Best Monitor Riser 2018 – Buying Guide and Ratings

Best Monitor Stand

One thing that a lot of people don’t realize about their computer monitors, is that they’re not designed to be at the best level for your eyes. Even the tallest of stands don’t quite reach eye level and you find yourself slightly angling your neck down to look at the screen when in reality, you should be looking straight ahead. Go ahead and check right now if you’re sitting at a desk and don’t have a monitor stand – your head is probably angled downwards 30 to 45 degrees.

While this may not be a huge deal short-term, if you’re at a desk every day for months or years, this can put a huge strain on your neck and ultimately lead to neck and back problems. Not good.

Note that this is a buying guide for monitor risers, which are different from standalone monitor stands. A monitor riser will raise your monitor, while a monitor stand will hold your monitors instead of the standard one they come with. You can use a monitor stand to attach multiple monitors.

The Top Monitor Risers and Monitor Stands For 2018

To help you out, we compiled a list of the best monitor stands for you to look through. We tried to choose a wide variety of designs and materials but rest assured all are sturdy and reliable.

What are you waiting for? Check them out!

Halter Monitor Stand – Best Monitor Riser

Alright, starting off our list we have the Halter Monitor Stand! This has a nice classic office feel to it with some nice added bonuses that make it extremely functional.

Starting off, this monitor stand gives you 3.5 inches of clearance from the desk which is a really good height. As you can tell from the photo, there’s also a drawer underneath! We love this feature because it’s not just a stationary drawer, it actually pulls out making it easier to go through any papers or documents you might be storing there. It can also support the weight of a tablet or laptop if you want to keep it there as well. You also have the really handy storage on the side where you can easily keep pens, stickies, or even your phone while it’s charging. It’s perfect. We want to note that you can take the drawer out if you want to have the extra space to slide something underneath, but just note that the rails on the side will stay in place.

The Halter Monitor Stand also features non-skid rubber feet which are essential to a functioning monitor stand! What is good in a monitor stand if your monitor falls off? It’s not. Exactly! You won’t have to worry about it with this one. With this stand being able to fit any monitor up to 24 inches, it’ll suit just about everyone’s needs.

Perhaps the best part of this stand that we should’ve mentioned at the beginning is that it actually comes with TWO monitor stands! Seriously. So this is perfect if you have dual monitors that you have to elevate. And at $35, you’re really not even paying for the price of two.

We love this monitor stand. It’s sturdy, pretty stylish for how functional it is, has plenty of storage, and it literally comes with two stands! You cannot beat that.

Fitueyes Monitor Riser – Best Saving Space Monitor Riser

Okay so maybe the traditional mesh-looking office style isn’t for you or maybe you don’t need all the extra storage. No problem! We have a perfect solution for you with the Fitueyes Monitor Riser.

This monitor stand will put you a whopping 4.6 inches off of the desk, leaving you plenty of space underneath for whatever your storage needs are. This is also in the optimal ergonomic range to ensure that you’re not putting any strain on your neck. It’s made out of a very thick, very sturdy beautiful glass that even has a polished safety edge around the side making it extra smooth. The Fitueyes Monitor Riser can actually accommodate up to 33 pounds, which we think is fairly impressive for a glass stand.

The legs are made out of high-strength aluminum tubes and have a very sleek design to them. They also have non-slip feet on the bottom which again is essential to look out for with monitor stands. The high-strength aluminum tubes in conjunction with the glass provide an extremely sturdy base for whatever monitor you need to throw on top.

We just love the design of this! Unlike the first one, this will blend right in with your desk. It’s not bulky whatsoever and will add a touch of elegance to any office environment and looks especially good on top of another glass desk. It comes packaged securely and takes only a minute or two to assemble right out of the box. A couple of screws and you’re up and running, ready to use your new monitor stand! The price isn’t too bad either, coming in at just under $30. If you’re looking for a stylish, rock-solid monitor stand that will blend into your workspace, we highly recommend the Fitueyes Monitor Riser.

Vivo Ergonomic Tabletop Riser – Best Ergonomic Monitor Riser

Up next we have a slight variation on the previous monitor stand by Fitueyes with another ergonomic glass stand made by Vivo. While they look pretty similar there are a few key differences that might sway you to purchase one over the other.

