Best Gaming Monitors For XBOX One X and PS4 Pro

Best Gaming Monitors for XBOX One X and PS4 Pro 2017

Whether you have or plan to get XBOX One X or PlayStation 4 Pro, if you wish to use the full potential of these gaming consoles, you’ll need a worthy display. Luckily, 4K Ultra HD monitors are becoming more and more affordable. However, there are many things you should consider apart from the screen resolution when purchasing a new 4K display for your X1X or PS4 Pro gaming console.

If you prefer smoother and more responsive gameplay, monitors are definitely a better choice than TVs for 4K console gaming. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice image quality for performance, as long as you pick a proper display. There are many different types of 4K gaming monitors and not all of them are ideal for consoles.

For the best 4K console gaming experience, you need to ensure that the display offers at least an HDMI 2.0 port in order to support 4K at 60Hz. Depending on the monitor panel, you need to decide between faster pixel transition for less motion blur (TN) or go for better color production and viewing angles (IPS and VA) instead. Additionally, you can opt for a 4K gaming monitor with limited or true HDR (High Dynamic Range) support, depending on your budget.

If you’re confused with all the choices you have to make in order to pick the best console gaming monitor for your needs, you’ve come to the right place. We will fill you in on everything you need to know when choosing a display for your 4K-capable console and present you with the best monitors currently available in accordance with your requirements and list of desired specifications and results.

These are the best gaming monitors for XBOX One X and PS4 Pro gaming consoles currently available.

TypeMonitorScreen SizeResolutionPanel TypeHDMI FreeSync>
Best 4K IPS Gaming Monitors for XBOX One X and PS4 ProLG 27UD5827-Inch3840x2160IPSNo
LG 24UD5824-Inch3840x2160IPSNo
LG 27UD6827-Inch3840x2160IPSNo
LG 27UD6927-Inch3840x2160IPSYes
ViewSonic XG2700-4K27-Inch3840x2160IPSNo
Best 4K Console Gaming Monitors For Competitive GameplayASUS MG28UQ28-Inch3840x2160TNNo
ASUS VP28UQG28-Inch3840x2160TNYes
Samsung U28H75028-Inch3840x2160TNYes
Samsung U28E590D28-Inch3840x2160TNNo
Dell S2817Q28-Inch3840x2160TNNo
Best 1440p Gaming Monitors for Xbox One XAcer G257HU25-Inch2560x1440IPSNo
Philips 326M6FJSB31.5-Inch2560x1440IPSYes
Best 1080p Gaming Monitors for PS4 and Xbox One SBenQ Zowie RL2755T27-Inch1920x1080TNNo
BenQ Zowie RL275527-Inch1920x1080TNNo
Best 32-Inch 4K Console Gaming MonitorsAOC U3277PWQU31.5-Inch3840x2160VANo
Samsung UH75031.5-Inch3840x2160VAYes
Samsung U32H85031.5-Inch3840x2160VAYes
Best 43-Inch Monitor for Console GamingLG 43UD79T43-Inch3840x2160IPSNo
Best HDR Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X and PS4 ProDell UP2718Q27-Inch3840x2160IPSNo
Best Pseudo-HDR Gaming Monitor for PS4 Pro and Xbox One XLG 32UD9931.5-Inch3840x2160IPSYes
Dell U2718Q27-Inch3840x2160IPSNo

Best Gaming Monitors for XBOX One X and PS4 Pro – 4K, HDMI 2.0, IPS, 27″
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Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro 2017

LG 27UD58: Best 4K IPS Console Gaming Monitor for the Money

If you’re looking for the best 4K monitor for console gaming for the money, you should consider the LG 27UD58. It is based on AH-IPS panel with 10-bit color achieved through dithering (8-bit + FRC) and over 99% sRGB color gamut which ensures vibrant and intense colors. The LG 27UD58-B as well as its smaller version, the LG 24UD58, also offer a lot of game-enhancing features including pre-calibrated picture presets for FPS and RTS games and the Black Stabilizer which increases visibility in dark-themed games.

