Best Gaming Case 2019 – Ultimate Buying Guide For PC Builders

best pc case

Are you a hardcore PC gamer looking for the best gaming case that will always keep your system cool? Do you have too much hardware that it just won’t fit into your ordinary case?

Look no further, as we have collected some of the best gaming cases to suit your PC gaming experience. These gaming cases will not only provide your system with advanced cooling and space to fit all your hardware, they are also elegant for those of you who are looking for a stylish case to show off.

The following table depicts the best gaming cases available on By utilizing extensive research, we have collected these top gaming cases to suit your budget, as well as your gaming needs.

Moreover, we have included some highly elegant cases for gamers who prefer to purchase a flashy computer gaming case. Here are the best gaming cases that 2019 offers for all budgets and needs.

We sincerely hope that the above table has helped you pick the best gaming case for you right now.

Antec Twelve Hundred – Unique PC Case

One of the unique PC cases in our lineup is the Antec Twelve Hundred which has a side window panel with flashing blue LED lights. With 8 blue LED fans, this gaming case is determined to keep even the most extreme systems cool, while looking flashy of course.

In addition, the size is more than enough to keep all of your hardware in place, with dimensions of 20.2 x 8.4 x 22.9 inches.

This means that whether you own multiple graphics cards or hard drives, or you are looking to install a custom cooling system, the Antec Twelve Hundred case has enough space for all of these. Graphics cards of up to 17.5 inches can be easily placed in this case. Moreover, cables can be easily managed behind the motherboard, improving the airflow of the system as there is less of a clutter.

It should also be worth noting that the Antec Twelve Hundred comes with thirteen drive bays and seven expansion slots. It further comes with washable air filters pre-built into the case with easy removal.

  • Very elegant and attractive exterior design
  • Fairly large; can hide cables very easily in the back to give a cleaner look
  • Easily customizable; case can be taken apart easily to add new components and for easy maintenance
  • Power supply located at the bottom of the case, allowing for improved stability
  • Comes with a multiplicity of drive bays
  • Fan control knobs located on the front case panel
  • Case is rather heavy
  • Not a tool-less installation
  • May require longer cables for the power supply as it is located on the bottom
  • Fan filters are not easily removable
  • The lock system for the hard drives and optical drives is advanced
  • Depending on your graphics card, it may be required of you to remove the hard drive storage cage adjacent to the graphics card

NZXT Source 530 – Best Budget Case

For just under $90 (price can be subject to change) at the moment, you can get one of the top full tower cases that come with space for up to 9 fans.

Although it is not the biggest case, it does provide you with more space compared to other cheaper cases for its price, with the dimensions being 20.1 x 9.2 x 20 inches.

The amount of space that you will get between the motherboard and the back case panel will be enough for you to manage your cables cleanly. This will improve airflow, alongside 9 fans that can be placed inside the case, which will keep your system cooler compared to normal cases.

On another note, this case provides 8 PCIe expansion slots. The case further comes with a 10 port fan hub which will prevent the clutter of fan cables by routing these cables to the rear part of the case.

This will allow for the front of the case to look clean and clutter-free. If you are looking for a case that is not too flashy, the NZXT Source 530 case is the one for you, as it does not come with any LED lights beside the light on the back case panel.

  • Beautiful exterior design
  • Fairly large case that can hold even the largest hard drives and graphics cards
  • Can house many fans to keep your system running cool
  • Comes with easily removable hard drive bays
  • 8 PCIE expansion slots are provided with this case
  • Excellent cable management with an assortment of screws and tie-offs
  • Comes with two pre-installed fans
  • Hard drive storage cases are plastic
  • Switches are located on the side of the case
  • Case does not come with light modulators
  • There is no provided heat cover for the power supply

Thermaltake Level 10 GT – Best Case for Cable Management

Although this is one of the higher priced tower cases for computers, the Thermaltake Level 10 GT will provide you with a wide array of features that is well worth the price that it goes for.

For one, this case provides a hinged door which will allow for you to easily open the side case panel whenever you need to perform maintenance. In addition, there are cable holders in the chassis meant for advanced cable management, which significantly improves the airflow in and out of your case.

This Thermaltake Level 10 GT is known for its highly efficient cable routing. Combined with 5 fans, your system will be cool. Moreover, this case provides you with color changing fans in which you will be able to change the color according to your liking.

