32-Inch 1440p Monitor for Office Use

Cheapest 32-Inch 1440p Monitor for Office Use

If you’re looking for a larger 1440p monitor, the ASUS VA32AQ is the cheapest option which offers flicker-free screen and a low blue light filter. On its 31.5-inch screen size, the WQHD resolution results in the same pixel density as Full HD resolution on a 24-inch screen. Thanks to its big size and 1440p resolution, text and small icons appear crisp and hefty while there’s still plenty of screen real estate. Connector ports are as follows: an HDMI, a DisplayPort, and a VGA. There are two 4w speakers as well as a USB3.0 port with fast-charging capacity.

The ASUS VA32AQ IPS monitor is VESA mountable and tiltable by -5, 10 degrees, 10-bit color is supported with dithering and there’s no ghosting evident due to the quick 5ms response time. The image quality is noticeably inferior to the previous 27-inch monitors, mostly because of the pixel density, but the panel itself is of lesser quality as well – hence the same price, or even lower than some 27-inch 1440p monitors. Remember to disable the VividPixel feature in the OSD settings if on by default, as it oversaturates the image. Proper calibration greatly improves the image quality in this case.

Best 32-Inch 1440p Monitor for Business

Yet another ASUS monitor makes the list, however, the ASUS PB328Q makes no compromise and delivers a flawless performance and image quality with a versatile and slim-bezel design. Moreover, it’s available for an appealing price even though it’s over 100 USD more expensive than the budget model. The ASUS PB328Q monitor features AU Optronics’ true 10-bit AMVA (Advanced Multi Domain Vertical Alignment) panel which more effectively blocks the backlight and can thus deliver stunningly deep, black colors. The VA panel also offers quick 4ms response time speed and 178-degree viewing angles while covering 100% of the sRGB color space.

It offers generous connectivity and ergonomic options. Connectors include an HDMI 1.4, a DisplayPort 1.2, a Dual-Link DVI, a VGA. four downstream USB 3.0 ports, an audio line-out, and line-in for the two 3W speakers. There’s is a 100 x 100 VESA pattern while other ergonomics offer 150mm height adjustment, 90° pivot, 60° swivel, and -5, 25° tilt. The ASUS PB328Q VA panel monitor also features gorgeous thin bezels, an intuitive 5-way OSD joystick, Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture modes as well as 12-bit LUT. Overall, if you’re looking for a perfect 32-inch display for a great price, the ASUS PB328Q is the one.

Best 1080p Monitor for Single & Multi Display Setup

Whether you are on a tight budget and can only afford one office monitor or you seek a cheap but effective multi-monitor deal, the Acer R240HY is your best choice. Due to its affordable price, gorgeous design with slim bezels, the stunning image quality, and smooth performance, the Acer R240HY is also considered one of the best computer monitors under 200 USD for casual gaming, multimedia entertainment, and other purposes. Its IPS panel ensures accurate and vibrant colors, rapid 4ms response time speed, and the impeccable viewing angles.

The fact that it has no extra USB ports, no built-in speakers, and no VESA mount, is entirely forgivable as the image quality is simply too good for its price. Besides, you can buy the VESA brackets ( separately and still have a cost-efficient office monitor. Connector ports include a DVI, a VGA, and an HDMI. Only the screen of the monitor is adjustable by -5, 15° tilt. If you’re looking for a fully adjustable Full HD display, we recommend the Dell P2417H.

Note that at this price, you can get two or even three monitors instead of a single 1440p display, which can greatly increase your productivity due to the extra screen real estate. If you’re on a limited budget, we advise you to get the Acer R240HY and then, depending on how much money you save, get either a new 1080p or 1440p display for the dual monitor setup. Check out our 1080p vs 1440p resolution comparison for more information.

Affordable Full HD Office Monitor with Wireless Charging Base

Affordable Full HD Office Monitor with Wireless Charging Base

Whether your work requires you to have your phone always within your reach or you simply can’t go a minute without it, the Samsung S24E370DL has a solution for you; the Qi Wireless Charging allows you to charge your compatible device by placing it on the monitor’s base. The Samsung S24E370DL has a PLS panel with superb picture quality and fluid performance while the stylish design consists of glamorous blue finish on the ultra-thin bezels. However, it has no VESA mount and is tilt-only by -1, 20 degrees. One HDMI, one DisplayPort 1.2, and a VGA make for the connectivity options of the Samsung S24E370DL monitor.