The Dynamic Action Sync (DAS) guaranteed gameplay fluidity by reducing input lag which in addition to the panel’s quick 5ms response time speed make for a flawless gaming experience. Additional features of the LG27UD58 4K monitor include the Screen Split for multi-tasking, Picture by Picture mode, HDCP, and AMD FreeSync technology which is perfect if you also have a PC with an AMD graphics card.

The monitor features a modern design with semi-thin and glossy bezels, it’s VESA mount compatible but tilt-only. All in all, it’s the best 4K gaming monitor under 300 USD – whether for PC or console gaming, watching movies, or just plain multimedia enjoyment.

LG 27UD68: Premium 4K IPS Console Gaming Monitor for X1X and PS4 Pro

You may also want to consider the newer version of the monitor, the LG 27UD68 which feature a lot thinner bezels but basically all the same features and specifications albeit a slightly brighter image with 300-nits as opposed to the 27UD58’s 250-nits peak brightness. Due to the huge price difference between the two, we recommend the LG 27UD58 which you can also check out in our thorough LG 27UD58 review.

LG 27UD69: 4K IPS Console Gaming Monitor with FreeSync Over HDMI Support

4K IPS Console Gaming Monitor with FreeSync Over HDMI Support

This LG monitor is available as yet another version, the LG 27UD69. Unlike the 58 and 68 series, the 69 version supports AMD FreeSync over the HDMI port as well. Since Microsoft has announced FreeSync support for Xbox One X, you may want to invest in the LG 27UD69 instead, in case the X1X gets FreeSync support on the existing monitors – not just the new FreeSync 2 displays with HDMI 2.1. Once official information is available regarding this, we will update the article.

ViewSonic XG2700-4K: Fully Ergonomic 27-Inch 4K IPS Gaming Monitor for Consoles

The ViewSonic XG2700-4K is also based on LG’s 10-bit (8-bit + FRC) IPS panel with 1.07 billion colors, 300-nit brightness, sRGB color gamut, and quick 5ms response time speed. However, this monitor also offers full ergonomic support (height adjustment, swivel, tilt, pivot, and VESA mount) as well as more extensive connectivity options including a Dp 1.2, a mDp 1.2, two HDMI 1.4 with MHL support, an HDMI 2.0, and a four-USB 3.0 hub. Other features including AMD FreeSync technology over the DisplayPort, Black Stabilizer for gaming, PiP and PbP modes, and two 3W integrated speakers.

Best 4K Console Gaming Monitors For Competitive Gameplay

Best Gaming Monitors for XBOX One X and PS4 Pro 2017

ASUS MG28UQ: Best 1ms Console Gaming Monitor for the Money

Unlike the previously mentioned 4K gaming monitors with IPS panels, the following displays feature TN panels which have narrow viewing angles (170° horizontal and 160° vertical) meaning that colors and contrast shifts when the image is viewed from skewed angles. In comparison to the IPS monitors, the image quality on the TN displays is washed out with less vibrant colors. Alas, there is one thing where the TN prevails – the response time speed.

Thanks to the quick response time speed, which is pixel transition or the time it takes one shade of pixel to change into another, there is next-to-none motion blur or ghosting of the fast moving objects. This makes the TN monitors ideal for those who mostly play fast-paced and competitive games on PS4 Pro or X1X consoles.

The ASUS MG28UQ is the best monitor for console gaming for the money. At the moment, it’s priced at only $400 yet it offers the rapid 1ms response time speed, 100% sRGB color gamut, and decent 330-nit peak brightness. Moreover, it features a versatile design with full ergonomic support and extensive connectivity including two HDMI 1.4, one HDMI 2.0 (needed for 4K/60Hz), a DisplayPort 1.2, and a dual-USB 3.0 hub.

The monitor also includes a plethora of gaming features including the GameVisual pre-calibrated gaming presets and GamePlus features which consist of crosshair overlays, an FPS counter, and an on-screen timer for cooldowns in RPG games, etc. You can also further alter the response time speed via the TraceFree technology in the user-friendly OSD (On-Screen Display) menu which is easily navigatable by the 5-way joystick.