Easily removable dust fan filters further make it easy for maintenance of your system. This case also has an adjustable fan ambiance color feature, which can be set to either the red color mode, the blue color mode, the green color mode, or the mixed color flash mode, allowing for you to make the case much more elegant.

  • Most attractive feature of this case is the hinged door, allowing for easy maintenance of the case
  • Easily removable dust filters
  • Side window is bigger than advertised
  • Highly attractive exterior design
  • Hard drive bays are easily removable
  • Adjustable fan ambiance colors; 3 colors and a mixed color option
  • The lower fan placement can only house an 80mm fan
  • Case may not hold some of the larger water coolers
  • Does not come with wheels, but rather comes with legs
  • Fans included with the case may be noisy

Cooler Master HAF X – Best Case for Airflow

The Cooler Master HAF X is best known for its improved airflow, as HAF merely stands for High Air Flow.

By organizing the case to provide strategic placements for your fans, and by housing many air ducts within the case, your system will no doubt be cooler than the best full tower gaming cases. In addition, this case is very spacious, with dimensions of 25.5 x 11.5 x 25 inches. This will allow for larger motherboards to fit in together with multiple graphics cards and hard drives.

There is plenty of space behind the motherboard for cable routing, and extra wires can be hidden in the space beside the right case panel. Moreover, there is a partition for the power supply to hide more cables.

The Cooler Master HAF X further allows for a very easy installation of drive bays by incorporating a SATA dock, which does not require the removal of the side case panel. Rubber grommets are included for advanced cable management, and you will be able to hide wires with the power supply partition.

  • Comes with rubber vibration reduction pads
  • Wheels are provided with this case for easy movement
  • All openings of this case are supported by air filters
  • Hard drive storage cage is easily removable to allow better airflow
  • Ability to house a full sized GPU and PSU
  • Hot swap drawers are difficult to remove as they require screws to be held in place
  • Fans included with the case can be noisy
  • Hot swap bays are not separate but are rather one unit
  • Is not a tool-less installation
  • Front case panel is plastic

Fractal Design Define R5 – Best Silent Case

The Fractal Design R5 is one of the most silent cases you will ever find. By incorporating sound absorption material, fan ventilation covers, and Dynamic Series fans, this case will ensure that your system will be extremely quiet.

If you are a minimalist, the Fractal Design Define R5 is one of the best gaming computer cases for you. For its relatively cheap price, you will get a case that provides you with a spacious interior, with dimensions of 20.5 x 17.8 x 9.1 inches. Further, this case can hold up to 8 hard drives and supports all newer types of graphics cards.

Not to mention that this is one of the best mid-tower cases out there, with more space than the average mid tower case.

The case further provides you with water cooling holes for an improved cooling process. In addition, cable routing with the Fractal Design Define R5 is highly attractive as this case provides very good cable management. We should also note that this case will keep your system very quiet with sound reducing foam.

  • Comes with easily removable fan filters located on the front and the bottom of the case
  • Through a combination of sound absorption material, fan ventilation covers, and Dynamic Series fans, this case will remain very quiet
  • Easily removable cages allowing you the freedom to customize the interior of the case
  • Unique sound reducing foam to keep your system quieter than the average gaming computer case
  • There is a lack of air filters on the top and side of the case
  •  Some fans have screws that are not compatible with this case
  • Case does not come with rubber grommets for cable protection

PhanteksEnthoo Pro – Most Spacious Case

The PhanteksEnthoo Pro is one of the cheapest, yet most spacious cases that you will ever find. It adapts many of the features of the PhanteksEnthoo Primo, and of course, it is upgraded with newer features. Compared to the previously mentioned cases, this case can house the most number of fans. In addition, it is perfect for those who are looking for a simple design in a gaming case, rather than a flashy one.

The case comes with advanced support for water cooling which can be installed in four different places. Two types of the PhanteksEnthoo Pro case can let you decide whether you want a case that has side panels that are windowed or non-windowed.

It should further be noted that this case provides a highly rigid motherboard frame, unlike many other cases that have unstable frames. The PhanteksEnthoo Pro also features multiple radiator support, as well as one removable SSD bracket. While this is a rather cheap computer gaming case that uses plastic for its material, this case features brushed plastic so that it will provide it with an aluminum appearance.