First, you can see from the photo but the design is slightly different in the Vivo – the legs are white instead of a brushed aluminum. This isn’t necessarily bad one way or the other and will just depend on your personal style and the set up of your office. It does also have slightly lower clearance coming in at 3 inches. Again, this might not matter to you if your monitor has a slightly longer arm, or you just want something that takes up a little less space.

Another big thing to note is that it can support up to 33% more weight at around 44 pounds. While the other one primarily can hold monitors, this one is definitely strong enough to potentially hold a smaller TV. It also has anti-slip silicone pads on the bottom of the legs to keep it in place. It measures 22 inches by 8.25 inches. Assembly is also easy and can be completed in just about a minute so you won’t have to wait long to start using it as soon as it arrives.

Overall, this is a nicely designed sturdy glass monitor stand. While the clearance is slightly lower (3 inches vs. 4.6 inches), it can support much more weight (44 pounds vs. 33 pounds). We personally think the aluminum finish on the Fitueyes model is better but if you prefer the white, then this one will definitely work. As one final point – this Vivo monitor stand is about 10% cheaper than the Fitueyes. So if none of the above factors matter to you and you just want a glass monitor stand, the choice should be clear.

Fitueyes Computer Monitor Riser – Built-in Shelf & Sleek Design

The great thing about monitor stands is that there are so many different design – glass, metal, various types of woods, shelves, no shelves, slanted, etc. That’s what we loved so much about compiling this list! Anyway – our first wood monitor stand to hit our list is another Fitueyes Computer Monitor Riser. Besides its sleek design, what makes this so great? Let us tell you.

Well first, the shelf. We love any monitor stand that has a built-in shelf; it just adds so much functionality and versatility! A great thing about this shelf too is that it’s completely removable and there are no metal tracks left over! So use it if you want and pop it out if you decide you don’t want it later on. But it’s perfectly suited for a speaker or you can pop your laptop down there if you’re using this stand for a monitor that’s plugged into your laptop. The shelf is 10 inches deep.

The top of the stand sits at a perfect height, around five inches, with the clearance to the bottom of the shelf being two inches. You can’t put a ton of weight on this, only about 22 pounds. This should be fine for just about all monitors but just keep this in mind if you were thinking about potentially using this for a TV or a bigger, thicker monitor. It’s easy to assemble but will take slightly more work than the previous ones, but mainly because those ones were so simple. Still, you’ll be up and running in only a few minutes. And it’s also worth noting that at the bottom of the feet you will indeed find non-slip rubber pads.

We love this monitor stand. It has a nice simple and sleek design, a shelf (which is even removable!), and it sits at a great height at five inches. No complaints about this monitor stand.

VonHaus Monitor Stand – Best Curved Glass Monitor Riser

We just can’t get enough of the glass monitor stands it seems! This time from VonHaus and coming in at just a little bit over $30, it is a sturdy, functional, and stylish monitor stand. Alright, since it’s the third glass monitor stand on our list, what makes this one so different? Well, only a few things.

First off, it comes in a black tempered glass finish, which we love! Although you do have the option to get in the traditional clear tempered glass, we would still personally stick with the black. And the glass is very thick at about 1/3”. This is a pretty large stand as well at 27.5 inches by 9.5 inches so make sure you have the room on your desk. Another added bonus is the curve in the glass, which might appear to just be for aesthetics at first but it actually does serve a purpose. If that side is in the back and it’s flush against a wall, it’s actually the perfect spot for your cords to go through! So you get a nice clean looking, rectangular, glass stand with a very thoughtful design in the back.

Something that also isn’t usual with glass monitor stands is adjustability, but this VonHaus monitor stand has it! You can adjust the height anywhere from 3.5 inches to 4.3 inches while still getting a sleek stand that will blend into your workspace. The tubular feet make it very sturdy and with a non-slip material on the bottom, your monitor isn’t going anywhere.

This glass monitor stand is stellar in our book and with the added features of adjustability and the curved wire gap, we think it stands above the competition. At just over $30, it is on the more expensive end and it is quite large but other than that, we are in love.

Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand – Best Stable Laptop Stand

This isn’t a monitor stand in the traditional sense but it is supporting a monitor, just attached to a laptop. It’s the only laptop stand we included on this list but we think it’s for a good reason. It’s sleek, functional and has a really amazing design.

This laptop stand will elevate your screen 5.9 inches. This is a bit taller than the monitor stands on this list but when elevating a laptop, you need the extra few inches since it isn’t already sitting on a stand. We absolutely love the design of this and if you happen to have an Apple computer, it’ll fit the exact feel of your laptop. But of course, you can use any laptop with this, as long as the depth doesn’t exceed 10.5 inches.

