Best Gaming Keyboard 2018 – Ultimate Buying Guide For Gaming Keyboards

best gaming keyboard 2017

The best gaming keyboard is the one that feels right when you’re playing. You have to choose carefully as there are many great keyboards out there, but also pretty bad ones with spongy keys. A good gaming keyboard uses mechanical switches and not silicone membrane switches, which feels mushy and obsolete.

The scissor-switch also uses dome switches and silicone membrane, but are more stable. These switches are often used on laptops but can be found on a select number of dedicated keyboards too. For gaming purposes, however, you need a mechanical keyboard to get the best experience. The downside with mechanical keyboards is the price tag as they can get pretty expensive compared to other types of keyboards.

So what is the best gaming keyboard? The table below is a list of the best gaming keyboards out there today. Be sure to combine it with a good gaming mouse and the best gaming monitor for the best gaming experience.

TypeKeyboardKey typeSwitch typeIllumination 
Best Budget Gaming KeyboardAULA LED Gaming KeyboardMembraneN/ABlue/Red/Pink
Azio Levetron L70MembraneN/ABlue
Redragon ASURA K501MembraneN/A7 Colors
Budget Mechanical Gaming KeyboardRazer BlackWidow RazerMechanicalRazer GreenNone
CM Storm QuickFire UltimateMechanicalCherry MX Red/Brown/BlueBlue/White/Red
Logitech G710+MechanicalCherry MX BrownWhite
Best Mechanical Gaming KeyboardsCorsair Gaming K70MechanicalCherry MX Red/Brown/BlueFull RGB
Wireless Gaming KeyboardLogitech Wireless K800MembraneN/AWhite
MMO Gaming KeyboardLogitech G910 Orion SparkMechanicalRomer-GFull RGB
Best Keyboard for MacApple Wired KeyboardMembraneN/ANone
Best Business KeyboardMicrosoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000MembraneN/ANone

When choosing a gaming keyboard, you also have to consider features and buttons. Back-lighting is a feature that many gamers request as it can illuminate the keys in a dark room and become very handy. For gaming purposes, you want a wired keyboard for minimum delay, but if you’re looking for a wireless gaming keyboard or just a regular wireless keyboard, we’ve got some recommendations as well.

We have composed a selection of the best gaming keyboards for all budgets and use scenarios.

Whether you’re a World of Warcraft raider or a CS: GO player or practically anything else, and whatever your budget is, we will most likely have your situation covered. If not, feel free to explain your situation in the comments below and we will recommend a keyboard for you.

Best Budget Gaming Keyboard

We understand that if you’re on a budget or just spent a lot of money, you may not want to spend a lot on a gaming keyboard, especially a mechanical keyboard, which are can be pretty expensive when you think about it. If you have spent $1000 on a decent gaming rig, a budget mechanical keyboard may cost a little below $100, which is a hefty amount percent-wise.

Therefore, you are gonna have to settle with a membrane switch keyboard, because of their low price tag. The best budget gaming keyboard for 2018 is the AULA LED Gaming Keyboard, which is a membrane keyboard that has received thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and costs under 20 US dollars.

It’s a great deal of your money and if you’re on the look for a simple, everyday gaming keyboard, then this keyboard is our current best recommendation. It has a pink, red and blue backlight, which are all adjustable in brightness. The keys feel smooth and are made of plastic without any silicone padding. Key presses are quiet, so you won’t bother people around you too much when typing.

As an alternative choice in this category, we would also suggest having a look at the Azio Levetron L70 if the AULA is not appealing. The Levetron L70 has a wrist supporter too, but it only comes with a blue backlight. Are you ever in-game and want to adjust the volume very quickly? Well, the Levetron L70 has a volume adjustment knob that you can use to do just that.

If programmable keys are a must for you, then you don’t have to spend a lot either for a quality gaming keyboard. Our top pick by far is the Redragon ASURA K501which has 8 programmable macro keys, backlight illumination with 7 supported colors and 116 standard keys. The brightness of the backlight can be adjusted of course and it is also splash resistant (water resistant) meaning that if you spill something on it, the fluid will move through the drain holes without damaging the keyboard.

The macro recording helps MMO fans access their favorite spell combos and macros at the touch of a single button, while the WIN keys can be disabled when gaming so that hitting the Windows key doesn’t cost you your promotion match. A lot of features have been compressed down to a decent sized peripheral of good quality.

Looking for the best gaming keyboard and mouse combo deal instead? For under $30, you can get the Redragon S101 VAJRA, which comes with a great gaming keyboard and mouse for the price.

best budget keyboard 2017

Budget Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

There is one rule when choosing the perfect gaming keyboard and that is to pick a mechanical keyboard, whenever possible. Membrane keys just don’t cut it when you compare them to mechanical keys. Unfortunately, mechanical keyboards tend to be a tad expensive, especially the top tier ones. On a bright note, there are a dozen of cheap mechanical gaming keyboards out there and the best one, in our opinion, is the Razer BlackWidow ExpertRazer uses their own key switches on the new mechanical keyboards and we’ve got to admit that they have done a pretty good job. They feel absolutely amazing, tactile and very responsive too, which is a characteristic of mechanical keys.