ASUS VP28UQG: Best 1ms Console Gaming Monitor for XBOX One X

The ASUS VP28UQG is equally priced as the MG28UQ. It also features a TN panel with identical specifications. The monitor got released this year and while it features a more modern-looking design it lacks the ergonomic abilities of the MG28UQ. It’s VESA mount compatible but tilt-only. It has two HDMI 2.0 ports, and a DisplayPort 1.2 but no extra USB3.0 ports.

Keep in mind that the ASUS VP28UQG display supports AMD FreeSync over HDMI port while the ASUS MG28UQ FreeSync works only with DisplayPort. Since Microsoft plans to add FreeSync support for X1X, you may want to consider the VP28UQG, though it’s not confirmed whether Xbox 1 X will support FreeSync on existing FreeSync over HDMI 2.0 monitors or only on the new FreeSync 2 monitors with HDMI 2.1 which are yet to come in 2018.

Samsung U28H750: Best Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Gaming Monitor

Best Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Gaming Monitor 2017

The new Samsung U28H750, also referred to as the LU28H750UQNXZA, from the QLED UH750 series costs a little bit more – but it’s definitely worth the extra cost. It’s the best console gaming monitor if you’re into competitive and fast-paced gameplay. The TN panel of this monitor ensures the fastest 1ms response time speed but also improves the image quality via the cutting-edge quantum dots technology which extended the color gamut to 125% sRGB.

The design consist of modern thin bezels and premium build quality with VESA mount compatibility. The Samsung U28H750 QLED 4K monitor also offers numerous exclusive features including AMD FreeSync technology, Black Equalizer for better visibility in darker games, Game Mode, PiP and PbP modes as well as the Magic Angle feature which adjusts and alters the viewing angles according to your position.

Connector ports are as follows: an HDMI 1.4, an HDMI 2.0, and a DisplayPort 1.2. With 300-nits of peak brightness, 1,000:1 static contrast ratio, and lively 1.07 billion colors enriched by the quantum dots, you can enjoy both the lightning fast response time speed and an immersive image quality.

Samsung U28E590D: Cheapest 4K Console Gaming Monitor

The Samsung U28E590D (not to be confused with the older U28D590D model) is your best choice as a 4K monitor for console gaming if you want to save some cash. Priced just under $300, the Samsung UE590 features everything needed for a smooth gameplay experience: the 1ms response time speed, a brightness which peaks at 370-nits, a decent 98% sRGB color gamut, and most importantly an HDMI 2.0 port for 4K at 60Hz support.

The Samsung U28E590D 28-inch 4K LED monitor has both HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 2.0, so make sure you’ve connected your console to the right port. Other features include ‘Picture in Picture’ and ‘Picture by Picture’ modes, a low blue light filter. Also note that the monitor doesn’t support HDCP 2.2, so while you’ll be able to 4K games on the consoles, you won’t be able to watch certain 4K streaming services that require content protection such as Netflix and Amazon Video.

Dell S2817Q: Cheap 4K Console Gaming Monitor With Subwoofer

The Dell S2817Q isn’t as fast as the previously mentioned TN-panel gaming monitor as it’s response time speed amounts to 2ms. However, it’s very affordable and comes with two 9W built-in speakers that feature a subwoofer for the complete multimedia enjoyment. When it comes to connectivity, there are two HDMI 2.0 ports with MHL support for compatible smartphones, a DisplayPort 1.2, a mini-DisplayPort 1.2, and a dual-USB 3.0 hub. Other features include PiP and PbP modes. Note that the Dell S2817Q isn’t VESA mount compatible, and it’s tilt-only.

Best 1440p Gaming Monitors for Xbox One X

Best 1440p Gaming Monitors for Xbox One X

Acer G257HU: Most Affordable 1440p Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X

Unlike PS4 Pro, Xbox One X plans to bring support for native WQHD 2560×1440 screen resolution. Apart from being ideal for PC gaming since they can deliver both a high resolution and high refresh rate, the 1440p gaming monitors could be perfect for X1X users, particularly if you game on both your PC and the Xbox.