  • The dust filters are easily accessible in four areas
  • The interior of the case is fully black in color
  • Can mount up to 10 fans
  • Rear fan mount can be adjusted to suit your preferred height
  • Hinge cover for USB ports, audio jacks, and reset button
  • Features a closed HDD panel
  • Solid cable management by use of velcro
  • While there are two SSD placement areas, you will only be provided with one mounting bracket
  • Hard drive storage cage is plastic
  • Removing the PSU cover is more difficult compared to other cases
  • To remove the top case panel for maintenance, you are required to remove the bezel located in the front

While the aforementioned gaming cases are some of the best ones out there, you may be interested in learning how to pick some of the best gaming computer cases for you. As the computer case exists to protect your system components, there are a wide array of things you must consider before purchasing your new case. We have compiled some of the best tips to assist you in making the best choice.

Things to Look For in Computer Gaming Cases

When buying the best PC case, you need to look after some things first. They will now be presented to you so that you can purchase the best gaming case yourself.


One of the most important things to consider when it comes to looking for a new computer gaming case is the size of the case.

You wouldn’t want to buy an ATXMid Tower case just to find out that all of your system components are unable to fit inside the case. On the other hand, you may not also want to buy an ATX Full Tower case if you have a smaller number of components and when you may not need all of that extra space. It will end up being a pain if you plan to move your case as full tower cases are rather heavy. So, how will you know which size is the best for you? The ATX Mid Tower cases are cases that have enough space for a simple gaming setup.

So, if you have a basic gaming setup, you should be looking for an ATX Mid Tower. If you are one of the more advanced gamers and have multiple hard drives, optical drives, and graphics cards, you will want to look for an ATX Full Tower gaming case to house all of these components.

The ATX Full Tower cases are larger, allowing for improved airflow in and out of your system.

Interior Design

The interior design of computer cases is a highly important element to consider, much more important than the exterior design. Buying a gaming computer case just to end up with a disorganized build may be frustrating. You may have noticed how aggravating it can be to manage your system’s cables. Look for a case that is spacious enough to fit all of your cables.

These cables usually run behind the motherboard near the right case panel, so make sure that you find a case with enough room in between the right case panel and the location where the motherboard will be placed. Not only will you want to look for a case which can fit all your cables, you will also want to look for a case that can keep your components well organized and one with easily removable drive bays for easier maintenance of your gaming case.

You should also take note of the fan placement locations to ensure that you will have enough space to fit all of your components alongside the fans.

Drive Bays

When looking for your new gaming case, you should take note of the number of bays in the case, as well as the size of each bay. Generally, the larger the case is, the higher number of drive bays it will have. The number of bays will not always be the same from one gaming case to another. Although you may think that newer cases already have enough bays, it is wise to double check in order to ensure that it will suit your needs.

In addition, you should take note that the size of the floppy drive and hard drive bays are about 3.5 inches, while the size of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray drive bays are about 5.25 inches. If you are looking to buy a full tower case, you will see that they contain about two to three of the 5.25-inch drive bays on top of the four to five 3.5 inch drive bays.

Cable Management

As previously mentioned, cable management is yet another highly important element to consider when purchasing a new gaming case.

Different gaming cases have different cable management procedures. You may find a case that comes with assorted screws and tie-offs that may not be available in other cases. Ensure that the case you are purchasing has excellent cable management, whether it is a spacious case, one that comes with an assortment of screws and tie-offs, or a case that comes with rubber grommets. With regards to spacious cases, double check the space between the back of the motherboard and the right case panel.

Generally, this space should be at least one inch in depth. This is enough space to hide any wider cables that you may have. Another thing to note is whether the case you are purchasing has rear-facing drive bays. If you are looking for a case with better airflow, you may want to consider purchasing a case with a rear-facing drive bay. The reason for this is that it will allow you to route cables through the rear part of your case, resulting in improved airflow as these cables are hidden away.

Cooling Features

Cooling is yet another vital feature to consider when purchasing a new gaming case.

We don’t want to end up with a system that is overheating and resulting in damaged components. The more fans that you have installed in your case, the better the airflow will be, allowing for a cooler system. Some cases come with a few fans that are pre-installed. Usually, this includes the intake fan located on the front case panel to intake air, and the exhaust fan located on the rear case panel to drive out hot air.