Affordable UltraWide Full HD Curved Monitor for Office

Affordable UltraWide Full HD Monitor for Office

The LG 29UC88-B costs a bit more than two regular Full HD monitors. So, if multitasking and screen real estate is your priority then the dual monitor setup is more suited for you. Those who need just a little bit of extra workspace for their spreadsheets and applications, but don’t want an additional display on their desk, will be entirely satisfied with the LG 29UC88-B. It offers true 8-bit IPS panel with factory calibrated 99% sRGB color gamut. Connectivity consists of two HDMI 1.4, a DisplayPort 1.2, headphones jack, and an audio line-in for the two 7W built-in speakers. You can also height adjust the LG 28UC88-B monitor by 120 mm and tilt it by -5, 15 degrees. It has plenty of exclusive features including FreeSync, ScreenSplit, and LG monitor Reader Mode which along its flicker-free screens and anti-glare coating ensure comfortable viewing experience.

Exceptional UltraWide QHD Curved Display

Exceptional UltraWide QHD Display

Those who are looking for something a bit bigger than the previous monitor should check out the Dell UltraSharp U3417W. This gorgeous thin-bezel monitor offers amazing image quality thanks to its 10-bit (8-bit + FRC) IPS panel that covers 99% sRGB and Rec709 color spaces. It has extensive connectivity which allows its spacious screen to be easily utilized; there are two HDMI 2.0 ports with MHL support, four downstream USB 3.0 ports and two upstream, a DisplayPort, a mini-DisplayPort, and a DisplayPort-out for daisy-chaining multiple monitors. Additionally, there are two 9W built-in speakers. You can height adjust it by 115 mm, tilt by -5, 21 degrees, swivel to the left and right by 30 degrees, and VESA mount it. At this price point, you can opt either for a 4K display or an ultra-wide such as the Dell U3417 which is available with two different curvatures, a slight 3800R or a steeper 1900R. Check out our 4K vs Ultra-Wide article if you are still undecided between the two.

Best High-End 4K Business Monitor 2019

Best High-End 4K Business Monitor

For those who want a larger display for their office, the LG 43UD79-B is the best there is as it offers the perfect screen size/resolution, plenty of useful features, and it’s worth its price. Thanks to its 4K UHD screen resolution, the text appears stunningly sharp and easy to read while the giant screen size offers plenty of workspace. While smaller displays would require you to scale the image in order to increase text size to a readable level, the LG 43UD79-B has an ideal pixel density of roughly 104 pixels per inch. If you were to get a bigger 4K monitor, the text wouldn’t be as sharp and well, there simply aren’t as good deals as the LG 43UD79-B display.

In addition, you can split the image four ways and view the screen as four 1080p 21.5-inch monitors. And due to its extensive connectivity and plethora of features, you can connect four different devices and view the images simultaneously. Connectivity includes two HDMI 2.0 ports, two HDMI 1.4 ports which can output 4K at 30Hz, a DisplayPort 1.2, a USB-C, and two USB 3.1 ports with KVM switch that allow you to control multiple connected devices via a single set of keyboard and mouse. There are also two 10W speakers and you get a remote control for easier navigation through the features and adjustments.

In the On-Screen Control software of the monitor, you can adjust all of the OSD settings in a desktop application including numerous gaming-oriented, productivity-enhancing, and other features. Some of the more useful features include PiP and PbP modes, ScreenSplit which consists of different layouts for snapping certain applications to parts of the screen, 6-axis color adjustment, AMD FreeSync, etc. The image quality is vibrant and crisp thanks to the IPS panel with 178-degree viewing angles, 5ms response time, and over 99% of the sRGB gamut covered by 10-bit (8-bit + FRC) 1.07 billion colors. Ergonomics include 200 x 200 VESA mount and slight -5,10 tilt ability. The screen is flicker-free and has an anti-glare coating. One of its many pre-calibrated picture presets is the LG Reader Mode that features optimal settings of the low blue light filter. Given its eye-friendly image quality, outstanding crispness, and massive screen real estate, the LG 43UD79-B is the best monitor for text clarity and reading documents, books, etc.


This concludes our list of all the best monitors for office work available in 2019. If you’re interested, check out the monitors you like by searching for them on our website for more thorough reviews, and feel free to ask us anything in the comments below; we’ll gladly help.