However, you should also note that some 27-inch 1440p monitors cost almost as much as (or even more than) certain 4K monitors. The two monitors we’ve selected for this category are cost-effective while most of them simply aren’t if you intend on using them only for Xbox One X. You can check out our buyer’s guide on the best 1440p monitors available or visit our gaming monitor list for more choices.

The Acer G257HU is one of the rare 1440p monitors that’s available under 250 USD. Its 25-inch in size which means you’ll be able to enjoy crisp image quality and vivid details due to the high pixel density of the 1440p resolution. Moreover, it features an IPS panel with 350-nit peak brightness, true 8-bit color support for 16.7 million colors, and quick 4ms response time speed for an immersive gaming experience.

The Acer G257HU 1440p monitor features the ZeroFrame design but it’s tilt-only while connectors consist of a DVI, an HDMI, and a DisplayPort. Overall, it’s a great 1440p IPS monitor with the same image quality you can expect from a $200 more expensive monitor.

Philips Momentum 326M6FJSB: Best 1440p FreeSync Gaming Monitor for X1X

Best 1440p FreeSync Gaming Monitor for X1X

As previously mentioned, Microsoft also plans to add FreeSync support for the Xbox One X in addition to the 1440p resolution. So, if you plan on getting a 1440p monitor for your console, might as well get one with FreeSync support over the HDMI port – given that Xbox supports FreeSync on the existing monitors as well as the new ones.

Either way, the Philips 326M6FJSB is definitely worth checking out. Just under 400 USD, you can get this gorgeous 31.5-inch gaming monitor with a high-quality IPS panel that boasts the ultra wide-color technology covering over 100% NTSC color space which is around 125% sRGB – much like quantum dot technology.

The monitor features premium build quality with the Ambiglow technology with ambient lighting while the connectivity includes two HDMI 1.4, a VGA, and a DisplayPort. The Philips 326M6FJSB also guarantees fluid gameplay via low input lag performance and the quick 5ms response time speed.

At the moment, these are the best two 1440p monitors you could invest in for Xbox One X. Naturally, if you’ve set your eyes on a 1440p monitor for console gaming, it’s recommended you wait until the 1440p and/or FreeSync support is released. If you need a 1440p gaming monitor for both X1X and PC, then you might want to check out the 27-version and 32-version of the Samsung CHG70 series monitors with AMD FreeSync 2 support, limited HDR support, 1440p resolution, and 144Hz refresh rate.

Best 1080p Gaming Monitors for PS4 and Xbox One S

In case you need a gaming monitor with the 1080p resolution that you can also use with older consoles, we recommend none other than the BenQ Zowie RL2755T or its previous, more affordable version, the BenQ Zowie RL2755. These console gaming monitors are affordable yet feature specifications fit for the professional players. With the impeccable ultra-low input lag performance and rapid 1ms response time speed, you’ll be able to enjoy as smooth gameplay as possible. In addition, the monitors feature built-in speakers, well-optimized picture presets for consoles including FPS, RTS, and Fighting genres as well as the Black eQualizer feature for better visibility in darker games. Connectivity includes two HDMI ports, a DVI, and a VGA.

Best 32-Inch 4K Gaming Monitors for PS4 Pro and X1X Consoles

Best 32-Inch 4K Console Gaming Monitors

AOC U3277PWQU: Most Affordable 32-Inch 4K Monitor for Console Gaming

If a 27-inch monitor is too small for you, then one of these 32-inch displays might get your attention. The AOC U3277PWQU is one of the most affordable 32-inch 4K monitors yet it offers amazing image quality due to its high-contrast VA panel, a cool design, and a lot of exclusive features. The display supports 10-bit color through dithering while the panel ensures the flawless 178-degree viewing angles and the quick 4ms response time speed.

The VA panel may not have as accurate colors as the IPS, but its superior contrast ratio allows for exceptionally vivid and true black colors. However, due to the nature of the panel, ghosting and motion blur will be more noticeable in fast-paced games, particularly when dark pixels are involved. So, the display really shines with more graphically oriented games than with competitive FPS games.