Extra space is available in case you are looking to install a few more fans into your case. As you have noticed previously, gaming cases come with a differing number of fans that can be housed. Some can hold up to 5, while other cases can hold up to as much as 10, depending on the size of the case.

If you have a more advanced gaming build that is of high performance, you may want to purchase a case that can hold a higher number of fans to ensure that your system will be kept cool. Not only will fans assist in keeping your system cool, but there are also other features to help with this as well. Some cases come with foam insulation that will hold cool air longer and free out warmer air fast.

On another note, if you are looking to install a liquid cooler, double check that the case you are purchasing can house larger radiators.


It is important to note that the gaming case you are looking is able to fit your motherboard. You don’t want to purchase a case just to find out that your motherboard cannot fit inside it. Some computer gaming cases may not be compatible with your motherboard due to its form factor that manufacturers abide by. For instance, you will want to look for a case that is compatible with ATX if you have a motherboard that is of ATX form factor.


When it comes to building your gaming PC, an important factor to consider is whether your new case is tool-less or not. Most cases are tool-less, meaning that you will not need tools to take apart and put together components inside your case. This, of course, excludes the motherboard installation. Some of the tool-less parts of the case can include hard drive storage cages that are easily removable, clips to secure your hard drive or optical drive, and easily removable expansion cards by simply pressing on the rail. You may want to look for a case that is tool-less so that you will have a stress-free time putting together your gaming PC.

This is great for beginners to avoid confusion with screws. However, you may want to take note that as though the tool-less feature makes life easier, these components may not hold on as tightly as screws do.

Front Panel Ports

As you may remember, older computer cases would have ports for input devices on the rear case panel. However, things are changing and modern computer gaming cases now have these ports on the front case panel to make life easier. These include the microphone and headphone jacks, USB 2.0 ports, and maybe even slots for card readers. In addition, you may find that some of the newer computer gaming cases come with USB 3.0 ports that are blue on the front case panel. If you have an older motherboard, you may not be able to connect to such headers, so ensure that you have a motherboard compatible with front panel USB 3.0 ports.


Another important element to take note of when purchasing a new computer gaming case is the material that is used in the case. Generally, you would want to look for an aluminum case or a case of another type of metal. This will allow for your case to have improved solidity and further assists in keeping your system cooler.

You may find that some cases have parts made of cheap plastic which will end up breaking when you interact with them too frequently. Ensure that the computer gaming case that you will buy is mostly made of metal so that you will get a case that lasts longer compared to the typical computer cases.

Exterior Design

Another important thing to consider when looking for a new computer gaming case is the exterior design. We all want to purchase a gaming case not just for the sole reason of protecting our system components, but also because of the exterior design. Whether you are a minimalist or someone who fancies flashy cases, the exterior design is a very important element to consider.

Some cases have windowed side case panels and attractive LED lights, which may come in a single color or multi-colored. Other cases are plainer looking to suit the tastes of minimalists. Take the time to find a case that is attractive to you in terms of exterior design as well.


There are quite a few nice extras that you can get for your computer gaming case. One of such accessories is the previously mentioned windowed side case panels.

These windowed side case panels are usually made of Plexiglass, though there are other types of materials used as well. You may have noticed some cases with such windowed side case panels. If you are looking to display the interior of your computer, you may want to purchase a computer gaming case with a windowed side case panel.

Together with LED lights, you will have a highly attractive computer case to show off. However, there is one thing to be noted if you do decide to purchase a computer gaming case with a windowed side case panel. While it may look attractive to show off, it may not assist your system with the cooling process as an aluminum side case panel would. Determine whether you would prefer a to display your computer gaming case’s interior design or if you would prefer a more effective cooling method before purchasing a case with a windowed side case panel or an aluminum side case panel.

Advantages of Computer Gaming Cases

We all want to achieve the best gaming experience when playing PC games. Whether it is high FPS (Frames per Second) or high definition graphics, we will go out of our way to achieving the best graphics possible.

We will end up purchasing different components for our systems that will boost graphics so that games will be smoother, faster, and high definition. Sometimes, we end up purchasing way too many components and then we are unable to fit these components inside our cases. That is where computer gaming cases come into play. If you are an advanced gamer with many components for your computer, such as multiple graphics cards, you are going to want to look into purchasing a computer gaming case.