Some more points on design – first, it requires no assembly since it is just one single piece of aluminum. This makes it very stable and almost impossible to break. The design also helps to improve airflow with the laptop which can be vitally important. If it’s just sitting on your desk or on your lap, all the heat can get trapped very easily and put unnecessary strain on your laptop. However, this allows it to flow properly however and the aluminum also acts as a heat sink, pushing the heat down and helping to cool the laptop. You also notice the circular cut-out in the back which not only looks great but is meant to consolidate all your cords which will help to tidy up your workspace.

Forgive us for this not being a true monitor stand, but we thought it was too functional and beautiful to leave out. The design is sturdy, no assembly required so it’s ready to go upon arrival, and it will make any desk look high-end and clean. It also has four non-slip grips in the corners of the stand and as an added bonus, it comes in silver, gold, and space gray. We love this stand and think it’s a perfect addition to any desk!

Royal Craft Monitor Stand Riser – Best Wood Monitor Riser

Another uniquely designed monitor stand with an even more unique material! This checks all the boxes – it’s sturdy, stylish, functional, versatile, the list really goes on. Okay okay, so what’s so special about this monitor stand? Well if you can’t tell just by looking at it, let us tell you some of the specs.

It will lift your monitor into a very comfortable 3.5 inches off the ground, enough for it to be at a height that’s ergonomic and comfortable for your neck. Where this monitor stand really stands out – it’s able to support up to 100 pounds! You probably couldn’t even come up with 100 pounds worth of electronics to put on here so we don’t think you have to worry about that. If you couldn’t already tell, there are plenty of slots to put your accessories in. There are two spots for cell phones, slots for a cup, tablets, business cards, charger holders, and anything else you can possibly dream up. Say you also want to use this stand with your tablet as the monitor and a keyboard to type – there’s a slot that’ll perfectly fit your tablet or iPad and there you go!

Even the material used for this monitor stand is unique – it’s made of 100% bamboo! It’s even sustainably sourced so it’s even nice to the environment. It’s not shown in the photo, but there are actually square holes in the platform that helps to keep your monitor or laptop cool! There is a thoughtful design in every single aspect of this stand. Assembly is also very easy, all you have to do is screw on the legs and you’re good to go.

We think this is a very thoughtfully designed stand and we’re not sure if they’ve left anything out! It has slots for just about everything so it will free up a ton of space on your desk and give it a funky look with the bamboo. Its price is even better at around $30. We cannot recommend this stand enough.

Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand – Simple Monitor Stand

Up next, we have a very simple, clean but effective monitor stand – the Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand. This is for somebody who wants something very minimalist, no fuss, and possibly something that you might even want to store. Alright, so what is this stand all about? It looks too minimalist, is it even functional? Yes!

It’s very functional. It’ll lift your monitor into a very comfortable four inches off the desk so it is indeed ergonomically designed and falls into the height range recommended by OSHA. It’s made out of steel and that steel is powder coated so you don’t have to worry about it chipping. The holes throughout the base will also help to keep your monitor or laptop cool if you’re using your laptop on this.

Underneath the monitor stand, you can easily slide your keyboard if not in use and it’s even tall enough to fit any gaming console you might have. While this stand may have a minimalist design, it is still built to hold. It has a 40-pound capacity which is one of the higher end of all the monitor stands on this list. It also features non-skid protective feet so it does not only stay in place, also you don’t have to worry about this scratching your desk at all.

This monitor stand is perfect for those who don’t like clutter. If you look at a monitor stand like the last bamboo one and think, “I don’t even have enough things to fill all the spots!”, then this might be for you. If you like keeping your desk simple, clean, and clutter free and want a monitor stand that will help add to the sleek design while also being durable and functional, you can’t go wrong with the Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand.

Kantek Adjustable Monitor Stand – Durable Monitor Stand

Another adjustable monitor stand makes it onto our list, yay! While the design of this leaves a bit to be desired, this is monitor stand is definitely two things, okay maybe three things: durable, functional, and adjustable.

This monitor stand by Kantek gives you ultimate versatility with how adjustable it is. You can have it as low as 3 inches and as high as 6.5 inches with the ability to adjust in 1.25-inch increments. All you have to do is add or subtract those little blocks to the feet. This is able to hold just about any size monitor and is especially good for those monitors with particularly wide feet. The Kantek monitor stand has got you covered. It also contains 30% recycled material so while it is made of plastic, it is still doing its best to be eco-conscious.