With the Synapse software, you can customize all the keys including the five additional gaming keys with on-the-fly macro recording. The 10-key rollover also allows the anti-ghosting technology to execute up to ten commands at the same time. On the downside, this mechanical gaming keyboard does not have any backlight and you’ll have to spend up to twice the amount of money to get a full RGB backlit mechanical keyboard.

If you are a die-hard fan of the beloved Cherry MX switches and do not want to take your chances with the awesome new Razer key switches, we’ve got you covered too. The best budget Cherry MX mechanical gaming keyboard is the CM Storm QuickFire UltimateFor around $100, you can get this amazing mechanical keyboard that we all love and with Cherry MX switches, either blue, brown or red.

The Blue Cherry MX switches give audible key presses and a clicky bump at the activation point when gaming. Brown Cherry MX switches have medium resistance and a tactile feedback with a bit less noise during the activation point. Lastly, Red Cherry MX switches have very low resistance and feel very, very smooth. They require very little effort to press and they provide reduced feedback noise.

Looking for an even cheaper mechanical keyboard? The Logitech G710+ is also a mechanical keyboard that we suggest you take a look at. It can be purchased with either Brown Cherry MX switches or Blue Cherry MX switches. As with the other gaming keyboards in this list, this one is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OS X. Basically, any system with a USB port should be able to support this keyboard, although driver support may vary for other key functions.

best mechanical gaming keyboard 2017

Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

The Corsair Gaming K70 currently holds the title as the best mechanical gaming keyboard for 2018. It offers three unique switch types: Cherry MX Red for people that prefer a light touch, Cherry MX Blue for the ones that want a lot of resistance in key presses and finally, Cherry MX Brown for the in-betweeners. The Corsair Gaming K70 gaming keyboard has a comfortable wrist supporter and no unnecessary keys.

This is the perfect keyboard for any gamer, whether you’re to a first-person shooter, MMO, action, RTS or basically any other game genre. The keyboard is fully RGB backlit, meaning that you are able to configure every single key’s backlight color to what you would like with the driver software. Finding the keys in the dark will never be an issue again with this wonderful mechanical keyboard.

As an honorable mention, we would also like to mention the Razer Blackwidow Chroma mechanical keyboard. The Razer gaming keyboard comes with those unique Razor key switches that we like as much as the beloved Cherry MX switches, if not more.

best gaming keyboard 2017

Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Wireless and gaming do not go hand in hand, which makes a “wireless gaming keyboard” an oxymoron. We understand, however, that there are some people who want to go wireless and for those, we have concluded after countless of hours spent comparing wireless gaming keyboards, that the Logitech Wireless K800 is the best pick on the market right now.

The K800 wireless gaming keyboard is a durable backlit keyboard that lasts about 10 days on a full charge with moderate usage. The keyboard will sense your hands if they are nearby and automatically adjust the brightness of the backlight to save power, which is a handy feature. You can even plug your PC into your TV and sit comfortably on the couch and use the keyboard however you please, which is one of the benefits of the freedom that a wireless keyboard gives you.

MMO Gaming Keyboard

Massively Multiplayer Online, also referred to as MMO, is a game genre that requires quite a lot of repetition and for that, you can use macros to make it much easier for you. A gaming keyboard designed for MMO games needs to have a lot of macro keys so that you can cast your favorite spell combos in one go. If you want to spend over $100, then we strongly suggest you consider the Logitech G910 Orion SparkCountless comparisons that we have done show that this one is the best as of 2018.

It is a full RGB keyboard, meaning that each key’s backlight can be customized and it comes with 9 programmable macro keys. The G910 Orion Spark allows you to have up to three unique, easily switchable profiles and it comes with large and small palm rest.

What’s unique about this particular gaming keyboard is that it has exclusive Romer-G key switches, which are up to 25% faster and allows the Orion Spark to be the fastest RGB mechanical gaming keyboard of all time.

best mmo gaming keyboard 2017

Best Keyboard for Mac

As you most definitely have noticed, Windows and Mac do not have the same keyboard layout, which means that you are going to need a keyboard tailored for OS X to be able to see and use all the keys. Most keyboards will work fine, however, with OS X unless they explicitly state that it will not.

Gaming on a Mac is not often practiced and most people with a Mac will just install Windows and use that for gaming and OS X for other tasks. You can use any of the previously mentioned keyboards for gaming on a Mac (we recommend Razer), but for general tasks and everyday use, we recommend just using an Apple Wired Keyboard. It’s not optimal for gaming but is great for everything else. We’ll have this section up for review so if you have another keyboard intended for Mac users, which is better, then feel free to write it in the comments below.

Best Business Keyboard

A business keyboard needs to be ergonomic and optimized for maximum productivity. After testing a dozen keyboards intended for businesses, we’ve come to the conclusion that Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 is the best business keyboard out there right now.

Features include a zoom slider in the middle of the keyboard, customizable hotkeys, email and internet hotkeys, extended number pad with popular symbols and a unique ergonomic design. This is an extremely popular keyboard and chances are that you have already seen it somewhere and you can find countless of reviews online.

best office keyboard 2017