This is the ultimate advantage of computer gaming cases; they will fit all of your components, unlike regular cases which can only fit a standard number of such components.

Another advantage of computer gaming cases is that it will certainly reduce the chances of your system overheating and ruining your hardware. This is achieved by allowing for the placement of multiple fans inside the case, unlike standard cases which can only house a few fans. In addition, computer gaming cases have improved airflow as a result of multiple air ducts and better cable management compared to standard computer cases.

A third advantage of computer gaming cases is that they can be more attractive than standard cases. This is achieved by purchasing gaming cases with windowed side case panels, allowing for the display of the interior design of the system. By using LED lights alongside the windowed side case panels, you will be able to have your own flashy computer gaming system.

Frequently Asked Questions about Computer Gaming Cases

There are some questions that buyers have and we hear those again and again. We want to streamline the process and answer the most asked questions about PC cases and gaming cases right here.

How much should I be spending on a computer gaming case?

While it ultimately comes down to which case has most of the elements that were listed in the “Things to look for” section, you can follow the guideline below to determine how much is ideally enough to spend on a case.

$30-$50 – There are cases that are this cheap. However, don’t expect to get too much out of these cases in terms of features. While these cases can be used as computer gaming cases, you may want to look for one that has a few fans included, or has an included fan and room to install more fans.

$50-$80 – Cases in this range are also cheap, but a bit better than cases that fall in the previous range. With this budget, you can probably get a case with more placement areas for fans. However, keep in mind that these may be limited due to cheaper cases targeted at providing other features, such as better cable management or better design.

$80-$150–In this range, you will be able to purchase a much better case than those in the previous ranges. However, keep in mind that just because the price of a case is high, it does not mean that the manufacturer is any good. Be sure to read reviews before purchasing a computer gaming case to ensure that you will be getting a good deal worth the price.

$150 – Cases that are priced for more than $150 are guaranteed to be more reliable and may have better features than cases that fall within the previously mentioned ranges. One of such computer gaming cases is the aforementioned Cooler Master HAF X, which you now know is very spacious and has great airflow to ensure your system stays nice and cool.

How can I know if my motherboard is compatible with the computer gaming case I am about to purchase?

Generally, if you are getting a small computer gaming case, these cases would only support Micro-ATX form factor motherboards. If you are looking to purchase a mid tower or full tower case, it will support ATX and extended ATX form factors. If you are still unsure if the case will support your current motherboard, try to check the number of card slots located in the back of the case.

If the case has 4 slots, this means that the case will support Micro ATX form factor, while 7 or more card slots will support ATX and extended ATX.

How many fans do I need for my gaming case?

As you see that all cases will have a certain number of slots for fans, it is not required of you to get that same number of fans.

While more fans are considered good for keeping your system very cool, it may not be the best option as well due to the fact that more fans can accumulate more dust in your system. In addition, you may not need that many fans for your system, depending on whether or not you have multiple graphics cards to run high-performance games. Generally speaking, you should have at least three fans in your case. These fans would be located in the front of the case for intake, the rear side of the case for exhaust, and another on the side or top for exhaust.

How can I ensure that my gaming case will remain quiet after a year of usage?

To ensure that your system remains quiet after prolonged usage, you must follow the appropriate maintenance protocols. Be sure to clean out the dust filters that are located in your case every once in a while.

The more dust that accumulates on these filters, the louder your system will sound. If your gaming case is still noisy even after cleaning out the dust filters, you can purchase sound reduction foam as insulation to reduce the noise that your system creates.

If you notice that your fans are creating noise through vibrations that hit against the case, you can look to purchase some silicone or rubber fan fasteners which will reduce the vibrations that your fan produces.

The purpose of this article was to provide you with all the necessary information to assist in purchasing the best computer gaming case. In addition, this article has listed 6 of the best computer gaming cases which you can consider before making your new purchases. Provided are the pros and cons of each computer gaming case, as well as things to look for in the occasion that you are looking to purchase a computer gaming case that has not been listed in this article. As for the winner of the roundup, we have chosen the Cooler Master HAF X for its excellent airflow and the spacious interior that will guarantee a gaming experience like never before.

By providing you with these tips, we can ensure you that your next purchase choice in computer gaming cases will be one of the best choices you will ever make. So you might want to get back or save this great guide for your own guidelines whenever you are ready to look for what is best for you.