The AOC U3277PWQU connectors are as follows: a VGA, a DVI, an HDMI 2.0 with MHL and HDCP 2.2, a DisplayPort, two USB 3.0 one of which supports fast-charging, two USB 2.0 ports, an audio line-out for the headphones, and line-in for the 2x3W built-in speakers. Ergonomics are also versatile with a generous 180mm height adjustment, swivel, tilt, pivot, and VESA mount compatibility.

Samsung U32H750: Best 32-Inch 4K Monitor for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

The Samsung U32H750 is the 31.5-inch version of the Samsung U28H750 monitor from the same UH750 series. If you’re having trouble finding it, it’s because it also goes by its less appealing name – the Samsung LU32H750UMNXZA. Unlike the 28-inch version, the Samsung U32H750 features a high-contrast VA panel instead of the TN. This makes for a more immersive image quality with the true 10-bit color support that’s further enhanced by the quantum-dot technology that extends to sRGB color gamut to 125%.

Additionally, the monitor features premium and attractive design with full ergonomic support and extensive connectivity options including an HDMI 1.4, an HDMI 2.0, a DisplayPort 1.2, a mini-DisplayPort 1.2, and four USB 3.0 ports, two of which support fast charging capacity. Exclusive features consist of PiP and PbP modes, a Game Mode, Black Equalizer for better visibility in darker areas of games, and lastly AMD FreeSync technology.

Overall, it’s the best gaming monitor for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro currently available unless you mainly play competitive FPS games in which case you’d be better off with a faster TN panel monitor – but you’ll be missing on image quality and gameplay immersion. The quantum-dot technology makes this monitor a much better choice than the rivaling LG 32UD89 with an IPS panel or similar monitors with pseudo-HDR support. Depending on the region and availability, you may also want to check out the Samsung U32H850 which is essentially the same monitor with a slightly different design, but it’s also more expensive.

LG 43UD79T: Best 43-Inch Monitor for Console Gaming

Best 43-Inch Monitor for Console Gaming

If you’re looking for an even larger monitor for console gaming, the LG 43UD79T should meet your demands. This huge monitor offers the immersion of gaming on a giant TV but with a much smoother gameplay experience. The display offers optimized modes for Gaming, Movies, and the TV mode; it’s HDCP 2.2 compliant for the copy-protected 4K content. Moreover, the LG 43UD79T IPS panel is factory-calibrated so you can enjoy the flawless image quality straight out of the box.

LG’s exclusive features such as Black Stabilizer, ScreenSplit, and others are also available in this model including DAS (Dynamic Action Sync) which bypasses certain image processing to reduce input lag. The response time speed of only 5ms provides you with a smooth gameplay experience with next-to-none ghosting even in the fast-paced games – something unachievable by similarly sized TVs.

There are a plethora of connectivity options including four HDMI (two HDMI 1.4, two HDMI 2.0) which can be simultaneously connected to the display for a four-way split-screen. Other connectors are as follows: a USB-C, a DisplayPort 1.2, RS 232C, and two downstream USB ports. There are two 10W integrated speakers for the complete multimedia enjoyment. The monitor also comes with a remote control.

Best HDR Gaming Monitors for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

Dell UltraSharp UP2718Q: True HDR Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

The Dell UP2718Q is one of the first monitors to feature true HDR support thanks to its high-end specifications including 1,000-nit peak brightness, true 10-bit color support with extensive DCI-P3 color gamut, 4K screen resolution, and full array local dimming (FALD). It’s been certified as ‘Ultra HD Premium’ by the UHD Alliance. Additionally, the monitor offers premium design quality with full ergonomic support and extensive connectivity options including two HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, mini-DisplayPort 1.4, and six USB3.0 ports.

The IPS panel of the Dell UP2718Q HDR display delivers accurate and consistent colors fit for high-end professional designers by covering 97.7% DCI-P3, 76.9% Rec2020, and 100% Adobe RGB color spaces. The viewing angles are impeccable at 178-degrees while the response time of 6ms and the input lag of ~20ms are sufficient for a responsive gaming experience.

Unfortunately, the Dell UP2718Q is rather expensive as it’s priced around $1,500 since it’s mainly intended for the high-end professional content creators. But since there aren’t many true HDR monitors out there, for now, the Dell UltraSharp UP2718Q can provide you with the best image quality on PS4 Pro and X1X consoles for 4K HDR supported games.