Again, this is definitely not the most stylish monitor stand on the market. But perhaps you want to use it to elevate your modem, or just plain don’t care about style and want good functionality at a good price. Fair enough! This comes in at a great price at $17 and will hold just about any monitor.

AmazonBasics Metal Stand – Affordable AmazonBasics Stand

We actually love that Amazon has started their AmazonBasics line. Usually, when purchasing through Amazon you get to take advantage of their amazing logistics – aka you can get just about any product in two days. However, a lot of the time you’re referred to the manufacturer if anything goes wrong, which can get messy. By purchasing an AmazonBasics product, you get the customer service of Amazon if anything is wrong or damaged with your product as well! And we think that’s a perk worth mentioning.

Another sleek and simple monitor stand. It sits at the recommended 4.25 inches and despite how it looks, it can actually hold up to 40 pounds! With that clearance, you can also easily store laptops, keyboards or anything else underneath with no issue. No assembly required so it’s ready to go right out of the box, as well! Also no risk of any missing or breaking any parts. That also means it’s super easy to store so if you don’t want it out all the time, very simple to throw into a drawer. Of course, it has extremely sturdy rubber feet on the legs to keep it from slipping. The one thing that we do want to note is that you want to make sure your laptop or monitor has proper non-slip material on the bottom because it can be very slippery on this stand otherwise!

Overall, a cheap, reliable alternative to some of the bigger monitor stands out there through a company everyone knows and trusts. We highly recommend this and can confidently say you won’t be disappointed!

Best Monitor Stand – Buyer’s Guide

Besides personal style, there are really only a few other key things to consider when purchasing a monitor stand. Alright, so what are those key things that you should look out for so you make sure you’re getting the monitor stand that’s right for you.


Of course – height! This goes without saying but make sure you look for the exact height you want. Some monitors might have a slightly larger stand already attached so you might need something a little lower. The recommended height is right around four inches but obviously, if your monitor is a bit taller than that, a shorter one would do and vice versa.


Similar to height, see if the stand you’re looking at is adjustable. Maybe you’re planning on getting a monitor in the near future, or multiple people will be using the stand and will need to adjust, or maybe you’re just an indecisive person – whatever the reason, this is always a nice bonus feature for a monitor stand to have.


This isn’t super important if you’ll be using it exclusively for a monitor, but if you’ll also want to use your laptop you may want to consider the material. Some materials ventilate heat much better than others and some even come with holes to help minimize heat getting trapped even more.


Do you want a pull out drawer? Or maybe a side shelf? Or maybe you just want some space around/on the base of the monitor stand to store some office supplies or your phone. A lot of monitor stands will offer this so look out for it if you want it! However, if you want a minimalist design and don’t want a lot of clutter on your desk anyway, then you won’t need to worry.

Place for Wires

If you have a wired mouse, keyboard, or like to charge your phone through your computer, you may want to consider looking out for a monitor stand that will accommodate your wires neatly. A lot don’t take this into account but a few on our list have neat little holes around them to help organize your wires, which helps you with keeping a clutter-free desk!


Purchasing a monitor stand is completely necessary if you spend a lot of time at your desk. You don’t want to put a lot of strain on your neck but if you’re going to go through the trouble of purchasing a monitor stand, you might as well make sure it’s beautiful and functional. We’ve looked at ten different monitor stands with all different types of design, functionality, material, height and anything else you can think of but we think we found one that rose above the pack and really stands out above the rest. Curious as to what that is?

We firmly believe that the best monitor stand 2017 is, drum roll….. the Royal Craft Monitor Stand Riser! Once we saw this we knew it was going to be hard to be beat, and it was! A little recap – it’s made of sustainably sourced bamboo, can support up to 100 pounds worth of weight, has a slot for just about anything you can imagine, can hold your iPad or tablet if you want to use it as a screen, has holes for cooling, and it looks amazing! And at $30, it’s not even the most expensive stand at the market! We’re in love. While we recognize it might not quite be everyone’s style, we think the functionality of it far outweighs any minimalist look that you might be going for. We say to at least give it a shot – you might be surprised at how much you use those little extra features!

Hopefully, this was a helpful guide, you’ve ordered your monitor stand, and you are on your way to a less strained neck and a more organized desk!