In 2018, we’ll see the first true HDR 4K gaming monitors, the Acer Predator X27, Acer Predator XB272-HDR, and the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ. Alas, these won’t be any less expensive than the Dell UP2718Q since they will also feature Nvidia G-SYNC as well as 144Hz refresh rate – both features that you cannot take advantage of on gaming consoles.

In the end, you are left with four options: go for one of the expensive true HDR monitors, opt for an HDR gaming TV with less responsive gameplay experience, get a regular 4K monitor or a 4K monitor with limited or ‘pseudo’ HDR support.

Best 4K Console Gaming Monitors with Limited HDR Support

LG 32UD99: Excellent 4K Psuedo-HDR Monitor for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X

Some monitor manufacturers advertise their monitors as HDR even though the display doesn’t meet the requirements needed to achieve true HDR experience. Instead, these ‘pseudo’ HDR monitors feature a common picture mode that’s just labeled as ‘HDR’ which applies the dynamic contrast ratio and higher brightness to the standard image; Pretty much like the older features such as ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio, for example.

So, these monitors won’t be able to display true HDR in compatible games and content. Alas, some of these pseudo-HDR monitors are actually quite great nonetheless and offer exceptional specifications and image quality – HDR marketing shenanigans put aside.

The LG 32UD99 is a 4K UHD monitor with HDR10 support, but since its panel isn’t true 10-bit but rather 8-bit + FRC and since the peak brightness maxes out at 550-nits (while true HDR requires at least 1000-nits), the HDR experience won’t quite be as engaging as it can be. However, you will be able to enjoy the considerably brighter image with more vivid details and extended color gamut covering 95% DCI-P3.

Everything else about the monitor is top-notch including the built quality, connectivity options (two HDMI 2.0a, a DP 1.2, two downstream USB 3.0, and the impeccable USB-C for simultaneous data, content, and file transfer) and versatile ergonomics (tilt, height adjustment, pivot, and VESA).

AMD FreeSync is supported within 40Hz-60Hz range via both DisplayPort and HDMI ports. Other features include Screen Split for multi-tasking, advanced 6-axis color adjustment, PiP mode, HDCP2.2 as well as Black Stabilizer and Dynamic Action Sync which along the 5ms response time speed ensure smooth gameplay. Furthermore, there are two 5W integrated speakers with RichBass audio.

Dell UltraSharp U2718Q: Great 4K Pseudo-HDR Monitor for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

The Dell U2718Q brightness also peaks at 550-nits in the HDR mode while the static contrast ratio amounts to 1,300:1. The IPS panel covers over 99% sRGB and 80.7 DCI-P3 color gamut, so just like with the LG 32UD99, you can expect an overall better image quality than on standard monitors – but not nearly as good as with true HDR displays.

The Dell U2718Q provides you with a premium design with full ergonomic support (tilt, swivel, height adjustment, pivot, and VESA) while connectivity consists of two USB 3.0 with fast charging, two downstream USB 3.0, an HDMI 2.0, a Dp 1.2, and a mini-Dp 1.2. To benefit from the enhanced image quality, activate the ‘Dell HDR’ feature.


Unless you want to get a true HDR monitor like the Dell UP2718Q, the ASUS ProArt PA32UQ, the BenQ SW320 or the BenQ SW271 which means paying for premium tools suited for the professional content creators, these two pseudo-HDR monitors will get you as close as possible to the HDR experience without breaking your bank.

In 2018, true HDR will finally be available on gaming monitors as well, but since these will feature 144Hz and Nvidia G-SYNC variable refresh rate technology, you’d be overpaying for features you won’t be able to use on a gaming console.

So, if you want to take your X1X and PS4 Pro console gaming beyond 4K via HDR, currently, you’ll have to opt for an HDR gaming TV and sacrifice responsiveness, invest in a professional-grade true HDR monitor, or be patient and wait for more HDR monitors to be released which will likely happen in 2018. Until then, the monitors in this article are your best choice and we’ll keep you posted should better alternatives become available.